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Welcome to the website designed to serve Australian nationalist activists in New South Wales. This website was created in 2003 to assist a new political-generation of nationalists who established the Sydney branch of the Australia First Party.

There is a growing resistance to the politics of New World Order liberal-globalist-capitalism throughout Australia and in the rest of the world. Australian families, workers, farmers, small business owners and other patriotic working people are recognising they are bonded against a globalising traitor / ruling class of money and position. This patriotic resistance requires a new sense of direction and a new leadership. This leadership can only come from the various forces of nationalism and patriotism in this country. There must be a non-sectarian and co-operative spirit in building activism at the base level amongst all nationalist and patriotic people. This unity in action will be the first stage in winning political and organizational unity. A united movement can then best direct the resistance struggle.

All nationalists and patriotic Australians now have a political vehicle. They are urged to get behind AFP and should consider membership in the Australia First Party. The party is a registered party in New South Wales and became a Federally registered party in June 2010.

In joining this new force, applicants are affiliating to a national movement of men and women dedicated to a program for the reaffirmation of Australian identity, independence and freedom.

You may contact Australia First by e-mail, or as below. The failure of erstwhile patriotic movements and parties to build a movement amongst the people to affect change - is marked. It is time to move the resistance forward on this new and activist basis. You have your country to reclaim!

News and Australia First Information

Newsflashes And Australia First Statements And Information

This site will continue to operate to provide specific info on New South Wales activities and as a document archive.

Australia First Party Electoral And Community Information

This new website is the official national site giving all information on Australia First Party activity, statements, press releases and programmatic documents.

Australia First Party Claims A Win In Penrith Council

Trotskyites Threaten Violence Against Patriots: A Report On The 'Resisting The Far Right' Meeting, Sydney, July 17

Australia First Party 2012 Councils' Campaign Ju;y 2 2012
Read about our developing campaign as it happens.

Australians Unite!: Elect Australia First Councillors In New South Wales In 2012 May 11 2012

A Message to Current and Former One Nation Members April 12 2012

Coal Seam Gas And The Rise Of China A speech delivered by an AF rep at a meeting in Toowoomba, February 20 2012

Neither Islam, Nor Israel: Against Both Islamism And Zionism November 6 2011

The Unarmed Invasion: Explaining The Politics Of The Refugee Crisis And How To Resist.November 6 2011

Handy Guide On How To Resist The Official Policy On Refugees: One Option: The Community Strike!September 22 2011

Australia First Party Calls Action Forum And Protest On Refugee Invasion July 30 2011

The Liberal Party And Its Satellites Australia First analysis of how the Liberal Party operates groups to limit the growth of Australian nationalism. May 24 2011

All NSW March 2011 election info and updates on Australia First supported candidates and opinion will be held on the AF Blue Mountains:

Australia First Party (Blue Mountains)

Party Accused Of 2011 Australia Day 'Riot' Conduct: A 'Dirty Tricks' Allegation? January 24 2011

Australia First Joins In United Campaign Against Foreign Beef Imports November 10 2010

Australia First Wins 4%. 932 Votes In Sutherland Shire Council Poll October 25 2010

'Australian Protectionist Party' Issues Slanders Against Australia First Immigration Stand: Our Reply Dr. Jim Saleam, October 21 2010

Australia First To Contest Sutherland Shire Council Poll, October 16 August 26

All NSW election info and updates on Australia First candidates and opinion will be held especially on the AF Blue Mountains blogsite; all Queensland info on the Queensland blogsite; all Victorian info on the Victorian website:

Australia First Party (Blue Mountains)
Australia First Party (Queensland)
Australia First Party (Victoria)

2010 Election Statement July 21 2010

Australia First Is Now A Federally Registered Party

Australia First Nominates Tony Pettitt For Hawkesbury Council On June 19 May 17 2010

Australia First Will Support Mick Saunders For Penrith On June 19 May 17 2010

Eureka Youth League Founded March 29 2010

Draft Federal Electoral Programme Of The Australia First Party March 12 2010

My War With The Lunar Liberal Gerard Henderson: The Spin Doctor Known By The Company He Kept
Comment by Jim Saleam on a smear in the Sydney Morning Herald, February 2 2010

Australia Day 2010: Hold High The National Flag! Hold High The Eureka Flag! Statement issued on January 25 2010

No To Culture Busting In Auburn! No Grand Mosque On The Homeground Of Jack Lang! Statement issued on December 11 2009, for 4th Anniversary of the Civil Uprising at Cronulla

Australia First Honours The Anniversary Of Eureka Stockade December 3 2009

Australia First Calls For Vote For One Nation In Bradfield By-Election November 12 2009

Fred Nile's Treason: His Christian Democrats Now Support Boatpeople Invasion - As Long As They Are Christian October 15 2009

Statement: Australia First Has Applied For Registration As A Federal Party October 3 2009

Statement: Sydney Morning Herald Journalist Lies About Defenceless Woman: New Depths Plumbed To Attack Australia First!: September 30 2009

Statement: Australia First Party And Its Relationship With Other Australian Patriotic Parties And Groups September 8 2009

Statement: Attack On Australia First Party Sydney Offices Last Night! July 11 2009

Statement: Australia First Party Denies "Infiltration" By Fake KKK. This Provocation Will Be Repudiated In Struggle July 10 2009

Australia First Party Claims Numbers To Register As Federal Party: Statement Of The Management Committee July 9 2009

The Refugee Invasion: What Is Its Basis? The Case For Apocalypse Soon! July 5 2009

Australa First Statement: Indian Student Protests Highlight Breakdown Of Multi-Culti Society June 10 2009

Australa First Condemns Western Australian Political Police Arrest Of Pro Palestinian Activist And Condemns Labor Party And Multicultural Industry Complicity In Thought Crime Prosecution May 15 2009

Australian And New Zealand Nationalists Re-Affirm Their Unity As Australia First Party National Conference Gets Closer April 2 2009

Overseas Students Go Home! (To be published soon)

Draft Political Resolution For The Australia First Party Conference (June 2009). March 14 2009

Press Statement: Peter Schuback For Hervey Bay On March 21. March 4 2009

Press Release: Perry Jewell For Toowoomba North On March 21. March 2 2009

Support Perry Jewell For Toowoomba North On March 21. February 24 2009.

KRudd warns of the danger of the "nationalist Right" : For The Globalising Australian State, The Hour Of Reckoning Has Struck!
Dr. Jim Saleam and Alec Saunders, February 17 2009. An article/statement on the global economic crisis and the potential of Australia First.

Australia First Website 'Blocking' Spreads In Libraries Everywhere! Time To Fight For Democratic Liberty. February 4 2009

Australia First Party Praises Youth For Australia Day Mass Action In Manly, But Cautions Against Breaking Criminal Law. January 26 2009

If The Victorian Police Wrongfully Shot A Boy, Why Does The Media Now Wish To Dig A Latrine As His Grave? Statement By The Australia First Party (December 13)

Australia First Party To Oppose 'Islamic School' On Gold Coast December 3 2008

Statement Of The Management Committee Of The Australia First Party On The Invitation To Nick Griffin, Chairman Of The British National Party, To Speak In Australia November 16

Report: NZ Flag Day Was A Great Success For The Nationalists: ANZAC Ties Strengthened Between NZ And Australian Nationalists! October 27

Population Wild, Infrastructure Shot, Economic Crisis - Sydney Is “Bursting At The Seams”: System's Misfortune Is Our Opportunity To Be A Major-Minor Party Within 18 Months In Sydney (October 15)