Tools And Fools: Trotskyites Unmasked!

How The Trotskyites Serve The Boss Class And International Zionism,

Why They Deny The Australian Identity And Oppose National Independence.

Dr. Jim Saleam

May 2003

Trotskyism is the ultimate in political and moral corruption. It poses as a force to change Australia, yet it is a fraud. But the nature of the fraud is not always easy to see because its' language and style posit it as an alternative to liberal-capitalism. Menacingly, it is a threat to the health and well-being of youth who may be ensnared by it.

As this pamphlet was composed (March-April 2003), the Trotskyites were conning up thousands of high school youth to attend rallies against the New World Order attack upon Iraq. The Trotskyites gave the 'usual' reasons to oppose the war; they said everything about the war for oil, strategic bases for expansion and so on - but nothing about Zionist Israel. Of course, we expected their line and were hardly 'disappointed'.

It was just one more proof of the special role played by Trotskyism. The real issue in the Iraq war was Israel and the vital place occupied by the elite of Zionism in the management of the New World Order. Not to attack this issue was criminal. The anti-war movement was misled and now, after the war, as the New World Order leaders plan to attack Syria and other countries to serve Israel, the plain truth is available to us all. The Trotskyites knew at the start what the war was about. Their previous silence - indicts them.

But Trotskyites have a persistent record in directing people up a blind alley.

Today, many Australians, particularly the youth, are realising that the New World Order system is destroying jobs and security, producing war and authoritarian government. So along come the Trotskyites, red flags in the breeze, and sporting brave slogans about 'socialism' and 'revolution'. Sure, they say, communism went wrong; but we Trotskyites were always, right back to the Russian Revolution, the true communists, and the others were/are something called - 'Stalinists'. It was those folks who 'betrayed the revolution'. The Trotskyites say they'll lead a revolution and all will be fine. Young people and young workers are there to be taken in.

The Trotskyites are the street-level opponents of those who supported the publication of this pamphlet. We are nationalists; we assert that mankind is best organized and ultimately the freest and most likely to achieve higher culture, when grouped in nations. We say that nations should be sovereign, and should live side by side without one interfering in the other, each independent and an expression of the people which upholds it. In this manner they should be able to repudiate the false globalization of economics and politics which will reduce all mankind to slavery. On the basis of friendly co-operation against 'globalization', the peoples will achieve a better and more just world. However, the Trotskyites are internationalists; they recognise no countries and no identities, and favour the abolition of countries and identities. In this way, Trotskyism is globalist capitalism upside down. For all their screaming about capitalism, they agree with its most fundamental quality - globalization!

When Australians in the future fight for jobs and security and try to address globalization, it will be the nationalists and the Trotskyites who clash head on. Because the Trotskyites are not what they appear to be, it cannot be a straight-forward battle. For behind Trotskyism hides Zionism and the boss class, the very New World Order system, a vicious, ruthless and cunning machine - which has plenty of use for these tools and fools.

The Background.

The modern Trotskyite movement in Australia has a 33 year history. It was founded in 1970 by two brothers, Jim Percy and John Percy. Others like Bob Gould, these days a millionaire 'socialist' bookshop owner, and Denis Freney who officially deserted Trotskyism for the Communist Party, were in the wings with their own games (as I shall detail where necessary). Indeed, the Percy brothers broke from Gould, who ripped off the cash and resources of the formative 'Resistance' group, to establish the first of his many book-shops. The bad blood lingers over thirty years later.

Trotskyism was revived in the late 1960's, a time when leftist activities in Australia were reaching new levels. Some young people, not wanting to join the Russian or Chinese line communist parties, started thinking about Trotskyism as a radical alternative. From the Sydney-based student protest group, Resistance (now the name of the main Trotskyite youth organization), the Socialist Youth Alliance was founded in 1970. It went on to become the Socialist Workers' Party and later in 1990, the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP). But by then the movement was a fragmented political sub-culture.

Today, there are many Trotskyite organizations. The list includes: the Democratic Socialist Party, the International Socialist Organisation, Socialist Alternative, Workers' Power, Freedom Socialist Party, Australasian Spartacist League, Socialist Equality Party, Communist League, Socialist Party, Workers' Liberty, Workers' League and Socialist Democracy.

These groups, many of which group together at election time as the Socialist Alliance, and which are in fact trying to effectively amalgamate themselves under that title, approach Australian workers and students as hard-line 'socialists' who really challenge the capitalist system.

This is the key falsehood of the Trotskyites.

