Dr. Daniel Pipes, Zionist Propagandist For 'Israel First',
Seeks Your Help Against Islamic Threat

April 16 2008

Dr. Daniel Pipes came to Sydney. At various meetings he has deliberately appealed to white Australians' concerns at Islamic migration so as to build a new support base for his policy of 'Israel First'

As the man who coined the phrase "Islamofascism", as so often used by George Bush in America's false engagement against Moslem terrorism (the real aim has been to secure Middle Eastern oil and otherwise to save Israel in the guise of fighting terrorists), this man is a major player in the public relations war. His general aim is to build Australian support for Israel and for any support the local Australian government might give it in its criminal war against the Palestinian people, for its other machinations in the Middle East that ensure war and bloodshed.

More people are seeing through Israel, the basic cause of so much Moslem unrest. So a new clientele must be found. Dr. Pipes therefore appeals openly to patriotic Australians and to some Christians. He has told us that Europe is being Islamified by immigration, that Moslems don't mix, can't mix and that a civil war may occur. He said that many Europeans were ashamed of their own culture for the past 'sins' of racism and imperialism and were reluctant to stand up for themselves. He urged a tough policy to curb immigration regardless of the economic cost. He suggests that what has happened to Europe may happen here. Yes,.........

But Daniel Pipes is Jewish, something unexceptional if he were not a Zionist. As a Zionist, he supports Israel to the hilt. Zionism was the ideology that asserted Jews had the right to just occupy Palestine, to steal it off the Palestinian people and to defend it by terror. He wants Europe and America to invade Middle Eastern countries and overthrow their governments. He conveniently forgets (sic) that for decades the Zionists have operated the Holocaust story as a racist crime of Europeans to justify support for Israel. No criticism of Israel was permitted without cries of anti-semitism and 'Nazi'. The Zionists in Europe were previously the great proponents of immigration and multiculturalism. Now, when Israel's chips are down, now that the Zionists in Europe itself are threatened by anti Israel Moslems, the past is put aside. With a sleight of hand, we are meant to agree with Dr. Pipes.

But not just with Dr. Pipes. Are we to line up with the pro Israel lobby in Australia? Of course we are meant to.

For a long time, nationalists have said 'Neither Islam Nor Israel'. It is not just a matter of neutrality, but a matter of understanding the issues. To not be involved in the oil war, the war for Israel, the war without end, it is not only a matter of not wanting to be involved because it is not in Australia's interest. Why is it not in Australia's interest? That means knowing the whole truth and speaking the truth about Israel, about Zionism.

In response to reports concerning Dr.Pipes, the following letter was forwarded to the Sydney Morning Herald by the chairman for Australia First in New South Wales. Needless to say, it was not published.


I regard your article, "Scholar fears for Europe's future as integrated society" (SMH April 15) as evidence of a change in the Zionist agenda.

Is the new plan to push those concerned about Moslem immigration to support Israel and to bloc with local Zionists, thereby encouraging Australian foreign policy to stay on the war path?

It is significant that proninent neo-con war-hawk, Dr. Daniel Pipes, be reported talking of Europeans' (and Australians'?) shame at past racism and imperialism etc, as things preventing them opposing the Islamicisation of Europe, that he should call for immigration controls and bemoan low birth-rates.

As someone critical of the pattern of Australian immigration, I could generally agree with that. But to support Israel, the basic cause of Moslerm extremism and a recipe for a hundred years war, to support an invasion of Iran and the criminal war in Iraq (as Dr. Pipes has alluded to elsewhere), tips over the edge.

If the Zionists want suckers - fish elsewhere.

Dr. Jim Saleam