No Ethnic Cleansing At Botany Bay National Park! Leave Our European Heritage Intact

Statement Of The Australia First Party In Support Of The Protest Rally, May 15 2004 (Captain Cook Drive, Kurnell).

The plan of the National Parks And Wildlife Authority, the administrators of the Botany Bay National Park, to alter and otherwise remove the European symbolism in the park, is an act of 'ethnic cleansing'. It must be resisted.

The European heritage of Australia is at every point - under attack. Anything which takes away the significance of European settlement in Australia (in this case, the British role in the foundation of Australia), is an attempt to delegitimise that achievement.

We say openly that none of this has any real connection to doing justice (historical or in any other way) for Australian Aborigines. It is rather an effort to portray European settlers as 'just another wave of immigration', to be put on par with so-called asylum seekers, refugees or 'boat-people'. We say that European settlement created and sustained a nation. The new scheme is to terminate that nationality and identity and replace it with a 'population' which inhabits, as a consumer herd, a free market trading zone.

The National Parks And Wildlife Authority is now in the business of creating politically correct ideology to make the changes in our nation's character appear proper and historically legitimate. All patriotic Australians will resist this grubby conspiracy.

No Ethnic Cleansing At Botany Bay National Park! Hands Off Captain Cook! Leave Our European Heritage Intact!

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