Thirtieth Anniversay Of ASIO Bombing Of Sydney Hilton Hotel
Passes Without Public Notice

The bombing of Sydney's Hilton Hotel on February 13 1978 has passed without public notice. That was to be expected. In the current period of a faked up 'war on terror' and the encroachment of security agencies upon Australian freedom, the Hilton Bombing remains an unwelcome reminder of state violence and disinformation. Why? Because this was a bomb of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), a media operation gone wrong.

Three men died and many other persons were gravely injured. It is generally believed, if only because no other credible explanation of the bombing exists, that his tragedy arose because the bomb, meant to be discovered in a welter of media bright lights, was detonated by accident. Ever since, a climate of cover up and falsehood has operated.

In 1989, based upon the confession of a madman, a certain Timothy Anderson was charged with the bombing. Ultimately, in 1991, he was acquited of the crime by the New Couth Wales Court of Criminal Appeal. Despite a surprising call in 1991 by the New South Wales Parliament for a joint Commonwealth-State Royal Commission to determine the truth, nothing has been done. Officially, the Australian state argues still that the madman was the bomber. Yet his confession jars absolutely with the acquittal of Anderson and with other evidence collected by the survivors of the blast.

The Australian security agencies have been hives of corruption and crime. The notorious Special Branch police that operated in New South Wales was disbanded in 1997 after serious and demonstrated corruption. Other States had already eliminated these bodies. However, ASIO has grown stronger with funding, staff and legislated powers..

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation is a political police which serves the Australian traitor class. With its powers to arrest without charge, to detain on suspicion, to enter premises without warrant, to operate extensive surveillance and informers, and to impose secrecy orders on its victims and the community generally, it is a power available to be used against the Australian people in their patriotic and democratic activities.. As a political police, it operates to stymie opposition, destabilise political groups, sow disinformation in the public media and set limits on freedom.

If anyone points to the current 'war on terror' as a justification for its powers, we are reminded of the breaches of its authority in other periods. The Hilton Bombing remains a blight on the political police agencies and a grim warning to us all.