An urgent warning to residents: the Hastings is under imminent attack

This document has been distributed as a leaflet in the Port macquarie area of New South Wales.

Recently, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council (PMHC) started considering the Hastings as the next target for the relocation of Third World 'refugees' - after Tamworth City Council rejected the idea of the town being yet another dumping ground for the crisis problems of the Third World (Port Macquarie News, 12/1/07). In his motion to council on 23/1/07, PMHC Councillor Cameron Price has demanded the Hastings start importing Sudanese 'refugees' with no exceptions and no community consultation. Coffs Harbour has already been lumped with up to 900 of these people, with complete disregard to the crisis in health services, housing and unemployment on the Mid North Coast, whilst locals wait in endless queues for hospitals, up to 15 years for public housing (Port Macquarie News, 29/1/07) and young people forced to leave town for employment.

Although 75% of Tamworth residents surveyed did not want any part of the 'refugee' resettlement program, and Tamworth Council cited numerous other legitimate reasons such as the lack of social and health services to cater for a group with such specific needs, the city of Tamworth, its mayor and five other dissenting councillors were subject to an orchestrated hate and smear campaign by the media, church and professional welfare groups and some politicians, to force them to rescind its democratic decision.

Despite the practical reasons for not accepting such a high maintenance group of people into a rural community straining to cater for the needs of local people already living in the town, there are far more important reasons why African immigration and 'refugee' resettlement should be halted altogether, and the African 'refugees' already here actively encouraged to return to their homelands. These reasons are the complete incompatibility of these people in the context of a modern first world society and the sociological and criminological problems the Sudanese have already created within just the first generation of resettled 'refugees' currentlyresiding in various parts of Australia. Police dealing with them say that they have no respect or trust for authority, as they come from countries where violence and anarchy is the norm. "The Sudanese are very difficult to deal with - they come from a lawless background and they really have to be properly educated about Australian society's standards," the Victorian Police Association secretary, Senior Sergeant Paul Mullett, told The Australian (5/1/07).

One has only to look at the experience of France which has accepted millions of African and Arab immigrants over the years. The results of placing a Third World cultural and racial group into a Western society into which they could never assimilate successfully by virtue of their cultural incompatibility, were three major nationwide riots by African and Arab youth, backed up by French Marxist and anarchist supporters. Indigenous (white) French people were selectively targeted for attack by these African and Arab gangs and billions of dollars of damage was done across the nation to public and private property and businesses.

Associate Professor Andrew Fraser formerly of Macquarie University predicted that "an expanding black population is a sure fire recipe for increases in crime and other social problems". Professor Fraser was threatened with criminal prosecution for stating this fact, but Victorian Community Council on Crime and Violence member Bob Falconer said on 6/1/07, some police and academics had failed to acknowledge the existence of (African) street gangs because they did not want to be seen as singling out the ethnic groups involved (The Australian, 7/1/07). Is it any wonder why Professor Fraser faced lengthy legal hearings over trying to warn our leaders in his "unlawful" letter to the Parramatta Sun (6/7/06)?

Premier Morris Iemma himself agreed concerning the growing African gang crime problem in Sydney, coupled with concern over lack of screening of African refugees for diseases (SMH, 9/3/06). As a result, the treatment of AIDS infected African arrivals is costing the NSW Health System 2 million dollars per year (The Age, 10/3/06). African peoples are also likely to carry diseases that have either been eradicated or never experienced in Australia - including tuberculosis, polio, African sleeping sickness, snail fever, just to name a few. The federal government does not screen 'refugee' children under 11 for tuberculosis, or those under 15 for AIDS. 'Refugees' can still receive a waiver of health requirements on 'humanitarian' grounds, even if they are carrying serious infectious diseases.

There may be no genetic predilection towards criminality, but the circumstances and backgrounds of Sudanese make them more likely to commit criminal offences when they are suddenly placed in the context of Western society. In The Australian (27/12/06), Melbourne Police have expressed alarm at the formation of African 'refugee' gangs in parts of the city, and their tribal violence directed at other ethnic groups such as Lebanese, Asians and Aborigines. Melbourne-based Sudanese leader Akoc A. Manhiem told The Australian, that young members of his community - many of whom had served in the militia in their war-torn homeland - were finding it difficult to make the transition to the Australian way of life. He said street fighting among Sudanese and with other ethnic groups was a growing problem. "The fighting is common, it's true. The young people fight," Mr Manhiem said. He also admitted that young members of his community also refused to co-operate with police.

City of Greater Dandenong Councillor Peter Brown, wrote in a letter to The Age (9/1/07), expressing his alarm at the amount of gang related Sudanese crime in his city, where these people have also been settled, citing a riot of 700 Sudanese at a sports field in Keysborough at 2am. A Sudanese 'refugee' resettled in Dandenong was recently sentenced to 24 years jail for assaulting and raping three local Dandenong women (SMH, 30/1/07). The Tamworth mayor, Mr. James Treloar, reports that out of the 12 Sudanese already in Tamworth, eight have been before the court on charges from dangerous driving to rape. In recent news, three more Tamworth Sudanese faced court in regard to a violent home invasion (Northern Daily Leader, 9/1/07). The fact is, these people come from a violent, anarchic part of the world and there is no guarantee of the good character or background of these people, nor what they may do once they are settled here.

The Australia First Party is the only political party that will unconditionally oppose African and other Third World 'refugee' resettlement in the Hastings and in the rest of Australia. We understand that this is yet another deliberate attempt to destroy the true Australian character and its dominant European heritage and culture courtesy of the self loathing, genocidalist multicultural lobby. The Australia First Party plans to run candidates in the 2008 Port Macquarie-Hastings Council election. In the meantime, contact PMHC and your State and Federal members and express your total opposition to the Hastings becoming yet another violent, unliveable ethnic ghetto, before it is too late.

Your country needs your support at the ballot box and as members of Australia First. All the established political parties have deliberately misled and failed the Australian people on the issue of immigration and 'refugees'; this will ultimately result in more social dysfunction that we saw in France or later at Cronulla. Only Australia First will put an end to the multicultural genocide being foisted upon traditional Australia.

In summary, City of Greater Dandenong Councillor, Peter Brown, gives the argument for rejecting the Sudanese from the Hastings: "Australia should not be the repository for global social and ethnic problems in the misguided belief that we can solve them, because as the world population increases beyond the already unsustainable levels more pressure will be placed on Australia to be a universal agent of global multicultural support. We will be doomed to failure, and we are taking the first steps along that road now that began with the "Australians of convenience" marching down the main road of Cronulla last year, reaching Keysborough 12 months later."

Defend the Hastings, defend Australia! Join Australia First!

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