Sorry Day:
The Ultimate Deception Of Aborigines, An Attack Upon European Australia

February 13

The national apology issued today in Federal Parliament to Aborigines, as given because of the "stolen generations" matter, was the ultimate deception of Aborigines and a calculated psychological attack upon European Australia's history and its cultural and historical place upon this Continent..

Issued by a government which is wedded to mass immigration and economic globalisation, the very things that will surely wipe the Aboriginal race from Australia as much as it will European Australia, the apology can only be a deceit.

What sort of deceit?

It gives Aborigines nothing of substance, because it focuses Aboriginal attention upon a matter from the past, at a time of great change. While the propaganda of "reconciliation" is trotted out, groups are entering Australia as immigrants and refugees who have no understanding of the historical processes of colonisation, its rights and its wrongs, and who may come to regard Aborigines as a group worthy of dispossession and Aboriginal land worthy of seizure for economic use.

It allows a lingering resentment to persist in the Aboriginal community against European Australia, but a controlled resentment whose effects can cause many Aborigines not to grasp the bigger picture that challenges them. If the government then engages Aboriginal communities with the farcical projects of "reconciliation" (as is now inevitable), these people could well become wedded to the very system which undermines them, something which will restrict the development of a truly independent Aboriginal politics.

It represents a guilt laden propaganda attack upon the European Australian nation. With today's understandings of the importance of race and identity, patriotic and culturally aware Australians, would not have taken Aboriginal children out of their homes for purely racial reasons, let alone to have "half-caste" girls become the forced consorts of Australian males ; the modern Australian did not do this, was not there and bears no responsibility for it. Whatever the words used in the apology, the affair is designed to shame European Australia, to delegitimise its rights on the Continent. This can only benefit the forces of globalisation. It calls for a spirit of resistance to the culture war against our people.

.The Aborigines are a people. European Australians are a distinct people, a nationality formed by history. These two peoples, as peoples, share the Continent. We reject the apology commentary from the Prime Minister that has European Australians as just "migrants", amidst other "migrants", who came to share the land with Aborigines. This denies Aborigines any right to utter a rejection of current and future mass immigration and resultant change. It legally (sic) abolishes the Australian identity, at the very moment demographic change threatens its survival.

If the debate over "genocide" ever intruded into the discussion of the "stolen generations", it is better removed into the present day, for the threat of genocide now hangs over the two races that rightfully occupy Australia.

We reject the "apology". We promise to upgrade the struggle against the traitor class that proclaimed it.