The Trotskyites sound very revolutionary, avant guard, sincere. These 'true communists', descend from 'Saint' Leon Trotsky, and were first formed as a group in the 1930's because, as they describe it, Joseph Stalin destroyed the 'great Russian revolution'. They are 'internationalist' in scope, and present themselves as the last chance for mankind; they say that Stalin put his country ahead of the revolution but that they recognise no nations, no other barriers in the pursuit of the workers' millennium. At least, that's the theory. No Trotskyite party anywhere has ever held power, or even come close, and butchers like Trotsky (he massacred the rebellious sailors at Kronstadt in 1921 and was hardly a gentle soul!) don't fit the bill as 'prophets' - regardless of the fuzzy marketing. For anyone with the stomach: try Trotsky's Terrorism And Communism, a delightful book that says somewhere that his workers' state need not obey the momentary will of the workers!

The Australian Trotskyites have never come remotely close to exercising any power of any sort. They are parasites on the activities of others. Like in 1984-5 when they jumped on the bandwagon of Peter Garrett's Nuclear Disarmament Party and tried to take it over. This party had a large youth membership and nearly put the rock-star into the Senate. Of course, thanks to patriots who 'advised' Garrett of their insider role, the Trotskyites were driven out.

Very few workers and virtually no country people ever join Trotskyite groups, because they are repelled by their false intellectualism, their openly advertised moral and personal degeneracy. Let's see why.

But Who And What Are These Trotskyites? The 'Gay' Factor

Aside from the 'heavy' Marxist discussions etc of the founder group back in 1970, these people were part of a 'lifestyle' movement. A contemporary document entitled Socialism And The Struggle For The Rights Of Lesbians And Gay Men (1995) said:

"The DSP and its associated youth organisation, Resistance, came into existence out of the same struggles that led to the new rise of struggles by lesbians and gay men in the late 1960's and early 1970's. The DSP has always given unconditional support to the struggle for democratic rights of gay men and lesbians. This support has been integral to the building of the party over the past 25 years."

Yes, yes, yes! What a confession! As one worker said: "The Trotskyites consist of sexual perverts, not workers. They enter from behind - but not through the tradesman's entrance".

Basically, the Australian Trotskyites began operations as part of a homosexual movement. The preponderance of 'gay men' and lesbians in Trotskyism (particularly some of its fractions) is a fact of life.

Not that the intellectual founders of communism, Marx and Engels, liked 'poofs'. In a letter from Engels to Marx (June 22 1869), we read that they were concerned that "the pederasts" were big time in the German communism of their day. Engels was pleased that he and Marx were "too old" to have to pay "physical tribute" to the homosexuals. Frightfully intolerant! It seems too that Marx and Engels preferred their "childish penchant for females."

How do young Australian Trotskyites pay "physical tribute" to their leaders? We can expect that many will learn, to their sorrow, it is their immune systems and not the state, which 'withers away' under Trotskyism!

Homosexual perversion is a major organizational factor in Trotskyite 'politics'. It sets the internal life of the groups and much of the external ideology. Although Jim Percy was heterosexual, and others like Jim Mulgrew of one 1970's/1980's sect were notorious exploiters of female members, the dominant sexuality in Trotskyism is 'gay/lesbian'. This means that the heterosexual members in some of the groups are in an absolute minority and often engage in obligatory (even if unwanted) 'encounters' with the dominant group.

It has always been so. John Percy, now boss of the DSP, is otherwise 'gay' - when he's not dabbling with Reihana Mohideen, an Indian lady and present-day top local Trotskyite, a lady who also enjoys a bisexual lifestyle. We assume Reihana is thought of by Percy as 'okay' - because she's not European ie. not 'white'. Homosexuality is encouraged in the ranks of the DSP, although there is also evidence of predator conduct. In 1998, one Anarchist group published an article in its journal Angry People. It highlighted the deliberate sexual exploitation of younger members and contacts. Angry People said:

"Wanting to get to the bottom of this Angry People turned up … at the Resistance Centre to raise the issue of homophobia and further put forward our allegations that the Resistance organization has screwed up the minds of young people and in the specific instance cited in our article 'Young And Angry?' they endeavoured to convince one individual that they didn't fit into society because they were either gay or lesbian. It's the motives of an organization such as Resistance that Angry People are questioning here. Young minds are at times confused and vulnerable and it is this weakness (due to a lack of life experience) that the Resistance group exploit in order to build loyalty to the party hierarchy much the same way cults build loyalty to a leader."

