Politically-Correct Policing Covers Over 'Ethnic Crime'

Georgia Smith writes from the experience of friends on a real social problem

Any white woman walking down a Sydney street knows what to expect if along comes a group of men of Middle Eastern appearance. No matter how long the skirt, how conservative the dress, because you are white they feel it is a free for all for sexually abusive language.

Perhaps these people are encouraged in their behaviour by the police letting them getting away with. We all know that’s true, but what is different is when we have official acknowledgment of the soft appraoch to ethnic crime.

The Sydney Morning Herald of February 4 reports that police were ordered not to approach convoys of Arabs who were heading towards Cronulla and other beachside suburbs in order to attack lone whites, smash cars, and insult white women.

According to the Herald article, a police commander gave the the order at 10.45pm on December 11 - but there was no recording of that fact because of a ‘technical failure.’

Assistant Commissioner Bob Waites said that a log entry of the commander's order was kept. The order was "Cars of Middle Eastern persons are not to be approached, just advise … registration number and location."

On a separate matter – and before the order was given – another group of police made a decision not to disperse a crowd of Arabs who gathered in Punchbowl Park, so as not to ‘antagonise’ them.

White women will not feel safe walking the streets of Sydney when we have ‘policing’ like this.

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