The ANZAC Declaration:
Australia First Party And New Zealand Nationalist Alliance:
Declaration Of Common Interests And Future Relations
April 25 2008
and the
ANZAC Manifesto Of The Australia First Party And The New Zealand Nationalist Alliance
June 14 2008.

Australian and New Zealand nationalists have opted to address common issues and deepen their association.

The publication of this Declaration will be followed by face to face discussions in Sydney to set the terms of this new bond.

The nationalists recognise that there is a long historical link between the two countries. This connection has had a face in war (the shared ANZAC legacy) and a basis in common origins.

Today, Australia and New Zealand have both different and similar current internal problems to resolve, but they certainly face common threats, extant and future - from the New World Order regime based in America and its globalisation measures and wars, the international Zionist apparatus and its warmongering and other manipulations, climate changes, refugees, the crisis of Third World population and immigration and the rise of the Chinese superpower and its imperialist activities in the South Pacific. These dangers unite the two countries in a common destiny. To survive our time, a new arrangement of common defence and alliance must be forged.

Of late, Australian nationalists have reinvigorated the Australia First Party. This party grows stronger, ideologically, politically and organizationally. After failed attempts by reactionary elements to deflect the party towards pseudo mainstream (sic) politics and the continuing crisis of the patriotic forces generally, this party advances a programme, a strategy and viable tactics for success.

The Australia First Party intends to - and shall manage to - unite all genuine patriotic people into a united nationalist party.

Of late, New Zealand nationalists have worked to overcome a period of disunion caused by unfavourable external political factors and fractious individuals. The present trend towards unity is inexorable. New Right New Zealand, the National Democrats and the National Front have created a common co-operative structure in the Nationalist Alliance.

Ultimately, one nationalist party shall emerge, uniting the best people in the broad New Zealand movement.

The Australian and New Zealand nationalists are resolved to exchange ideas and information, to campaign jointly whenever possible and to build a firm association for the future.

For Australia: Brendan Gidley, Jim Saleam, Neil Baird

For New Zealand: Kyle Chapman, Anton Foljambe, Steve Larsen

New Zealand Nationalist Alliance

ANZAC Manifesto Of The Australia First Party And New Zealand Nationalist Alliance

In the spirit of the ANZAC Declaration of 25 April 2008, signed between the representatives of Australian and New Zealand Nationalism, the following Statement is intended to express the commonality of interests between Australian and New Zealand nationalists. This Manifesto was drafted following a meeting in Sydney between representatives of the two organisations.

1. The most significant factor effecting our two nations directly - and then in terms of our relationship with the rest of the world - is the common heritage of Australia and New Zealand as outposts of the Western and the broader European heritage in the South Pacific. It is a heritage that, while it gave rise to new cultural forms specific to Australia and New Zealand, and forged unique national identities, also continues to provide a bond of kinship and identity with others of like heritage throughout the world. We seek to maintain and to invigorate that heritage in the face of globalist subversion, but we recognise that to all extents and purposes in terms of the defence of that heritage in the South Pacific, we stand effectively - alone!

2. Both nations are formed of two peoples of like character, in that they have been shaped by similar challenges. Each wrested civilisation from the wilderness and built modern nations out of mere colonies, creating in the process, values which are at their core rooted in the soil, in a spirit of self-reliance, of 'mateship', of the instinct to transcend old differences of class snobbery and privilege and to build new societies based on a sense of fair play. We aim to restore the social justice principle that made our nations role models to the world, but which has in recent years been undermined by the incursions of international big business, and the obsessions of our political and business ruling classes with reviving nineteenth century Free Market economics.

3. The ANZAC heritage crafted a bond between Australians and New Zealanders on both practical and spiritual levels, a bond moreover, that today more than ever, needs to be reborn in struggle as we face common threats arising from our geo-political position.

4. The most immediate and transparent threat to the destiny of our nations comes from the incursion of China into the South Pacific as part of its superpower global geo-political strategy of challenge to the liberal, declining, American superpower. Both our nations are poised to be pushed into an Asian economic bloc at the behest of our political and business leaders. We view this of the gravest concern, as the entire Asian region is liable before long to experience wholesale crises caused by demographic and environmental factors sure to erupt in war. With this, will be demands upon Australia and New Zealand to accept excess populations and surrender our resources to Asia. We regard the current high levels of non European immigration - particularly Asian immigration - into our countries as a disaster and a prelude to our dispossession.

5. Both nations have problems involving 'indigenous issues', which are forever being stoked by vested interests, not for the purpose of uplifting the Aboriginal and Maori peoples, but to divide our societies, thereby leaving us open to foreign takeover. These problems must be resolved amongst ourselves and not under the impress of outside influences, be they from other states or from supra-national bodies such as the United Nations Organisation. In particular, any accord between the indigenous peoples and the Europeans, must be based upon the recognition of the sweat and blood of our pioneer forefathers and those of subsequent generations who have established for themselves the national rights to inalienable occupation and self-determination. We see the operation of supposed 'indigenous rights' in our nations as a part of a wider global agenda for the destruction of the European heritage in favour of a 'new world order'. We call on the Aboriginal and Maori peoples to overcome the past and unite with the Europeans in justice and fairness, to preserve the two countries from the future crisis of Asia, and superpower war.

6. Due to the geo-political positions of Australia and New Zealand, it is both necessary and practicable that a common ANZAC bloc of peace, non-alignment and neutrality be formed. Upon the assumption to power of nationalist governments, there shall be co-operation in the realms of trade, defence and foreign policy, as the only realistic means by which our sovereignty and destiny can be assured in the face of superpower rivalries and the looming Asian crises. Such a bloc, harnessing our European creative abilities to the agricultural, industrial and mineral resources of both nations, in the manner of their sustainable use in our economic system, has the potential to form a stable, sovereign and prosperous geo-political entity of social justice, able also to provide an alternative to which the South Pacific states too can align in friendship so as to preserve their own freedom and identities.