There was a big verbal punch-up between the DSP and the Anarchists, with the former called the latter "homophobic". That's one of those made-up words which means one just doesn't like homosexual activity. Of course, the Anarchists are into alternate sexuality; it's just they don't push it on recruits if they don't want it.

1998 was the period of the 'anti-racist' campaign directed at Pauline Hanson. Lots of 'schoolies' were dragged into action; 'outraged' by Hanson, a few thousand demonstrated against 'racism'. This created an opportunity for sexual conquests. Resistance was the chosen destination for most and in the frothy 1960's 'liberation' atmosphere of Che Guevara posters, Bob Dylan music and a bit of 'The Who', quite a few were seduced by the twenties-plus set and some of the older predators. Many parents were angered, but thankfully most of these youth faded away quick enough. The organizer of the Sydney protests was Marina Carmen, who freely admitted her lesbianism on ABC radio and in print.

The sexual politics of other groups - like the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) - verge on the clinically ill. The FSP's most notorious member was Alison Thorne, a lesbian teacher who advocated pedophilia. She left the Victorian teaching profession at one point over suspected pedophilia. Thorne has resurfaced recently in Socialist Alliance. The FSP argues for 'feminism' and lesbian/gay "emancipation", as core principles.

The ISO has a climate of drug use. In Sydney, heroin use has been common enough over the years. This factor has tended to loosen up sexual activity. In Melbourne in 1998, members of the ISO were convicted of armed robbery in connection with fund-raising for their heroin addictions. Back in the 1980's, drug use was so bad in ISO circles that members were expelled and security was compromised. Some ISO women reputedly worked as prostitutes to raise their necessary finance.

Homosexuality is not 'progressive' or 'radical'. It is a peculiar fact of life that should not be encouraged beyond its 'natural' (sic) margins. It is only Trotskyism which makes it a sort of 'alternative' sexuality, if not a revolutionary obligation for its adherents and an acceptable lifestyle for all and sundry. No where in the ideology of Marx, Lenin or even Trotsky, was homosexuality advocated as any sort of 'alternative' to heterosexuality. And none of these communist saints ever wrote that a political movement can be founded upon a sexual 'community'. What's going on?

Well, it only gets worse. In 1992, the DSP/Resistance published a paper called Fantastic Sex Facts. This vile broadsheet told kids about "shooting up" - as if taking intravenous drugs is somehow just another pass-time. It wanted to normalise things that should be condemned. After all, why would 'communists' want to support something which destroys people? Why doesn't the Trotskyite movement oppose drug-taking? Since communism could never be built by people whacked out of their minds, why aren't these supposed communists in favour of 'healthy body - healthy mind'? Unless of course, these Trotskyites are merely a caste of human dross?

What does Resistance want these drugged kids to do? Let's quote this fantastic document:

"Young people can express their sexuality in many different ways. Some people like to sleep with lots of different partners; some people want to sleep with people of the same sex; some people want to sleep with more than one person at the same time; some people want to have long-term relationships and others mightn't want to have sex at all.."

Having set the tone, Resistance then says:

"Resistance is working towards a world where young people are free to choose how, when and with whom we wish to express our sexuality. We want to break down sexual stereotypes that distort human relations. If you want to talk about safe sex, gay and lesbian relationships, sexual health and sexuality, join Resistance…"

There you have it all! The reader can see that Resistance is promising youth 'sex' freedom to its recruits, not freedom in some far away future, but right here, right now, with the older 'comrades' and the predators at the top of the pyramid.

Now, while the DSP/Resistance says it in a way that allows a cult atmosphere to develop within its ranks, all Trotskyite groups are committed to the gay/lesbian cause. One group, the Spartacist League, goes even further: it has politically supported the North American Man Boy Love Association, and has promoted its views in Australia. The mind boggles at the nature of some Spartacist League activists.

The "1960's Sex Cult" How It Works.

Denis Freney, of all people, as number three in the former Communist Party, once described one particular Trotskyist group as - "The Moonies Of The Left". He said the cult atmosphere prevailed. These days, it might apply to all of them. While Freney imposed the homosexual agenda on the Communist Party, he was aware of the dangers of cult life. Freney said that Trotskyite groups imposed a cult discipline on members, that could use them and burn them out. What Freney didn't count on is the ability of some Trotskyites to use sex as a way to keep people within the group. The high pressure political activism would find 'release' in sex.

In 1990, a well-known Nationalist organization commissioned an activist, "Evan", to join the DSP in Melbourne. He remained in place for several months. What he saw and recorded were the inside facts on the workings of a cult formation.

