Mould On Toast

Our new writer, Joni, writes a parable on Moslem migration

Have you ever sat in your safe comfortable abode, content and happy?

You feel like a block of Bega cheese – which is rightfully your share – to enjoy. You don’t see it at first, but when you inspect closer you see a speck of mould. Bloody mould has invaded your cheese!

The Moslem community, or the cultural insurgent group, is likened to mould on cheese.

You have the innocent, healthy, cheese block sitting in your fridge minding its own business ‘til one day you peel back the wrapper to see a tiny section of mould on the surface. With annoyance you cut it away then go about enjoying your cheese lifestyle. Just when you think it’s safe to appreciate your cheese in your own environment again you see – it’s back! Now darker, deeper, growing, invading, insidious.

How does it get there? How does it multiply with no will of your own doing? The indignation of it! You haven’t incited the mould nor encouraged it. You haven’t even asked for it. You want your lifestyle to remain unchanged and secure yet that bastard mould insists on invading to take over your cheese. Uninvited shadows lurk, waiting to take hold. It just grows, as though it has a right to be there, and if you don’t address the problem, it will continue to take over.

You can scrape and scrape until there is very little cheese left. Leave it too long or ignore it and one day you’ll discover the mould has totally consumed the cheese; it is only on the surface at first, but it stealthily overtakes – silent and cunning. Before too long, the cheese is destroyed by mould. A community of cheese will be overruled, destroyed, forcibly discarded.

The mould has won? It shouldn’t be allowed. Don’t think it will be allowed.

The mould must not be allowed to grow, otherwise all you’re doing is constantly scraping away at the surface until, fed up with the ‘band-aid solution’, you learn to develop strategies to protect cheese and fight off mould before it takes hold – or even thinks about taking control.

So how can the threat of mould be eradicated? After the manufacturing process? Strengthen the entire constituency of the cheese, develop fortifying preservatives perhaps?

By whatever it takes to purge the infiltration of mould threatening to conspire damage to – and the destruction of – everyone’s cheese.

Or, if easier, you can eat the cheese before mould has the opportunity to attempt to take over. However, you want your cheese and you don’t want to abandon your cheese life in your own home altogether just because mould is imminently a threat.

You can have it but don’t allow your cheese to sit too long, stagnant, unproductive, unprotected, ignorant, lazy. Fight against the mould’s aggressive, persistent, sneaky hold on your cheese.

If cheese is maintained and guarded against invading mould, it can’t surfeit into the cheese community.

Oi! Bloody mongrel mould rack off! We won’t be toast!

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