Eddie Ward, East Sydney Firebrand. A Prophet Who Discerned A Globalist Agenda In 1946.
Kevin McCauley

Eddie Ward was elected to the Federal Parliament in 1931 as the first of four 'Lang Labor' candidates.

Ward was a great admirer of the Premier of New South Wales, Jack Lang, and this affection deepened after the Lang government restored the 'seniority' of railway workers, who in the midst of the Great War, had been compelled to strike. Ward held ministries in both the Curtin and Chifley governments.

It was Eddie Ward who exposed the great scandal of the 'Brisbane Line', a plan by which Australia would have been defended by the concentration of our military forces on a line drawn from Brisbane to Adelaide. Had the plan been adopted, parts of Australia would have been abandoned to Japanese Occupation, and we may well have lost the war.

However, it is as a prophet against the evil of globalization that Ward may well come to be remembered best. In a radio broadcast made in 1946, Ward said of the 'Bretton Woods Agreement' which produced centralised 'controls' on international banking and commerce:

"The very sovereignty of this nation is in jeopardy. Whilst our men and women were making tremendous sacrifices to prevent the establishment of a world dictatorship, the international financial interests were working out the details of a plan - more insidious because they laboured unseen - whereby the whole world would come under their domination".

He warned:

"I am convinced that the Agreement will enthrone a world dictatorship of private finance more complete and terrible than any Hitlerite dream .. (it will) undermine and destroy the democratic institutions of this country, pervert and paganise our Christian ideals "

Jack Lang, sitting as an independent Labor member in the Federal Parliament, joined Ward in his attack on Bretton Woods Agreement:

"This is a betrayal of Australia and of the Labor Party's platform. It hands control of the nation's credit over to an international cartel, a financial oligopoly. We shall become a vassal state."

And that is how things have worked out! And Australia has paid the price.

We nationalists need to remember our true heroes at every turn, those giants of the past who set out to win Australian independence.

As we remember Eddie Ward, let us take up his mission.

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