"Evan" seduced Bronwyn Beechey, an activist of some years standing, a former 'partner' of prominent DSP activist, Melanie Sjoberg. Beechey said that lesbian relationships were encouraged as an internal mechanism of discipline and control. She confessed that lesbianism broke down her loyalties to people or things outside of the group. By having relationships within the group, particularly the 'alternate' variety, her needs were answered in an allegedly "revolutionary way". This is the classic technique of brainwashing. The DSP/Resistance is also opposed to the idea of family. Breaking with one's family, the very basis of cult life, was an unwritten organizational principle of DSP/Resistance. More than once, the DSP/Resistance condemns the family as an institution. We now see why! At the same time, we can also understand why the DSP/Resistance has pushed for the 'lowering of the age of consent'!

Then, Reihana Mohideen explained to "Evan" that the Trotskyites had never been able to "crack the working class". She criticised some other leftists (like the leaders of the Builders' Labourers' Federation) as "male chauvinist". She thought many workers were "infected" with it. She said the DSP leadership had "tried everything", including compelling its members to work in factories and so forth - to no avail. She also complained that there was "a sick nationalist element in some workers." And there you have it. Hatred of the workers! Hatred of the way workers feel about the true Australia! No wonder the Trotskyites favour "open borders" and mass immigration - it's something to undermine and destroy the working class culture of Australia. Reihana was essentially explaining that - to survive - the Trotskyites had to do two things: develop an 'alternate' internal culture and to stay well connected to the homosexual sub-culture to keep up recruitment. They could never win the workers, whom deep down, they hated.

This has been the permanent view of all Trotskyites. Take the ISO. It's paper, Socialist Worker, like The Battler before it, is full of "worker talk": "shit", "piss off", "f.. the boss", tell 'em to shove it" and so forth. And who writes this? Green-haired, ring through the nose, tattoo on the head, heroin-injector - dross! Does it impress the workers? Not a bit! To get recruits, the ISO must appeal to its target: feral youth whose sexuality helps to bond them.

In the 1980's as a result of an accidental meeting with a woman involved on the fringes of the International Socialists, the former National Action organization was able to penetrate the private world of the International Socialists. This investigation showed that the ISO, circa 1987, tended to recruit unstable feral types (who were then just emerging as a youth caste) with a layer of public service and teacher 'leaders'. A number of 'leaders' were identified. Their careers in Trotskyism have been mapped since that time by a dedicated group of nationalists who used the initial research. This 'intelligence' can now serve Australian workers and youth in repudiating Trotskyism! Essentially, the ISO enforced an internal culture of obsessional activism and tolerance for homosexuality and drugs, but it does not these days enforce the gay/lesbian model. It reflects more a free-sex model. The group is taught that political success is imminent if a high degree of energy is maintained; needless to say, there is a high membership turnover. Unlike the DSP/Resistance, the ISO is not as refined in the sex cultist method; it has therefore relied on drugs, alcohol, lifestyle 'parties' and a brainwash via the screaming-demonstration (for which the ISO is noted) to complement the sexual aspect of maintaining membership interest.

The Spartacist League has generally set up group-houses for its (limited) membership, imposing the 'partnering' of couples. While no attempt was apparently made to persuade the members to engage in homosexual behaviour, those who were of this bent were turned over to the older comrades. With the recruitment of a layer of homosexual males in the late 1980's, it is understood that 'the twisted' have risen in the ranks; the Spartacists have always supported the presence of strong pornography in the community, justifying its existence, and have allowed their members free access to it. This has possibly encouraged fetishism in the group, where homosexuals say they are 'workers first' and where ostensible 'brutality' means a tough working class consciousness. In that way sexual violence may be carried on. This group has always argued somewhat like the Children of God, terrorising members who stray from its truth and harassing those who finally did. Every psychological trick was used to convince the members that only in the closed sect could the future party of the masses be formed. Over the last thirty years, Spartacism's maximum membership was 100; it is now about twenty. The Spartacists once held chanting sessions in their city office ("Two, Four, Six, Eight, We Demand A Workers' State") to brainwash the members via the sacred mantra method.. Youth could hardly survive this psycho factory! Some went away, spiritually shattered.

