A Sydney Morning Herald Report Confirms Ethnic Cleansing Of Australian School Children From Their Schools

A Sydney Morning Herald investigation report, (Anna Patty, "Racial Divide Hits Children: White Flight From Schools", March 10) has revealed what many people already knew. Commenting upon a secret dossier by school principals, the newspaper has added weight to nationalist arguments that our schools have become battle grounds of anti Australian ethnic cleansing and cultural struggle.

Essentially, the secret report says that "Anglo-European" families (the Sydney Morning Herald term for the simple phrase 'white Australian') are taking their children out of schools with high proportions of Asian, Middle Eastern and other non European students.

This is a natural reaction to abuse, drugs, physical attack and the erosion of identity by the enforced 'drowning in a sea' of diversity.

The "white flight" does allow Australian people to regroup in new areas, to preserve their personal integrity, to defend the Australian culture by default. It might not be enough - or the solution. Yet, it is understandable.

The Australia First Party Council elections campaigns in Sutherland Shire and Blacktown (and we hope, Camden) will benefit from the new social trend. At local level, we can act to nullify where possible the impact of the multicultural sickness. We need representation to augment the social movement that can make this demand.

More Australians in charge of their local communities could provide a respite from the ethnic cleansing elsewhere. Australians acting to change their own country from more secure politico-cultural base areas is a strategy for renewal. These 'areas' are not simply geographic, but also occupational. The high school in particular - now requires a nationalist youth movement to organise the Australian youth and to also ensure their cultural identity gains respect.

The changing population mix of many Sydney schools shows the pace of demographic change. We must regroup before we can move forwards. More power to those parents who are voting with their feet!