A Clever Game


It is time to shed some light on those who whisper in the shadows. We keep hearing from the One Nation Party (New South Wales) (hereafter: ONP (NSW)), courtesy of some of its officials and members, that Mr. David Oldfield is really a "pro-white" nationalist leader - and even that he is anti-Zionist to boot. It is said by these whisperers this is what ONP (NSW) secretly is. We were very pleased to hear these words, but we are obliged to question their accuracy.

It has been put to us that they've been playing a clever game by only telling the members privately what their supposedly true intentions are: all the while stating publicly the opposite ie. that they're for assimilation of all the ethnic groups into the Australian nation - a process which would actually create the 'coffee-coloured', raceless, cultureless mass of consumers, so favoured by the globalists. The ONP (NSW) members don't want this (it is whispered). It is just they couldn't say publicly what they really intend to do and say. They are still being careful, preparing the ground. They demand all patriotic groups dissolve themselves and join the real thing. "We'll do it all", is the line.

Some people, including Australia First nationalists, have asked party officials to explain to us at what point does the party "come out" and admit what it truly is. We asked "how do you expect to hold a party together in the intervening period after recruiting members who actually agree with the stated programme? We asked: "how can you expect to keep control in the future when you finally tell them you believe in the opposite to what you've been preaching for years?"

One answer was "oh, well, yes, hmmm, we have decided to rewrite the party programme"; "it's being done right now as we speak" and we will "come out very very soon" and say that we wanted the "preservation of the (white) Australian identity" and must therefore fight to "oppose assimiliation" etc. As of today (December 11 2004 and as I provide this article for posting on this Web Site), I can say that it is almost three years since Oldfield founded this party and this line is wearing a little thin. We advise any nationalists in the ONP (NSW) not to hold their breath for this sort of statement - because it's just not going to be made. We were being told that they're about ready to say it as it is. Really?

Let's have a look at some of the "clever" public statements from Mr. Oldfield and then ask yourselves what is this "clever" strategy's practical function.


It's June 2 1999. Question Time in the New South Wales Legislative Council. Oldfield rises. He is still in Hanson's One Nation, but going by the fact his office recently and proudly published the material I now refer to, it can only be assumed, he stands by it:

(Question 1) "Is the government aware Qantas is planning to employ foreigners who will be based in various countries as flight attendants?"

So far, so good. Then, referring in question two to Qantas's operations in Thailand as "jobs related treachery by employing 150 Thai nationals based in Bangkok", we get to - Question 4 and things start getting very "clever" indeed. He asks if the government is aware "that many Australians of Thai ancestry could obviously fill such positions from Australia?"

Oldfield's objections to Qantas's plans was clearly a matter of where the Thai people were in fact living 'now'. If they were Thai citizens, it was wrong; if they had moved here, it was okay. His question concedes that the "Australians of Thai ancestry" - are indeed "Australians"

Very clever. Bravo! More!

There are other similar statements from Mr. Oldfield, but after some research I came up with one that really reveals just how "clever" the strategy of saying one thing but believing another, must truly be. Indeed, it answers all the questions and spells out the practical function of the "clever" strategy.

In Hansard for December 6 2001, Oldfield said:

"The press release also explained one of my goals when creating One Nation through Pauline Hanson's name and symbol was to push the Liberal Party away from the Left. I suggested One Natioin had not so much changed John Howard but, rather, helped create the atmosphere in which John Howard could simply be himself".

This is the same John Howard and Liberal Party that our Mr. Oldfield came from. Here is he telling us that his goal was to help keep the Liberals in power.

In case anyone has forgotten, the Liberal Party is an agency of the globalists in Australia. They are multi-racialist. They are for the assimilation of all ethnic groups into a non-ethnicity. They want to destroy our last tariff barriers and break our last trade unions. They want to pull down our borders. They lock up patriotic people (like Pauline Hanson) and they have Australia involved in the 'war on terror', now waged in Iraq to serve Israel and to steal oil supplies.

If there is any doubt as to Mr. Oldfield's intentions, he went on to say:

"The release also described some simple nationalistic steps the government needed to take and supposed that doing so would cause John Howard's popularity to soar."

So here we have the clever game. It's all about pretending to be for a European Australia, for national independence, standing up to Zionism and globalisation, about pretending to be for things that attract patriots into the party. It's then about not having any of these things on the agenda and ultimately duping the members of ONP (NSW) into supporting and helping John Howard and the Liberal Party to stay in power - and further wreck Australia.

Mr. Oldfield and his party are not trying to build a nationalist movement, an alternative to the status quo. They are not trying to challenge the globalist order. They are, by their own admission, working to preserve a government and party which serve this order.

My advice to sincere members of ONP (NSW) is: "don't be a victim of the 'clever game'; get out of it now. Join a movement that will talk straight and one which is dedicated to fighting the globalist order - not one that wants to preserve it.

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