There is little doubt that we are dealing with a false and perverted movement, that preys upon vulnerable people. Even ferals have rights! And Trotskyism misuses all who come within its sway, holding out the promise that those who stick it out can become predators too! The sex cult politics of the Trotskyite sects reflect the sickness of our liberal society; they are no alternative to it. Rather, they are just a distilled version of the same poison. The Trotskyites like to say: "No Platform For Fascists!" A fascist could be anyone who disagrees with their line. Some say in reply that the only platform the Trotskyites really deserve might be a funeral bier! However, let the struggle be public and sharp; let the Trotskyite groups wither on the vine as exposure isolates the predators from their victims.

Should We Call Them Communists?

In one sense the Trotskyites are communists, if we mean that they are people who base their views about history and social change on Marx and Engels. But in practise 'communist' has come to mean a certain type of movement and a certain type of human being. Real communists accepted some of the realities of 'nation' and did not ignore sexual difference between men and women, did not tolerate free sex, free drugs, and do-as-you-please. They suffered for their beliefs and gave as good as they took. These now-gone communists are far removed from Trotskyites.

Trotskyism had its origins in the resistance of Leon Trotsky to Stalin's takeover of the Soviet state. Most of the Trotskyite leaders were Jewish intellectuals. They dreamt of a world-republic where they would supply the working class with brains to manage the new utopia. Stalin was probably right to believe there was a Trotskyite conspiracy against him centred in the Jewish community.

After the Second World War, the CIA promoted Trotskyism to make sure Stalinists couldn't get control over the whole Left. Yaegl Gluckstein (Tony Cliff) was a big player in Britain as was Jay Lovestone, Max Schactman and many others in European and American labour. This clique liked to pretend it offered another way: "Neither Washington Nor Moscow", it said. But it advocated the overthrow of the Soviet Union and in that way, it could be used by the CIA. Trotskyites were used, over the decades, to undermine the Eastern European bloc countries. It could all sound very revolutionary when Ernest Mandel, a Belgian Jewish economist, was doing the speaking.

Interestingly, Gluckstein's spouse, Chainie Rosenberg was an Israeli citizen. And his group was always soft on Israel.

It has not escaped attention today, that some of the most prominent 'neo-conservatives' in the Bush administration in the United States were once Trotskyites. From criticising Russia as anti-semitic, it was just a short step to advocating a tough war on the Eastern bloc and then a war on the Moslems to serve Israel.

When the old Eastern Bloc styled communism went into decline from 1989, thence Trotskyism became the dominant Left trend. This was unexpected and a godsend to the New World Order forces. Here was a political force which could pretend to step into the shoes of the old Left. It was a sidelined force up to then, in the shadows, maddened by years of frustration. As it stepped into the limelight, it took its baggage with it. Its frenzy and its search for ways to get out of isolation were all understood by the enemy. It was just there to be used.

Really, communism is dead as an alternative to capitalism. The Trotskyites are not communists. Their open borders, free trade, free sex, 'equality' for all doctrine is just something liberal capitalists can live with and use. Are they communists? Sorry: we can't give them the 'honour' of the term!!

Trotskyism And The Zionist Factor

On the surface the Trotskyites oppose Zionism. There was once a maverick group which found solace in Gaddafi and which went on to praise the Iraqi Ba'ath party. Leaders of the group were feted in Libya and in Iraq. But that's a rarity. Usually, Trotskyites beat around the bush that they oppose "national oppression" and "support Palestinian rights" and even "oppose the war on Iraq" and so forth, but they end up supporting Israel's right to exist and condemning Arab nationalism as "bourgeois".

The bottom line is that Zionism is a factor in international capitalism and the Trotskyites make up excuses for it. That started with Trotsky who ended up his life as a supporter of Zionism, of the settlement of European Jews on Arab land. Trotskyism always attracted a certain layer of Jewish communists who found in its internationalism a more congenial environment to that of the more 'national' Stalinist communists. They recognised it as most suitable to the achievement of their communal interests. Usually, Trotskyites manage to conclude somehow that Jews are a 'special' case and deserve to receive selective treatment as a historically hard-done-by minority who alone are entitled to national rights to be exercised in Israel, while being accorded the privilege of being immune from criticism in any country even if they support Zionism. Meanwhile the Trotskyites preach the denial of national rights to anyone else. Trotskyites moan on that the Jewish capitalists should not receive undue attention, upon the seemingly reasonable logic, that the international capitalist class embraces more than Jewish persons. But: they then go on to avoid any discussion of Zionist capitalism. Of course, Capitalism is capitalism whether it is Jewish capitalists being described - or Gentile capitalists. However, the specific activities of Jewish capitalists, from the great banking fraternities through to local capitalists, should always merit attention. To ignore these capitalists is to undermine the fight for justice for all peoples. These persons, who are invariably Zionists, cannot be excused because of a nominal membership in a special historical minority.

