Riding Shot-Gun For John Howard: The Conservative Faction Of The New South Wales Liberal Party

Jim Saleam, August 28 2004.

A Speech Delivered To The Fouth Sydney Forum (edited)


I am going to talk to you about a conspiracy. It’s about a group of people who call themselves conservatives, who are members of the Liberal Party; they are a faction with a thirty-six year continuous history (and history before that).


I have called this speech about ‘riding shotgun’. I mean, it’s about a group of people who provide themselves to fend off any attack, protecting the coachman and the coach, from seizure.


In this case, it’s about protecting the Liberal Party in Australian politics, but more crucially, it’s about protecting the state itself.


This group of people had lain dormant since the late 1980’s. In 1997, amidst the furore about Pauline Hanson, the faction came back to life.


Why? Well few people noted or really understand the words of President Bill Clinton in 1998 when he addressed the Australian Parliament. He said that the United States of America values Australia as an ‘open’, ‘multicultural’ and ‘free enterprise’ society and his state was ‘our ally’ to achieve these goals. What did that mean? Well, it meant that in the advent of any internal patriotic challenge to these ‘principles’, the US superpower could be relied on to break the challenge.


I have little doubt that this was a threat of open imperialist violence, no less than keeping troops in countries or using the CIA to topple governments. I could be cynical and say Mrs. Hanson’s response was to hop into bed with a CIA agent, but I’ll stop at saying that few in the patriotic camp drew the consequences of the threat.


Of course it didn’t come to that. Other means were used to deal with Hanson, Graeme Campbell and various movements in the yeas 1996-2004.


The Liberal faction had a role in stemming the patriotic tide as I shall show. They have a watchdog role now. Jokingly, they are called the ‘Taliban’. Not because they’re radicals or hard men. It’s because they are fundamentalist-Menziesites, dreamers who extol 1950’s Menzies as their idol. Whatever! They are not nationalists. They look back to pro-Yank ‘order’, the family but the free market, no multiculturalism but the open door for immigrants. The golden age of suburban apathy and consumer goods will return. But first we have to get some context here.


Understanding The State.


To understand my subject, we must understand the state. In our sort of politics, we debate the Constitution and we talk a lot about bad politicians, crook parties and the rules of politics.


Folks, all that is fine, but at the end of the day, although it must be taken into full account beyond any doubt, this is limited politics and can become – bourgeois politics.


The real question is the state and who controls it. I reckon many patriots haven’t got a clue about this thing called the state. In fact, if you mentioned it, they’d probably think you meant State governments.


No, the state is something very special. The state is a machine, a contract, a power, a mystical idea in the minds of those who serve it. In our country, it is the enemy. The state is made up of people: the politicians, the senior civil servants, the army chiefs, the police hierarchy and the spy apparatus, the media executives and the propaganda tools. It is divided by function: it has a repressive side and an ideological side. It manufactures your consent by force and by its’ self-marketting of its ruling liberal ideology.


Are we clearer? In this country, you could theoretically control 51 per cent of the votes in 51 per cent of the electorates and exercise no power. Parliament is only one part of the state power.

To sidetrack opposition we have dummy groups - and on occasion groups which target legitimate groups.

The defence guards of the state are the auxiliaries of the ruling order. Self motivated and even on occasions self-funded they act because they want to.

I say to you that these conservative Liberals are auxiliaries. They bitch about the Liberal Party having to remain conservative and tough. They’ve always said that. But the bottom line is they stay in that party; they have never left it; they obey its rules. In effect, they are Liberals. Therefore they are a honey-pot, a deception, a dead end for anyone who wants real people’s change. They will neutralise you by offering an illusion of change within the order. They then turn you into your opposite.


The Faction Forms To Kick The Commo Can

This faction formed right out of circles loyal to the Liberal Party establishment. It aimed to recruit every person who didn’t like communism into structures that could stuff up any internal political challenge (you know: everyone who wanted to change something was a Radical and therefore a Red) and to support the Australian government in its efforts to back the USA in its wars around the world.

Nothing drops from the skies. It all has an origin. And what origins! Consider this gang:

The APACL Asian Peoples’ Anti-Communist League was run by the capialist criminal regimes in Korea and Taiwan. John Gorton was its contact man.

