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Have you ever noticed that the vast majority of environmentalists, sustainable-farming advocates, animal welfare groups, the self-sufficiency movement, and organic-food co-ops - are white Australians?

To sum them up, you could say they are all part of a force to preserve biodiversity and a sustainable lifestyle. Some of themlike to recycle paper and glass, to compact scrap matter, catch and use rain water, use solar energy, grow chemical-free vegetables and protect whatever wildlife we still have left.

Now this broad movement has been seen by nationalists in the past (and some in the present) as generally 'leftist'.

While it is trus that some people within this broad movement are leftists, it is equally true that others not. Some even promote the Sustainable Population Australia and you can be sure many individuals and the various groups are dedicated to a sustainable future - are patriotic. Now introduce to the pot another, seemingly unrelated group, the 'white-flighters'.

There are white Australians, mainly young families who are fleeing the 'racial chaos' of multiculturalism in the big cities. In Sydney at the moment, these people are settling inouter Sydney areas - or moving further afield to places like South East Queensland, Tasmania etc.

This group constitutes a movement that is totally unorganised. Now, here's the interesting part. There is a cross-over of the two groups. In other words the sustainable lifestyle people and the white-flighters are often the same people.

There are many Australians who have consciously (and some unconsciously) left the multi-racial nightmare behind and sold their city property and bought an 'acre or two' in a country or semi-rural area and have tried to live a semi-self-sufficient lifestyle too.

There are undoubtedly many thousands more who dream of doing exactly the same thing.

Now consider the results if the nationalists became more involved in these movements and started to organise people.

I believe that, as nationalists, we should be at the forefront of the struggle for survival of our people and a sustainable future for our children.

There is a population shift happening here. We need to keep up with events and offer leadership. It will mean redefining aspects of our politics, an issue I will address in the future.

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