Left-wing feminists and capitalism

Georgia Smith


The role of left-motivated feminists in attacking capitalism is no where more clearly shown that in a second wave of high-profile lawsuits from female employees alleging sex discrimination in London.

Six female bankers have put in a joint suit of $US1.4bn class action against Dresdner Bank in the US courts. This works out to $US233,000 each.

The women, who worked at the Bank’s New York office, claim they were ‘marginalised’ and ‘denied promotion’ and that male colleagues engaged in sexual banter that was ‘humiliating.’

The US attorney pursuing the case has said that he has been contacted by 'a large number' of other female bankers wanting to make claims. With $US233,000 at stake, who could blame them for now dredging up every imagined insult in the past ?

Katherine Smith, one of the six claimants, says that her boss described her as 'the Pamela Anderson of trading' – a remark that she is actually suing for. 

The Bank is disputing the claims.

In an unrelated case, Claire Bright, a London-based employee, filed an employment tribunal claim against HBOS last week for ‘demeaning treatment’ and has asked for £11m compensation.

Where left-wing feminists are around, expect everyone to be at each other's throats. 

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