The Anti-Bolshevik Bloc Of Nations was an amalgam of exiles around the world with acknowledged links to the CIA. There were many local contacts in Eastern European migrant groups.

The Captive Nations Council sounded good. There were captive countries, parts of the empires of the USSR and China. This group, drawn from the exiles of many lands, kept up an intensive moral propaganda gainst the communists.

The World Anti Communist League was formed in 1972. From BN and APACL Even our League Of Rights was its Australian affiliate.

All these circles ran together. They were satellites of the state power. Their function was to keep the Liberal Party straight to the point.

In 1968, some of these Eastern European emigres got together with some Liberals. There was MP Douglas Darby and his son Michael Darby. These two were so close to the Taiwanese government that if they’d been Americans, they would have had to register as foreign agents. They founded the Fifty Club. Its function was to organise anti communists. It condoned violent anti-communists, people who couldn’t see they were being used, not to stop an immoral ideology, but to keep the big boys in power. The central pivot was Lyenko Urbanchich, A Slovenian who had served the Germans as a propagandist, an ardent Liberal Party man from shortly after his arrival in Australia. There was David Clarke, then a young law student.

They all entered the Liberal Party as a group after 1970. The faction was formally constituted in 1975. Whitlam had stepped out of line. He had questioned US bases and even thought of borrowing money from non-traditional (ie. Arab) sources. Then, even worse, he thought of running the government on debt free credits from the Reserve Bank. The drunken CIA pimp John Kerr - pulled the plug. But for the Liberal conservatives, now grouped around ‘Spectrum’ magazine, this was just the start. Fraser had to be pushed to go the whole way and bash the Left out of existence.

Spectrum Opposes Nationalism


I have had dealings with these Liberals. Head on dealings. Although this is very ancient history now some historical anecdotes may serve you. I’ll give you the meaty – and suggestive one – first.

I was a member of a student group, something like what the Patriotic Youth League is now. We branched out, made contacts. We started making inroads into some migrant people who knew Spectrum.

One night in an Italian restaurant in November 1977, I and another nationalist had a confrontation with David Clarke It was about the way – we said – his faction had conned up some Italian migrant blokes who had been in the famous Italian Social Movement. Clarke told us his Liberals were like the MSI. We said they were conservative capitalists unlike the MSI which stood for a people’s economy. Clarke said he was in love with the British National Front and we said he was a Tory. We proved in a certain way that Clarke had upper class contempt for Italian migrant workers. He skulked out.

Two weeks later the Italian restaurant men contacted us. They said an Italian anti-communist activist wanted to talk to us in private. It turned out he was related to a Liberal MP of Italian background.

He was a funny looking fellow, a sort of cross between an Italian civil servant and The Fat Man out of The Maltese Falcon movie. He said his supporters worked with the MSI but were broader. They had heard of us. They considered us good anti communists.

The Fat Man said "I am recruiting for the Galibaldini" He explained: The reds were in full flood in Italy. Our side is fighting them. We are recruiting a foreign force from amongst the nationalists of all countries. We’ve noticed you lads and we’re on the same track. I want you to consider coming to Italy, all expenses paid for like a two week holiday. We supply the gun, the bomb and a couple of targets. You do it then enjoy yourselves for a few more days and come home."

My associate, Ed Azzopardi took over the conversation, asking inane questions. I realised at once. He refused to ‘agree’. In near exasperation, The Fat Man said" "we meet again next week. I must have your answer".

Once we were outside, Azzopardi said: "we were tape recorded".

Whose plot was this? If we had "agreed", well that’s a conspiracy and from there you can guess the rest. So, who organised it? Obviously, someone knew we had debated Mr. Clarke. Someone knew we were a pain for the Spectrum idiots. Someone wanted us in jail.

Special Branch anyone, ASIO anyone?

