Unity is Strength

Words by William Carrington   Tune “March of the Men of Harlech”


Come Australians! Once for ever

Break the bars that now dissever

Brothers, to be parted never,

Unity is Strength!

Be no longer disunited,

By no phantom be affrighted

Let Australia’s wrongs be righted,

Unity is Strength!


All the divisions ended,

Each by all defended!

 One our land And future grand,

And one the flag that’s o’er us,


One in race and one in story,

One power and one in glory,

One in all that makes a nation,

Unity is Strength!


See Victorians, all are waiting

Now with fervor unabating.

Let there be no hesitating,

Unity is Strength!


South Australia, nobly leading

New South Wales, the call, too heeding

Wave provincial far receding

Unity is Strength!


Answers back Tasmania

Vote yes for Australia

Queensland too, relies on you

And West Australia’s calling


Union offers – will ye flout it?

Now your answer – who dare doubt it?

To the wide world, we will shout it!

Unity is Strength!


Australia’s sons and daughters, all o’er us.

From the Grand Old Land that bore us,

Peals the patriotic chorus!

Unity is Strength!

See the Scotch, the Welsh, the English,

Ole time feuds and strife extinguish;


Irelands, sons, now too, distinguish,

Unity is Strength!

Scorn, then, ways provincial

Rise to Life Imperial,

Land of Light

And progress bright

No more shall strife degrade her,

Strong for War, should foes invade her

Great in Peace, if peace should aid her

Thus we pledge our loved Australia

Unity is Strength!


This song appeared in a published compilation of Federation songs produced by the Australasian Federal League and was performed at Newmarket, Victoria, in 1899. The booklet, Songs Of Union, was circulated amongst Federationists. We note that Unity Is Strength, while stirringly patriotic, represented a concession on the part of nativist forces to the incomplete and non-sovereign position of Australia within the British Empire. This concession, which at least achieved Federation, was reciprocated upon by the Empire in the grudging acceptance of the White Australia Policy, industrial protection and the social-wage legislation, three enactments which could rightly be judged as part of the organic 1901 constitution (a melding of the formal Constitution and these essential defining aspects of the Federal union called the Commonwealth Of Australia). This organic constitution was progressively subverted after 1966, leaving Australia today, a disunited nation, a subservient zone of the new empire of the globalist New World Order. A new unity is now called for in Australia! Who will write the new song of unity? Of the great Australian independence yet to be won?