No To Culture Busting In Auburn! No Grand Mosque On The Homeground Of Jack Lang!

The Australia First Party calls for the rejection by Auburn Council of a plan to construct an Islamic complex and mosque, complete with dome and minarets, on a site occupied by a Depression-era Art Deco fire station, in Harrow Road, Auburn.

The Australian Islamic Cultural Centre, which has proven links to Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism (a purist sect of Islam), plans to demolish existing buildings - including the fire station - and construct a mosque for up to 1000 worshippers, a library and a youth cultural centre.

Australia First Party supports the local petition demanding the council reverse its decision which has affirmed the development.

The local heritage has long been under systematic attack. The Auburn area has been multiracialized and multiculturalized such that traditional native-white-Australian culture has been cleansed (sic) from public view. The flight of Australian and other European-migrant residents from the area has been marked since the mid 1970's. Yet, this is the homeground of Jack Lang, mighty Labor Party people's leader and defender during the Great Depression, nationalist and last-ditch-defender of the former White Australia Policy. It is sacred Australian ground.

It is a fact that Australia, unlike France or some other European country, will never be Islamized. Rather, we are scheduled by the traitor class for Asianization with an attendant 'diversity' which all together obliterates the unique European-based Australian identity and culture off the Continent. The use of mosque building and other intrusive Islamic activism serves the overall scheme in that it culture-busts an area, breaking its former character and cleansing the area of its former Australian face.

In this case, we see the destruction of an iconic Australian structure in service of the scheme.

This latest attack upon Australian identity deserves mass community opposition and lawful resistance. As Sydney becomes increasingly alien to its European heritage, a defining battle needs to be fought. A city of Mosques, Buddhist shrines, Hindu temples, secret animist meeting places and Ba'hai centres, is not the city that was Australia's first European settlement. It was not the city that produced so much to articulate the native Australian identity.

Victory to the Australians of Auburn!