Trotskyism ends up giving the Zionist caste immunity from political 'prosecution'. In Australia, they openly bloc with the Zionists on 'combatting racism and the Extreme Right'. This is a card trick, a gigantic con job.

The International Socialists have freely quoted top Zionist, Jeremy Jones, in their paper (2000) as a commentator on 'racism'. Not a word about his Zionist ideology, his involvement in the race-hate Australia-Israel Review (complete with its ASIO/MOSSAD connection!), let alone his status as a supporter of 'capitalist' economics. As a Jew, he was quoted and supported. For people who tell us all about how they put 'class' ahead of 'race' or 'nation', the Trotskyites have a strange way of showing it!

This connection on the ground with Zionist 'anti-racists' was not a product of the last few years. It went back in time to the early 1990's when ex-psychiatric patient David Greason (a former editor of Australia-Israel Review), appeared on the Melbourne scene to work on street level with ISO activists like David Glanz. When a 'Brunswick Against Nazis' was set up to oppose a National Action rally in 1994, Greason brought in the Australian Union of Jewish Students, a rabid nest of Zionists. Not a protest from the Trotskyites who demonstrated with them side by side. Greason wrote a lot of the street propaganda for ISO and they still quote his 'authority'. However, their connection with Greason goes right back to 1984 when he was 'slotted into' the International Socialists as a "reformed" racist, courtesy of the Australian Federal Police. He has had a long term influence over 'anti-racists' like ISO honcho, Ian Rintoul and Norm Dixon 'anti-fascist expert' at Green Left Weekly.. Even though he has worked for capitalist newspapers and banks, Greason is still accepted by the Trotskyites. Why?

What Do The Bosses And The Trotskyites Share In Common? Globalism!

If we were to accept the Trotskyite rationale, they represent the workers' true interest against global capital. Yet, they support the free movement of capital, trade and labour. This is also, for obvious reasons, the main plank of globalism.

The Trotskyite groups all proclaim that they get this idea from Marx. They say that Marx wrote that he supported free trade and the break-down of national boundaries, since this would hasten the internationalisation of the workers and their struggle. It is a cover for Trotskyism's sell-out of the Australian workers, all working people in this country - and everywhere.

Of course, the Trotskyites demonstrate against the World Trade Organisation and the Economic Forum group and so on. They stand up (they say) for the poor of all countries. But they have no answer, save to spur on the capitalists to internationalise further! In fact, globalism is a disaster. What is required is for nations to look to themselves, create industries which answer local national and human needs, rebuild the damaged environment and so forth. This programme is denounced by the Trotskyites. The Trotskyites are driven by the old Marxist claptrap that an internationalised capitalism with highly developed means of production will be the basis of the world socialist republic.

It cannot have escaped the attention of the bosses that the Trotskyites have a globalist programme. Why are Trotskyites disliked by rank and file unionists in this country? Because, aside from their utterly unrealistic slates of demands they try to advance in every dispute (something which demoralises ordinary working people), they refuse to endorse the supporting of local industry. They trot out a big bold revolutionary slogan: 'supporting local industry means supporting local capitalists'. It's not that simple and ordinary working people know that buying Australian and supporting things Australian, at the least, keeps them in employment.

Because the Trotskyites play games with the union movement, and because they endorse the absolute essence of modern capitalism (free trade /open borders), they are agents of the foreign connected boss class regardless of their words.

Forget their words: look at what they do. They would destroy our jobs, the manufacturing base, open up the borders to cheap labour and so 'multiculturalise' the community that any organised resistance to the boss class would be impossible. Whom does this serve?

Anti-Racism Is The Essential Psychosis Of Trotskyism.

Trotskyites are always the main street-level pushers of 'anti-racism'. Anti-racism is itself an ideology and it's not the 'opposite' of 'racism'. Racism is bigotry, the belief that one group of people is 'superior' to another. Certainly anti-racism opposes that. But it also goes a long way further.

Anti-racism is a liberal-globalist movement. Anti-racism seeks a new mind control. It demands the equality doctrine (meaning 'sameness') is enforced everywhere. Trotskyites think this is making the day of a world socialist revolution come sooner. If people are all the same, bad-guy Nationalists can't 'divide them' and delay socialism. But the secret truth is that anti-racism makes globalizing capitalism more efficient. In a colour-blind raceless nationless world, all countries are open to penetration, labour can be moved around and people standardised to buy the same products and think the same thoughts.

