Population Wild, Infrastructure Shot, Eonomic Crisis - Sydney Is “Bursting At The Seams”: System's Misfortune Is Our Opportunity To Be A Major-Minor Party Within 18 Months In Sydney

October 15 2009

It was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, October 2, that Sydney is “bursting at the seams”. It was said that another 875,000 dwellings would be needed in Sydney by 2031 to accommodate population increase; indeed, this figure was a third beyond the earlier estimates, something that must prove the 6,000,000 target (sic) set for 2031 will be exceeded - and 7,000,000 is the revised target for Greater Sydney.

It is a case of ‘population wild’. The matter is initially one of human numbers, but whether one likes it or not, it is a matter of ethnicity too. The two and a half millions who will be added to the Sydney ‘mix’ in less than a quater-century will be ninety per cent drawn from non European sources and not simply centred on one or two major ethnic ‘streams’ either. Ultimately, Sydney may well simply choke on diversity! Notably as mooted in the media, there could be a ‘cut’ in immigration for next year under the pressure of the currect economic crisis of the globalizers, but even if a drastic cut was done, a crisis point shall be reached anyway! Critical mass is only a couple of years away.

The breakdown of Sydney infrastructure was highlighted of late by the Premier of New South Wales, Nathan Rees, who confirmed the shutdown of a number of projects linked to the much vaunted ‘Metropolitan Strategy’ plan of 2006 – because the money simply just isn’t there to pay for it. New rail lines and new tunnels and freeways would all go by the wayside. It followed too, that the Department of Planning explained the increasing density of urban living, had problems of its own. If infrastructure (roads, rail etc) cannot be installed, then transport by existing rail and road must break down. If numbers soar, hospitals, schools and other services will also crack.

Another Sydney Morning Herald piece (October 13), authored by the notorious Laborite multiculturalist journalist Andrew West, discussed at length the growth of migrant-dominated zones and new-migrant pushes into previously Euro-homogenous areas. It pointed out an intense competition for resources and land had begun. Such events challenge lifestyle and security.

The Sydney population explosion necessarily brings too - the nightmare of diversity beyond even the wildest pathological fantasies of multicultural propagandists. The multiculti fantast sees virtues in the population explosion and even more moral power and cultural enrichment in its bewildering forms. Yet, this diversity will inevitably express itself in ghettoes and depressed areas - and the criminal violence of the jungle when night falls. Some immigration reports already indicate this eventuality as an outcome of the lack of economic opportunity for some groups and ingrained cultural practises that cause groups to cluster and 'tribalise'. Even the paramilitarisation of the police (something initiated already for political and security reasons) may not be enough to provide citizen protection either, when the gangs sally forth from their home-boy-bases intent on robbery, rape and mayhem.

It seems that all this has about it the surreal quality of inevitability. Not much can be done to avert it. We might as well accept that the multiculturalists' and the developers' and the profiteers' schemes to shore up the edifice, has no future at all. The crisis that some people decline to admit happening about them, shall just be visited upon them. There is no place to run, unless one sells his home under price and bails out to the Central Coast or the Western plains! And if one owns no property, moving is no option. It becomes a matter of fight or lose!

It is said that the misfortune of any political order is an opportunity for others. So it can be. The Sydney crisis is the beginning of Australia First as the rational radical alternative. It is the another sign of a fightback of Real Australia against the false non Australia of the globalising traitor class.

Australia First Party will become a ‘major-minor party’ in the Sydney metropolitan area within the next fifteen months. In electoral terms (and for the current purpose here we shall give this explanation in these terms), a major-minor party is one that wins anywhere between 8% and 12% of the poll.

It is expected that by January 2010, Australia First shall have the easy capacity to do that. Indeed, our essential consolidation and retention of the Sutherland Shire vote at 4% suggests that and our Blacktown vote of 5.6% confirms it. It is certain Australia First could equal the latter tally anywhere in Western Sydney. But resources will grow and we will do much better.

The driving motor for this electoral expansion will be the obvious: the effective breakdown of the multicultural-multiracial-mosaic society due to physical competition for scarce resources in housing, work and transport. As much as the liberal, globalist, multiculturalist elite may attempt to enforce ‘harmony’ as a social edict, the reality of Sydney life will only undermine it. Increasing the shrill tones of propaganda, the threats of legal sanctions against the critics of immigration, the use of political police and dirty-tricks, will avail for little. The ordinary person, even those who profess liberal views, will be forced to make a stand.

The emergence of Australia First as an electoral force and more importantly as a community power can only occur with a fulsome, almost ruthless, attention to the details of organizational construction. We cannot be deflected from our mission, nor can we have our views distorted by even erstwhile friends. If we are to succeed, we must reject any temptation to squander principle and programme for seeming success. Support is coming anyway! However, we must deepen the consciousness of the angry and the upset mass towards nationalist politics, not just equate ourselves to popular concerns. If we can do that, we will become a political and activist vanguard for change.