But there was a lot more contention with these Liberals. David Clarke was no friend of anti-immigration groups. In 1975, he persuaded his namesake Bob Clark of the famous Immigration Control Association to wind up the group on the basis that Mal Fraser, another Captive Nations creature, would do it all. When Bob reactivated, he loathed DC. In 1979, one senior member of the Liberal faction claimed (and I will not say it was true thereby libelling Mr. Clarke) that Mr. Clarke paid money to a notorious neo-nazi strawman to paint up slogans along Sydney’s railway tracks, that the leader of a good nationalist party was a homosexual expelled from Duntroon Military College. I can tell you, without going into detail that nationalists n Sydney clashed with these Liberals again and again between 1977 and 1989 in big ways and small; they tried to restrict our work. Each time, these bum-boys were beaten back.

One thing was very clear about these Liberals. They were not opposed to the immigration disaster, the sure visible sign of the internationalisation of our country. But they knew how to lie. In 1978 (CLIPPINGS) when a group of the British National Front surfaced in OZ, Lyenko was quick to condemn its’ extremism, all while cuddling up to the anti-immigration circle round old patriot Nick Maina with the line the Libs would really do it. Then when the NF disappeared and at a time I was involved in the vocal nationalist movement, he put out a line he believed in the White Australia Policy (CLIPPING). Had he changed? No, he was always lying.

These Libs loved immigration and they adored the cesspit of humanity the USA. They loathed communism too, but I soon noted what that really meant.


The Spectrum Becomes New Right

In about 1987, I met and talked with Sam Harris, aide de camp to Lyenko. He had written a short thesis for history at Sydney Uni. I read it.

Harris argued that these Liberals had adopted around 1982 the Thatcher / Reagan line on economics – you know, free trade, open markets, deregulation of the economy and labour market. This was the answer to those god-damn reds. Once this line was adopted, then what was the difference between the old conservatism of Spectrum and the establishment anyway? Well, it hadn’t been much before but there was nothing then.

No wonder when communism dropped dead, there was nothing left to say.

New Right-ism was the enemy of Australian workers in the 1980’s. While Labor social democrats broke the tariff barriers and opened us up to foreign banks and gave the multinationals the tax free order they live in and advanced into Asia, the New Rightists broke the unions and did the deregulations at the micro level. Idiot anti-communists were good dupes.

I remember their hero the anti Land Rights man, Geoff Macdonald, yes, him, a lickspittle of the mining companies, of traitor Bjelke-Petersen and Hugh Morgan. While they pretended Land Rights was a commo plot they made things safe for exploitation. And I say this whatever else can be said of the so-called Land Rights nonsense. While they pretended there were communists in the unions, thieves like Norm Gallagher, they could destroy militant unions. The Spectrum Liberals were involved in all of this.

It was always rotten flunkey politics, despicable pimp auxiliary politics.


Lost In (Political) Space


After communism disintegrated the faction was lost.

Lyenko was happy. Slovenia left Yugoslavia. The old Captive Nations men were happy. The bad Reds were gone. In the new order came unemployment, alcoholism, drugs, AIDS, social despair. No wonder some Eastern Europeans missed the communist order.

The faction loved America. They wanted to see the Liberal Party returned, but few were listening.

They had nothing to sell and the old leaders dropped out, died, or even went back home to Transylvanina. End of story.


Whores For Hire?


Tony Abbott found them and Abbot is a smart operator.

Abbot we know very well. The fallout from the Hanson imprisonment case tells us all we want to know.

In November 2003 Hanson was released from jail. At the risk of contempt of the court, the way the court acquitted Hanson was clearly a response to mass pressure. The twisted judgement could just as easily been used to keep her in there. But the court wanted the Liberal Party’s dirty tricks department remain uninvestigated. If Hanson had stayed inside and a Royal Commission was held, the truth might have come out.

Abbot had a group of Western Australian backers, a bag man (Samuel) and Costello’s father-in-law, former NSW Liberal Opp Leader, Peter Coleman. This Coleman was to have been the subject of a judicial inquiry set down to begin on February 17 1978. It seemed he’s had ASIO/SB info for political use and Neville Wran wanted to know how he got it. Unfortunately, four days before this inquiry was set to start, the Hilton Hotel blew up.

The Liberal Party group ‘for honesty in government’, was a shadow apparatus, with intelligence agents, ex pollies and crooks. It found the creature Terry Sharples who was used against Hanson. I note that in 2003, in the New South Wales parliament, David Clarke sang the praises of Peter Coleman, particularly in relation to his editorship of the reactionary Quadrant magazine, a journal set up originally by a CIA front group in the 1950's.

