The Refugee Invasion: Getting Into The Collective Brain Of The ‘Open Borders’ Gang.

Dr. Jim Saleam

(Edited from published version of January 2002)

The refugee crisis, or the ‘asylum-seeker problem’, as the controlled media would put it, has brought the traitor class ‘open-the-borders’ camp - to a fever frenzy. The refugee crisis is set to deepen. For now, the initiative is with the anti-Australians, and they loudly scream their intention to impose their idea of open-borders upon the vast majority. Yet, the cracks are showing!

Make no mistake: more refugees are coming. The Liberal government’s tough-guy image was largely an electoral ploy, with a small dose of ‘war on terrorism’ fear thrown in for good measure. But now most of the current crop of Afghani and Iraqi refugees in detention centres can return home to less-restrictive countries, and many choose not to go. As for the others - Iranians, Pakistanis, and so on - they’re determined to stay. They are all economic migrants, not refugees. The issue is migration pure and simple and the Liberal government is, in one way or another, committed to the immigration cargo cult. Sooner or later, the government will find some ‘solution’ which amounts to a sell-out. A few of the violent will go, but the rest will stay, and a new ‘precedent’ will be set for further waves of boat-people who seek ‘asylum’ (read: a new life at the expense of the Australian people) to arrive on our shores.

Liberal government supporters have come out strongly in recent weeks for "higher immigration intakes" (as said the Business Council through its colourless spokesman Mark Paterson). The various immigrant lobby groups have joined the call; how could any of these ‘leaders’, anxious to build up their clientele, not see the refugee-detainees as new recruits? It is obvious that the refugees in detention are potential migrants. What could possibly be the objection to their release into the community? A fair question on the logic of capitalists and ethnic lobby groups. Indeed, the notorious free-market liberal, Gerard Henderson, regards these refugees as blessed with the "entrepreneur" psychology, and therefore proclaimed them as suitable economic migrants. He notes too that their arrival helps to break down restrictions on the free movement of labour across the borders of the globalist system. His view is certain to permeate the government ranks.

The Labor Party, through leader Simon Crean and on Australia Day no less, has called for a "compassionate policy" on boat-people. Labor politician, Carmen Lawrence, put herself forward as a "mother" seeking more Christ-like compassion in the world (Sydney Morning Herald, Jan.25 2002). Refugees, she says, come for our help because they know us to be a country that doesn’t discriminate according to "race colour or creed". Indeed! Compassion proves to Lawrence the validity of her liberal and globalist ideology. Anne Summers, trendy academic and prominent media spokeswoman of the mind-control caste, thought Labor’s "softer line" was too late to avert the impression that the party had yielded to the masses. As a 1960’s member of the "new middle class" and the "educated" (her words), she had supported Labor because it wanted to, and finally did, expunge "White Australia" from its thinking. Now she’s worried that Labor has opened a political gap that might be filled by racists, and she fears those smelly heterosexual working men off the building sites who know immigration is a racket, might be tempted to follow tough-fisted patriots and not the middle class perfumed (male, female and otherwise) leaders of the ALP. Now, that’s a nice thought!

The mainstream churches were there from the start, just as we would have expected. As Reverend Tim Costello put it: "we’re all boat people now". To win points in heaven perhaps, these so-called Christians filed up to the gates of the detention centres at Christmas to dispense toys to "the children". Some have given hide-outs to refugees on the run, while others oppose the detention of refugees. Moslem and Jewish groups have also urged a certain leniency. Not that the Moslem refugees care much for Christians (let alone Jews), but that’s part of the liberal-Christian madness; it’s a case of opening one’s heart – regardless of the character of whomsoever helps himself to the milk of human kindness.

And it would be remiss of us to forget the army of do-gooders who have assailed the letters’ columns of the daily press, some offering rooms in their houses for these "desperate people". They never offered for the homeless, the battered wife and her needy kids, let alone an Aborigine, but they’re full of generosity now. Really?

The media barrage is absolute. Images of protesting refugee children, and chatter about our "international standing", the ability of our "multicultural society" to "accept" these people, and the inhumanity of razor wire and mandatory detention – are daily fare. Those who sew up the lips of their children, burn down the detention centres and who make demands upon Australia, have become the victims, the heroes.

The idea that simple deportation is the answer – is canvassed by no official person.

The refugee invasion is slowly polarising Australia. About 80% of people would prefer non-admission for ‘asylum seekers’. But the popular will never disturbs the traitor class. It may yet be an issue to drive the reawakening of the Australian national spirit against subjugation. If we look at the faulted logic of the traitor class we can understand the bind in which our masters move.


