Statement: Attack On Australia First Party Sydney Offices Last Night!
July 11

Alec Saunders

Last night, an attack was carried out on the Australia First Party office in Sydney. Two men ripped a roller door part-off the front of the premises, but confronted with further doors, and given the time of night (9.30 pm) with heavy traffic on the highway, they discontinued their break-in effort. Even so, it was a brazen affair.

The attack obviously followed on from extensive publicity received by the party over the last two days in the light of our future Federal party registration.

The NSW Chairman of the party, Jim Saleam, was on the premises at the time in the rear office and did not immediately appreciate the unfolding incident. Unfortunately, his daughter was present at the time and she was distressed by the attack.

As we know, there is no end of suspects. What we can say is that malicious damage does not deter Australia First and henceforward, measures will be taken to protect the party offices.

Take it that 'someone' is worried that, at long last, Australians have a party that will stand up for their civil liberties, their jobs and their identity.

Management Committee, Australia First Party, July 11 2009.