The Library Of Articles On Australian Nationalism

The views expressed by the authors are not necessarily the views of the Australia First Party. At all times, the AFP encourages debate to define its policy and method. Authors who have allowed reproduction of their articles here are not neccesarily members of the AFP.

Happy Australia Day 2009: Celebrating the 221st anniversary of the birth of Our People R. Fraser

Housing Crisis Directly Linked To (Asian) Immigration

Chinese In Australia To Mobilise On Tibet Question: Ethnic Politics Takes Dangerous Turn

Australia First Supports National Trucking Shutdown July 28: Statement June 21 2008

A Sydney Morning Herald Report Confirms Ethnic Cleansing Of Australian School Children From Their Schools

Thirtieth Anniversay Of ASIO Bombing Of Sydney Hilton Hotel Passes Without Public Notice

Dr. Daniel Pipes, Zionist Propagandist For 'Israel First', Seeks Your Help Against Islamic Threat

Sorry Day: The Ultimate Deception Of Aborigines, An Attack Upon European Australia

Review: Perry Jewell's Drugs, Despair, Deliverance: Operation Osterley

Cronulla Says "Eureka" (The Story Untold)
Ben, 2007 (a young poet in the Sutherland Shire)

An Urgent Warning To Residents: The Hastings Is Under Imminent Attack February 2007

Mould On Toast Joni, May 2 2006.

Politically-Correct Policing Covers Over 'Ethnic Crime' Georgia Smith, February 2006

Left Wing Feminists And Capitalism Georgia Smith, January 2006

More Foreigners Less Trust Georgia Smith, January 2006

Interview With Kyle Chapman, leading New Zealand nationalist

'Unity Is Strength': Lyrics Of The Song Of Federation

The Sacralization Of The Nationalist Calendar: One Way To Fight Multiculturalism
Anon, July 2003

A Clever Game Anon, December 2003.

Ten Reasons To Oppose The Fake Republic Jim Saleam, November 2004.

Tools And Fools: Trotskyites Unmasked! Jim Saleam, May 2003.

The Cultural Struggle Anon, October 2002.

The Illusion Of Parliament: What Is Parliament? Understanding Paliament And The State Power Jim Saleam, March 2003.

Reclaiming The 'Freedom' Heritage Of Eureka Stockade Jim Saleam, January 2003.

Nationalism And The Moslem Question: Thoughts On Foreign Policy, Immigration And Defence W. van Blitterswyk, September 2002.

Eddie Ward: East Sydney Firebrand. A Prophet Who Discerned A Globalist Agenda In 1946. K. McCauley, October 2002.

The American Century. Antonia Feitz, March 2003.

Questions For 'The Greens'. Alex Donovan, May 2003.

The New Class Elite. K. McMannus, May 2003.

The Refugee Invasion: Getting Into The Collective Brain Of The 'Open-Borders' Gang Jim Saleam, June 2003.

Beyond The Politics Of Left And Right Jim Saleam, August 31 2003.

Political Trials In Australia: Pauline Hanson Is Only The Latest Victim. A Discussion Based On The Speech One Nation Banned. Jim Saleam, September 11 2003.

Riding Shot-Gun For John Howard: The Conservative Faction Of The New South Wales Liberal Party Jim Saleam, Speech To The Sydney Forum, August 28 2004

Fourth Sydney Forum: Read The Program Of A Successful Event

Third Sydney Forum 2003: Read The Program Of This Event

Healthy Mind: Healthy Body Anon, 2004