The Refugee And Aboriginal Rights Contradiction

The white supporters of ‘Aboriginal Reconciliation’ are today, all advocates of releasing the refugees from "inhumane detention"; but further, they call for increasing the refugee flow as part of our "international obligation". Isn’t there a contradiction there? After all, this gang has been saying for years that our European ancestors "invaded" Aboriginal Australia and "occupied" it. If they are the beneficiaries of the "invasion", then how can they invite refugees into Australia? It’s a little like burglars inviting the neighbourhood to live in your house!

It took Gustav Nossel, Australian Of The Year in 2000 (sic), to say that the movement for Aboriginal Reconciliation seems in "recess". As well it might. It was always a ruse to induce ‘white guilt’ while the open-borders traitor class got on with the real thing. Have the official-Aborigines noticed it yet? There is probably very little on-the-ground support amongst Aborigines for the refugee invaders. And there will certainly be a growing recognition amongst them that the Australian traitor class, in opening up the borders, threatens the final solution to Aboriginal Australia. Creatures like Malcolm Fraser want fifty millions on this continent and favour the admission of masses of refugees and Third World immigrants. We have to "share", he says. Fraser has never given anything but words to Aborigines who, most certainly, hardly fit his model of go-getter migrants building capitalistic castles in the Wall Street sky!

Amongst the journalistic fraternity the refugee invasion and Aboriginal Land Rights have yet to clash as ideas in absolute juxtaposition.

If the refugees have ‘rights’ of entry into our country, from whence did they get them? After all, the High Court has ruled that the legalities of our State are somewhat dubious. It might be we were never legal enough even to sign all those nice UN treaties on refugees, though don’t hold your breath on that saucy interpretation of the law. If Australia is a huge land that can accommodate the twenty millions who inhabit the refugee camps of the world, then will all Australian land by vulnerable to occupation? That includes the Aboriginal sacred sites and every other Aboriginal land title. Or are we to believe that these fine refugees will respect indigenous rights?

We must suspect that big lies are being told. How could the current 'asylum-seekers' respect the ancient spirituality of the tribal Aborigine? Since he could feel no contrived ‘guilt’ for the alleged settlement-crimes of the old British imperialism, why would he not want his ‘share’ of Aboriginal land?

This crack in the logic of open-borders, multiculturalism, ‘diversity’, and the rest of the thought-control mechanisms, means there is a weapon to be wielded in favour of Australian identity and independence. The Aboriginal question is now an issue – for us! Do we want it?


The Left Wing Progressives Meet The Seventh Century Contradiction.

When the demonstrations began last year outside the detention centres across Australia, it was the Refugee Action Collective which did most of the running. They’re still hard at it.

Who makes up this august body? Well, the truth is rancid. The group includes members of Amnesty International, Iraqi and Iranian communists, excitable flotsam from middle-eastern countries and our old favourites, the Trotskyites of the International Socialist Organisation and the Democratic Socialist Party. The Trotskyites have provided most of the organisational resources, phone numbers, demonstrators, offices etc. For these left-over (from the effective collapse of communism) extreme-leftists, the goal is a borderless world where, one happy day, all the poor will rise in glorious Marxist revolution according to the best precepts of Leon Trotsky. Yes, yes. Yet in the meantime, they do the dirty work of the real advocates of the borderless world: big money. By screaming Australia is empty and should be opened for mass settlement, they then try to immobilise the union movement from protecting Aussie jobs against cheap labour. They don’t necessarily score too well with the working people, but their endless intimidation about ‘racism’ wears away at popular resolve. And, by offering some student and marginal youth a place to indulge their drug and alternate-lifestyle appetites, they have created an inner-city rent-a-demonstrator culture. This crew can always be found outside the detention centres: "no one is illegal", "open the borders", "detention is the crime", say the banners.

The sick oddity in the campaign of the Trotskyites is this: what similarity of world-view could there be between the green-haired, heroin-injecting, same-sex-partnered Trotskyites and Moslem refugees? The latter, whatever else can be said of them, adhere strictly to 1500 year old codes of family and moral conduct. What could they think: of Trotskyite women who glory in the number of abortions they’ve had? of the atmosphere of pervasive sexual perversion within the ranks of these leftist groups? of the libertine lifestyle of self-indulgence? If these Moslems called their ‘supporters’ satanic, that would be about-reasonable comment. But what do the Trotskyites imagine they’re doing? Surely they couldn’t think the Moslem boat-people like them? After all, "religion is the opium of the masses", is it not? And what about the much-campaigned-on 'oppression of women', be it by the wearing of the veil or having a clitoris cut out with a razor blade, are hardly things the extreme-left endorses. The so-called progressive leftist ideology is out of place face to face with seventh century theology.

