Chinese In Australia To Mobilise On Tibet Question: Ethnic Politics Takes Dangerous Turn

April 16 2008

Reports today indicated that up to ten thousand Chinese residents in Australia (described as "Chinese Australians" in the mass media) may descend on Canberra in coming days to protect the Olympic Torch from pro Tibetan protestors.

It has also been suggested that the Chinese Embassy may have played a role in organizing this mobilisation. If that is the case, it is a gross interference in Australian domestic politics and a sure indication of the grip which the Chinese superpower has over Chinese resident in Australia.

Some reports said that ethnic Chinese regarded the Tibetan struggle as the activity of "scum", "splitters" and "agents". Reasonably, those Tibetans here - are regarded as enemies. We may expect communal violence as time goes on and the Tibetan struggle for autonomy grows stronger and thence - local Tibetans and supporters of a 'Free Tibet' become targets for retaliatory or symbolic violence.

The Chinese superpower has built upon its community networks since the 1970's exploded the numbers of Chinese in Australia. It has placed spies and propagandists upon Australian soil.

The Tibetan cause is a just cause. The resident Chinese who show loyalty to the Chinese state demonstrate themselves as creatures of a rising imperialism.