I say the same apparatus located Victorian gun campaigner, Ted Drane, and used him against Graeme Campbell and the AAFi in 1996.

I now bring you to the rebirth of our ‘Taliban’ Liberals.

What did Abbot do? In December 1996 (yes) months before the foundation of PHON, the old faction was reactivated by David Clarke. Some young ‘conservative’ Liberals were approached by the old hands and things got going. On May 3 1997 at Burwood a meeting took place at which Abbot and Lyenko were present. It was stated amongst participants that conservative politics was under challenge now and the Liberal Party needed to be shored up to meet the test. On August 12 at the Tattersals Club in Sydney, with Abbot later pretending he didn’t know Lyenko the bad boy, was there but with Clarke organising the invitations, the faction re-announced itself to the world as the hard conservatives of the party.

The bad anti-reds had become part of the PM’s conservative push in the Liberal Party. Messrs. Abbott and Clarke also share a religious commitment to the Roman Catholic Church, something insignificant as such, save to establish the point that the two share a particular ‘bond’. I note too that Mr. Clarke’s Liberal faction recruits heavily amongst young Catholics involved in the Opus Dei movement. This is indeed – a curiousity.

You note that at no point did these Libs secede to join Hanson. Rather they served to whip Liberals in general, into line.

Media has referred over time to the ‘hothouse’ environment in the staffs of Liberals like Abbot, Bishop, Ross Cameron and Coonan. Here ‘bright young things’ are moved around. Like David Oldfield say some conspiracy theorists? I don’t know. But I do say that common areas of agreement between conservative Libs and other reactionaries produce a certain unity of action.

Now we should note too that the Liberal conspiracy dovetails very nicely with another conspiracy. Consider the pecking order. Howard to Abbot. Now Abbot and Clarke are bosom pals. If we go below Clarke to John Boyle, it gets really interesting. Mr. Boyle is a solicitor in Eastwood. We all know those "neo-nazis" who bob up in the Sydney media. Yes, we hate. We’ll kill soon. We use the Internet before you ban it. We’re part of a network of fear. Always the media. The pollies want to pass laws against hate. Right now, the neo-nazis are headquartered in his office. He runs one of the two Web Sites. He represents them in court in their ongoing effort to steal $400000 from a Christian society. The head nazi is David Palmer and from there as I said you have a disingenuous campaign. More than once Palmer has said I should be killed. He tells people he reports to ASIO. In 1999, while posing as the KKK, he was reported infiltrating Hanson’s party. Is this a picture or what?

The Liberal Party plot has other aspects. We’ve all seen recently the reports in the press about this faction. I even heard they were posing as real radicals to the Patriotic Youth League people – if only they’d join the conspiracy to takeover the party. This faction now serves to make sure that the next big nationalist mobilisation in Australia does not see Liberals falling away as happened when Hanson cranked up a few years ago. It is designed to anchor all sections of the party in place. That is its real function and if it could get a few well meaning patriots to join in the party takeover crap, it’s a double bonus.

Hit Them Hard.

What has always annoyed me is that this gang will stand there in front of real patriots and say they agree absolutely with you. They will tell you just about anything. I have seen them in operation and heard the lies from old names like Major Riddle and Peter Applin, from Lyenko himself and Geoff Holt, a former councillor at Waverley. They tell you there’s something wrong with you if you just don’t join the Liberal Party and blend in. Sorry Lyenko, I just ain’t buying!

I enjoy the company of people who really do put Australia first. That isn’t the Liberal Party. If these people are really nationalists and patriots as some of them say: prove it! Don’t ask us to join you. If you are serious (you say) that you’re there to change things from within, show us! Start criticising Howard on Iraq. Condemn Israel and defend Palestine. Demand an end with immigration. Condemn the free trade treaties. Raise hell! Lend money and other support to groups outside the Liberal Party who oppose the destruction of our identity, independence and freedom.

But they won’t do any of this.

This Liberal conspiracy group is important to the system. We should expose it and fight them wherever they appear.



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