Anti-racism twists the brain. Jim Percy in 1987 said to a caller who pretended to complain of racist intimidation that he should tell "Special Branch", the notorious New South Wales political police. In the fight against 'racism', the Trotskyites will do or say - anything.

Consider four areas of Trotskyite anti-racist psychosis:

(a) Refugees. The Trotskyites say "no one is illegal", "open the borders", "welcome refugees". This screaming campaign is based on the idea that any defence of national preference and any idea of 'border control' will, delay the day of the great world wide workers' revolution. It is a fantasy that serves the boss class by destroying the ideological defence of 'borders'. It is the bosses who are international and who welcome cheap labour. Amazingly, it was the International Socialists who started this back in 1979, welcoming the anti-communist Vietnamese, people who hated any form of communism. How did they work that out??!! For fantasy reasons in 1999, the Trotskyites founded the Refugee Action Collective and are the main ground force to 'welcome the refugees'. Not that the refugees care one iota for Trotskyites! Most see them as useful imbeciles. And because most refugees are either Moslem (who loath the drug sex culture of their 'defenders') or other Third Worlders who seek the capitalist lifestyle, the Trotskyites will never benefit from their actions. Psychosis? Obviously! It is done for ideological reasons - hatred of Australia and Australians, hatred of European culture and a sick hatred of the very idea of 'white skin'. In that sense, the Trotskyites are racists.

(b) Moslems. The Trotskyites say that they oppose "racist scapegoating" of Moslems. This means they say they're against the "racist war" against Moslem countries or denying them entry into Australia as refugees or immigrants. But Trotskyites are atheists who regard all religion as garbage. But Trotskyites support drugs, sexual perversion, open lifestyles - which Moslems see as 'satanic'. The con job done on Moslem youth to join their anti-war protests is a double-bunger: the Trotskyites loath Islam and serve Zionism.

(c) Environment. Over and again in the Trotskyite publications, including even in Green left Weekly (which poses as a pro-environment publication) it is said that there is no environmental argument against mass immigration. The ISO paper Socialist Worker has also denounced the proposition of immigration control on environmental grounds as potentially racist and nationalist. But there is a strict limit to Australia's capacity to carry population. The bottom line is that the Trotskyite position is no different from the line of the billionaire Richard Pratt who seeks a 50 million target - or Malcolm Fraser too, or any other capitalist supporter. So Trotskyites are not pro-environment and merely serve capitalism in practise.

(d) Overseas Students. Trotskyites are all for the overseas student program. They say that any attack on the program is racist and cannot be allowed. Yet, the overseas student program has contributed to denying Australians places at universities and distorted the subject matter and even the structure of universities. Australian education is being undermined and the Trotskyites support it! It's the anti-racist psychosis again!

Trotskyism Is Part Of The Political Police Arsenal

Trotskyism plays a role in managing political dissent. It's just the Trotskyites can't see it. The political police in 1997-98 encouraged the Trotskyite violence directed at Pauline Hanson. It was easy. The inner-city feral element was available for the Trotskyites to mobilise, and the Trotskyites were ready to fight the good fight "against racism and fascism".

In 1998, an elderly One Nation member was bashed at Dandenong. It was clear the violence had been incited by Andrew Jolly of the 'Socialist Party'. Nothing was done. The lunatic International Socialist Organisation could scream 'Shut One Nation Down', and break up meetings, but never suffer a legal penalty.

As said, Jim Percy was not beyond being a pimp, although he usually used his lover, Pat Brewer, as the contact person. It was Brewer who was reported to in 1990 on the "Evan" penetration of the DSP; she had been freely called by the New South Wales Special Branch and told of the operation. It was as if this contact was very normal. In 1993, Reihana Mohideen wrote that 'racism' should be criminalised, a penalty only the state could enforce.

Trotskyite groups are allowed to protest against racism anytime they want. Great newspapers like the Sydney Morning Herald even produced photographs that featured the Resistance telephone number. The ALP controlled council in Sydney said it would provide free meeting halls.

We know from the 1998-9 study done by the British anti-racist group Anti-Fascist Action, a group whose credentials are the exact opposite of the nationalists, that Trotskyites in that country serve the Labour Party and the Board of Deputies of British Jews. They have no independent existence. Anti-racism is the glue and it sticks the Trotskyites to the very system they say they're fighting. Amazingly, in that country, Trotskyites work with Searchlight magazine, a front for MI-5 and Special Branch to fight the "fascist and racist groups". Australian Trotskyites freely quote Searchlight magazine and David Greason remains linked to it! The rule is the same in every Western country, so much so, that it must be not only a reflex action on the part of the Trotskyites, but part of a plan by the system itself!

