Australia First Supports National Trucking Shutdown July 28

Statement June 21 2008

The following letter and leaflet was issued in recent days by one truck-operator and shutdown organizer. On Saturday June 14, at a mass meeting in Toowoomba, hundreds of truck operators and drivers voted for a shutdown on July 28. This struggle deserves the widest support of the Australian people. We will publish demands and other material on this page as material comes to hand.

Mineral and Mine Movers Transport: Working for a safe work place for all Truckies Once again we see that the state and federal governments have failed to take seriously any action being taken by the transport industry over rates and many other issues that affect our industry.

The fact that they have failed in their duty of care and that they have in some ways caused or contributed to the injury or deaths of truck drivers, seems to go over their heads

These people don't seem to understand just how much trouble the transport industry is in 72 truck drivers died in Queensland in the year 2008 so I have been informed.

Owner drivers are going broke at a rapid rate and when they do, they lose every thing.

Their trucks, Their Homes, and in some cases the wives have had enough and call them 'dick heads' and walk out the door.

They then end up on supporting mother's benefits with the three kids and that is another cost to the tax payers.

The husbands then suffer depression and in some cases end up taking their own lives.

The Politicians don't care or have their heads so far up their .. that they can't or won't see what is gong on.

The Media is also to blame for this because they are the ones that keep telling every one that truck drivers are a bunch of drug f .ed Idiots.

And the transport workers union has done nothing to stop this rubbish and in fact, they also push out the same garbage to the media.

One has to ask just: what the union has done to earn their money in the last thirty years.

Where are the sustainable rates for sub contractors and small transport operators?

. Why haven't they taken on the respective governments to get safe, clean parking bays for the long distance transport operators?

Why haven't they challenged the government over the fact that only 2.5 billion dollars of the fuel taxes go back into roads out of the 17.5 billion dollars that is collected?


Why are they not demanding that the oil produced in Australia stays in Australia? This oil is owned by the people of Australia.

We paid for the exploration in the sixties and seventies from tax payer funds.

I know I worked out their delivering water to the drillers.

Why haven't they had the guts to take on the government on all of the other issues that we have been bringing to their attention for the last ten years?

If the government does not address all of the issues that affect the transport industry - and that is all sectors of the industry from the people who carry general freight to the fuel carriers and the live stock transporters - they will have a major problem.

Australia can not run with out road transport. Everything that moves in this country moves at some time on a truck.

The shut down will do a lot of damage to the Australian economy. But if we don't stop, we won't be around in six months. We will all be broke So now the public will become aware of the conditions that the truckies have to live and work under!

Bad roads , Low rates , High costs , Filthy parking bays , Police harassment , and many other issues that effect us every day, while we are trying to get you food on to your table .

Peter Schuback
Mineral and Mine Movers Transport

STOP WORK IS FROM THE 28 th of JULY for two weeks.