'Australian Protectionist Party' Issues Slanders Against Australia First Immigration Stand: Our Reply
Dr. Jim Saleam, October 21 2010

Mark Wilson, founding member and effective leader of the Liberal Party oriented, civic-patriot group, 'Australian Protectionist Party' (APP), has wilfully and knowingly falsified the position taken by the Australia First Party (AF) on immigration matters, especially the migration to Australia of persons of Moslem background..

Mr. Wilson made these statements upon a web board controlled by this group. Ordinarily, neither I nor the Australia First Party, have replied to the assorted mistruths about us emanating from this source. The latest offerings are flagrant falsities and demand a personal and a party response.

Mr. Wilson says (we reproduce the paragraph exactly as it appeared):

"Here's one to think about, salem's line is that Islam is not a threat to Australia, he says that islamification is never going to happen here, it's Asianisation that is the real threat, even if this were true, why then does he put out leaflets opposing Africans, as Australia is never going to be Africanised is it ?"

The Australia First Party is not the political property of - let alone the expression of - any particular individual. The party attitude on any matter is adopted after the widest consultation of members and organizers. In this case, the criticism of me is also a slander upon the party. This latest attack is put forward in the misguided hope that a smear of me will stick and that people may reject the Australia First Party because of an alleged position held by me.

What is the party position on the immigration matters raised by Mr. Wilson? Australia First Party says that Australia will never, ever, be Islamified, whatever negative influences an Islamic community will emplace upon our soil. Australia First has most certainly criticised every element of the immigration invasion and its result - the unfolding of a recolonization of Australia. In that regard, we have highlighted aspects of refugee privilege and refugee crime - which has included a discussion of African refugees. However too, in the last few weeks in the Sutherland Shire, an Australia First candidate has mass distributed leaflets which explain the mass house-building plans on foot in the Shire, as an offshoot of immigration "largely drawn from Asia."

Mr. Wilson then goes on to say (we reproduce the paragraph exactly as it appeared):

"This shows him for what he is, a moslem sympathiser, unlike salem with his moslem ancestry, we oppose all third world immigation, with no exceptions, to allow for personal family connections."

We are pleased that Mr. Wilson says that APP opposes "all Third World immigration", although we have seen comments from its members on various internet forums that suggest it advocates the multiracial assimilation of migrants into Australia. Such a thing would be the biological death of the Australian nation. We do not wish to assimilate that which should not be assimilated.

Mr. Wilson's claim that I am a 'moslem sympathiser" (sic) - whatever that means - is not borne out by any facts.

Australia First Party has:

1. Opposed the construction of an Annangrove prayer room.
2. Opposed the Bass Hill Moslem school project, an intervention which saw two of our members charged with offences, which were later dismissed.
3. Opposed the development of a new Auburn mosque and centre (see this website for our Statement)
4. Distributed and placed upon our Queensland You-Tube channel a speech given by me at the Inverell Forum in 2006, defending the youth in the Civil Uprising at Cronulla in December 2005 and condemning the alien migrants and their gangs who perpetrated a reign of terror in the Sutherland beach areas.
5. Otherwise published, counselled and warned, against any immigration intake from Moslem sources (see Audacity! newspaper)

All of these things have been said and done and more is sure to follow - even if, as we say, Australia will never, ever, be "Islamified".

Why does Mr. Wilson lie?

Mr. Wilson even invents for me "moslem ancestry" and "personal family connections" to underscore his fabrications. No sense is served in even trying to dissect a fabrication.

The truth is that the group Mr. Wilson represents has opted to lie and deceive patriotic people that it is some sort of a nationalist party. Its ranting, screaming line on Islam serves as a cover for its actual retreat from the position that some of its founding members once held on the need to preserve Australia's European society and ethnic base. Anyone, from a lunatic Christian Zionist, to a Liberal politician and a Christian Democrat - can say that he is critical of Islam, but each in turn has an agenda which is not a nationalist one and does not serve the Australian Nation. It is in this swamp that the Protectionist group believes it will assemble allies and members and become a "mainstream group".

Disintegrating the unity of the genuine nationalists in Australia First Party and with its allies and friends, is part of the Protectionist strategy.

That Mr. Wilson is forced to lie so desperately suggests to us that whatever game was being played by this so-called 'party' - is unravelling.

Australia First Party calls on any nationalist people contained in the APP to repudiate its false anti-Islamism and move on - with us.