Not for nothing did arch capitalist, Gerard Henderson, write in the Sydney Morning Herald in 1995, that the Left could "lend a hand" by giving "respect" to "intelligence agencies". As a good friend of Greason, he knew such advice would fall on fertile soil.

The Australian Nationalist Programme Will Benefit Australian Workers And Youth.

The Australian nationalists approach the workers as the politically disenfranchised group they are. The nationalists demand the protection of Australian industry, the development of an internal Australian economy, Australian independence. Most Australian nationalists are working people (factory, farming, small business etc) and represent in that way the beginnings of a new Australia where the working people of all classes (not just the old industrial working class) receive the rewards of their labour. This is the real 'revolution' for which we are working.

I have already explained why Trotskyites oppose this common sense programme. But Trotskyites approach workers in zany ways. One Trotskyite group (the Spartacists) used to have days where they were to 'dress up' as workers to do office removal or building work and so on. Knowing no workers, they pretend, and 'dress up'. The Socialist Equality Party paper-sellers were trained in the use of 'language' to get workers to buy their paper. The ISO deliberately writes articles favouring the most 'extreme' position in any industrial dispute to grab attention, but criticises - in curious around about language - the workers when they fail to rise to the latest Trotskyite slogan. It is because Trotskyism is not a working class or working person's movement that it cannot deal honestly or properly with these core classes of our Australia.

The Trotskyites tell the workers to have no country and fight the 'boss'. It is all one big dream, a utopia. It's no fun always being 'right', knowing how history should go, but never seeing it end up where one wants. It is for this reason that a mountain of Trotskyite literature produced over several decades always looked for new ways to serve socialist revolution without winning over industrial workers and other working people. Trotskyites tried students, non-European immigrants, 'anti-imperialist revolutions' in Upper Loonystan, all to no avail. There was no revolution. Hence the historical sell-out to the system was psychologically inevitable. In spite, in hate, in despair, these lost souls placed their bets on globalization to deliver a revolution and they looked to the thrown-away and broken people of the inner-city suburbs of our capital cities to build their 'parties'.

However, inner city feral life is not revolutionary. We know that the Trotskyites exist in 'heavy' concentrations in the inner-city areas of our capital cities and around campuses in other locations. We have collected the names/addresses of hundreds of them to make this point! They are isolated from the workers and the great mass of Australian youth. Their life-styles repel the workers and most youth.

Because the nationalist programme offers a hope for the Australian people, it is the enemy of these would-be internationalist stormtroopers. It is a confrontation we cannot shirk!

Fight Trotskyism Through To The End.

Australian Nationalism understands that Trotskyism is a tool of the State. Most of the participants are sincere, if twisted, but we cannot judge Trotskyism by what it says, but what it does.

Trotskyism is there is gather up the dross, the would-be world-improvers, the dreamers, the 'socialists', into structures which preach the mirror-reverse-image of globalism. It is there to lead these people into confrontations with those who put Australia and Australians first, or those who could become a threat to globalism if they obtained a nationalist leadership - certain unions, community groups etc.

The Trotskyite stormtroops can't see their true relationship to the globalist state but probably wouldn't care anyway, as long as they were fighting the fight. We suspect however many of the leaders know it in their bones, but prefer not to see the truth. In that way, they deceive their followers absolutely.

Trotskyism must be fought through to the end. Trotskyites as enemies of Australian identity, independence and freedom, cannot be reasoned with. Their slogans: 'no platform for fascists', 'shut down the racists / the meeting / the opponent-of-the-month' were cleverly constructed to deny the street screamer access to the Nationalist message. In the frenzy of fake-activism, the fool cannot hear the detail - that proves he's a tool.

But we can and we must, cut the ground from underneath these tools and fools, by drying up their bases of support by exposing the workers and the youth to what Trotskyism actually is. Rather than us have to answer the barrage of Trotskyite lies about ourselves and our aim, we will gut Trotskyism by placing the truth in the hands of workers and youth. The defeat of the Trotskyite globalisers in every contest is vital. In the schools, the universities, the factories and workplaces of Australia, we will drive the Trotskyite state-servers to rage, distraction and back to the margins (and toilet blocks) from which they sprang!

Trotskyism shall not pass! These tools and fools of the State, of international Zionism , of the boss-class, shall be politically disintegrated as the Nationalists build a new Australian people's freedom party. The fight is on.

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