Questions For 'The Greens'
Alex Donovan



I have some questions for the Greens.

Why have they not uttered a word on the proposed low and medium nuclear waste dump planned for South Australia?

Why are they not campaigning vigorously on the irradiated food issue and 'Steretec' in Queensland?

Why do they insist on high levels of immigration when it is clearly out of step with all environmental logic; after all, more population leads to more land clearing, more sewerage problems, loss of top soils, and more water shortages (now that nineteen and a half millions have strained water reserves)?

Why do they have a soft approach on drugs, surely a policy irresponsible in the extreme?

Isn't their stance on lowering the age for 'legal' homosexual intercourse just giving a green light to paedophiles?

Why are they generally silent on industries that knowingly pollute our waterways?

It seems that the Greens are just not 'fair dinkum'. It looks like they are just one more political party 'in the club', another party that stays silent so big business can do as it likes.

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