The New Class Elite
K. McMannus


In the 1950's the Yugoslav vice-president, Miloslav Djilas, wrote a book called The New Class, which exposed the wealth, luxury and powers of the Marxist ruling class. He was expelled from the party for his honesty and went into exile.

Today, in every Western country there is an evil ruling class of neo-marxists - called the 'New Class Elite' or the 'Radical Rich'. They control all the organs of power, the major political parties, the bureaucracies, the universities, the schools, the legal profession and the arts. Of course, not all the members of these 'professions' belong to this venomous, hypocritical class, but the majority do or acquiesce in its power, sufficient to allow the Elite to impose their rotten load of goods - upon us.

The American authors, Robert Bork (1997) and Christopher Lasch (1995) have described how the New Class arose. Gertrude Hammelfarb (2001) has described how they have created a counter-culture of national collapse in the United States. In other words, they have been 'seen' and 'explained' internationally.

Patrick Morgan (1999) has confirmed the presence and rule of the New Class in Australia and Theodore Dalrymple has explained how it set out to 'destroy' the working class.

So what is all this about? The New Class is an intelligentsia which was educated during the decade 1965-75 - the "flower power people of the Age of Aquarius". They were the children of the rich. They were taught to reject their country and all its traditions and values. These things would be replaced with a new society of "liberty, peace and love" (sic). Essentially, all things which supported the nation-state were to be destroyed. As the Class grew, it attacked moral self-discipline, the decalogue, philosophic truth, national heritage, tradition, law and order, patriotism, the traditional family, churches, the idea of beauty, duty to others, and private property. In the place of all these things, they desired a new 'truth' (Marxian truth) and a new morality (libertarian rights).

The culture of the Great Books of Western world was to be thrown out. Pornography and marijuana were 'in'. Spelling and grammar was out 'political correctness' and sleaze literature was 'in'. And so on. Put simply: culture was to be reordered from the gutter upwards.

Of course, in Australia, the honest working class never imagined that this would happen - but it has. No sooner did the New Class obtain political, academic and other 'cultural-ideological' power, than its' agenda was put in place. What agenda was this?

Libertarian laws were 'written' by judges and not by parliament ; mad magistrates and judges undermined law and order with easy bails, counselling, parole and lower sentences ; multiculturalism was imposed ; open borders were promoted (particularly for Middle Easterners in more recent times) ; new Family Law and quickie-divorce shattered the family ; an ideology of free abortion and population control brought on ZPG ; feminism ('feminazism?') and the culture of homosexual rights activism struck at the family, police and armed forces ; a perverse 'ecofascism' and animal rights ideology wreaked havoc with the family farm and primary industry ; our pioneer history was dirtied with forged and fabricated 'history' ; art was sidelined with sleaze, anti-poetry, junk sculpture, glass architecture and sewer fiction ; radio and TV squalor (from obscenity to mindlessness) became popular culture ; proposals for drug freedom were pushed.

And this list is to name just a few things which have come as 'changes' to our Australia.

To keep these Radical Rich, 'rich', business corruption, and fraud, were stoked! Mega-million retirement hand-outs were and are regularly given to the executives of failed companies.

If it all seems hopeless, it isn't. Just don't look to the New Class to reform itself. It won't. It is content in its wealth, while the rest of society (particularly the working class) suffers. Unfortunately, many of us don't make it past our forties and fifties. The ranks of the (original) New Class has already begun thinning out.

Most reassuring is that many young, idealistic, intellectuals are appearing, who either escaped the massive brainwash of the Age of Aquarius and have become its greatest critics.

Nature never forgives forgeries and with that, the truth, beauty, order, duty, country and family, all the old obligations, will rise again. The Australian Nation State shall recover its soul and we will restore our purpose. In the meantime, we cannot trust most of the academics who teach the humanities, the legal profession, the media and the artists. Especially, we must guard against the politically-correct bureaucrats who slave for the victorious 'counter-culture'. And who are out to the destroy the nation. We must expose and disgrace all who stand against Australia.

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