So it is an alliance of convenience. The refugees want "in" and the Trotskyites want to fantasise about "revolution".

Where is the crack in the wall? By the extreme-left favouring open-borders without the slightest thought, it alienates to their marrow, the entire Australian working class. In these times of economic crisis therefore, the extreme-left can offer working people – zilch. Can we?


The ‘New Middle Class’ Love Poor Refugees Contradiction

The assorted opinion-makers and operators of liberal society are solid for refugee ‘rights’. The lawyers who serve them for free, the journos who compose the printed pathos, and the academics who theorise about why admitting refugees makes moral or economic sense. Then there’s the human-rights bureaucrats who see the sacred cow of multiculturalism is challenged by any policy – even the most minor – that raises the issue of national preference and rights to control borders.

There is an army of such people. Some call them the ‘new class’, meaning a group of people

who are not themselves owners of real wealth, but are the essential communicators, administrators and thinkers of the new globalist order. Many of these people in the media and academia were once on the left side of politics, but it was a case of racism uber alles and it was easy to pass to the side of the globalising bosses if the evil of Australian racism could be purged from the nation. Anti-racism makes them feel good! It is the anvil to reshape Australian society.

Consider some representative ‘case-studies’ in the liberal disease of anti-racism.

There’s the journalist Sue Williams. Sue has written that wants to be ‘child-free’ and do whatever she wants with her life, obligations-free. Well, picking up the cause of Moslem refugees doesn’t help her life-choices, even if getting pregnant and being married (preferably in reverse order) could help her psychological health. For Sue Williams the detention of the refugees makes our country "older, uglier, embittered and hostile". It follows that a dose of refugees makes the land younger, prettier, happy and friendly. Truly!?

There’s social commentator, Adele Horin. Adele was a big mover in the period 1988-91, for Human Rights legislation to shut up people whom she characterises as ‘racist’. Adele Horin has suggested that her family, refugees from Europe decades ago, are in the same class as the current ‘boat-people’. The idea of freedom motivates all and makes them the same. Does it?

There’s the social-historian, Donald Horne. Donald was the author of The Lucky Country, a remarkable book which told us on one page that anyone who believed in the ‘Yellow Peril’ was a paranoid idiot, and a little further along that we’d better open up the country or Asia would do it by force. Donald Horne has denounced "xenophobia" and thinks that a good mobilisation of all anti-racists will reinvigorate Australia. How could it lead to anything but an act of genocide against Australians?

Not one of these few named lovers-of-refugees could grasp what prominent environmentalist Dr. Tim Flannery calls the "non-sustainability" of rampant population growth in Australia. When does the barrier go up? When is the ceiling reached? Obviously, with fake-moralist clap-trap fueling the debate, the subject cannot be discussed. Compassion, the children, desperate people, a big country and all the other slogans, inspire the new class. Not even their own peculiar ideologies or life-choices mean a thing once they confront the refugee question. Once they see their colour is different and their cultures at variance to the Australian, they must demand their entry to "broaden the rich tapestry of our ethnic mix". The new class must do what it twisted anti-racism tells it to do.

They epitome of all this class is Bob Browne, Tasmanian Senator. Browne ran his 1991 Green Party election campaign around the refugee issue. What the link is between the environment and open borders, is a mystery only Browne can explain.

Yet the refugees could have no time for the advocates of fancy social agendas. Such agendas are anathema to a world-view based upon a demanding God. Perhaps they’ve picked up on the fact that the new class sees in them a ‘cure’ for their own deep soul-sickness? We cannot know that for sure, but given the public neurosis which attends the demand that the detainees be freed and a "compassionate" policy be invoked, can there be any other explanation? We witness in operation an alliance of the spiritually impoverished with the invaders from a culture which would deny them – their right to breathe.


Whither Australia?

As our continent-nation slips away from being an essentially mono-European society with a unique ‘native’ identity, into a market-bazaar peopled by tribes at war with each other, and ruled over by a class possessed of money, a globalist faith and secret-policemen, it is difficult indeed to see any light ahead.

It is an old truism that politics is about ‘friends’ and ‘enemies’. One cannot fight the political civil war between the rulers of our country and the ordinary people, unless public policy issues become sharp and clear, unless people are arrayed against each other with different visions and unless there is the possibility of deepening these divisions into mutual fears, loathings and physical contention.

The ongoing refugee crisis has qualities that can build these conditions for change. It may be a last-chance.

Unless the patriotic Australian parties, movements and citizens mobilise against the traitor class on the refugee invasion, the borders will continue to leak. Joined with the immigration diaster, we will witness the submergence of the Australian People into a disjointed jungle, and conditions further develop for their slow genocide.

It’s that simple, and a reaction is urgent. The choice is yours.

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