Perry Jewell's
Drugs, Despair, Deliverance: Operation Osterley.

It was no pleasure to read this true story. However, it was a pleasure to get to understand the man who wrote it and to take note of his determination to see action to resolve a great social problem..

Perry Jewell's story is the tale of a drug-dependent daughter who strayed into a nightmare world of crime, prostitution and death. It is the story of a father who attempted to redeem his child and who literally kidnapped (sic) her from her 'existence' - in order to save her life.

This was a famous story which hit the Australian media in 1998, when Perry Jewell faced criminal charges of false imprisonment and assault, charges that were later dropped by the Director of Public Prosecutions in NSW after a massive public outcry, and the effective refusal of the supposed victim to testify.

Perry Jewell asks the right questions. Why is it that our society can spend vast sums of money on policing and courts and prisons, but refuses to deal directly with the drug criminals themselves and refuses to actually assist the victims of this trade out of their so-called 'lifestyle'?

Perry Jewell took a stand, albeit it one not sanctioned by the law, to rehabilitate his daughter by compulsion. He asks, quite rightly, why should rehabilitation not be compulsory? Should not a rehabilitation program replace imprisonment for offences that arise from addiction?

Perry Jewell tells a story that illustrates how Australian politicians and police are not really that interested in ending the drug traffic. They do not treat it as a war. They do not treat it as one of the nation's greatest tragedies. In other words, they accept that it will never be essentially stamped out, nor do they argue that there is really an alternative to this shadow world of human loss.

Perry Jewell is also a well-known political activist, founder of the Confederate Action Party in Queensland, a predecessor to much Australian nationalist and patriotic politics. He mentions this in his book, a fact that show he is a man guided by principles and integrity.

There is the strident call to create an organization to fight for the addicts and their families. If Perry Jewell's book does nothing else, it will help to engender the necessary political will to see some changes done.

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