Party Accused Of 2011 Australia Day 'Riot' Conduct: A 'Dirty Tricks' Allegation?

Australia First received two calls last week, ostensibly from police, making enquiries as to whether the party was going to conduct a rally in opposition to the overseas-student rort. It was said that the party had issued a leaflet which was distributed in Cronulla - where the rally was to be held on Australia Day.

Not only did the party have no plan for any such rally, we had not issued any such leaflet - and the persons to whom we spoke on the matter were apparently not police officers.

Today, the following article appeared in Sydney's Daily Telegraph newspaper.


The people of Cronulla, particularly the youth, are always under media scrutiny and smear. Over five years ago now, thousands rallied against the intimidation and sexual harassment of Australian women and girls by certain ethnic minorities. Their conduct was called a riot - but the subsequent methodical violence of these other groups is usually ignored. We called the behaviour of the Sutherland Shire youth a Civil Uprising. Certain sections of the media have loathed us for that ever since.

We were also informed that certain intelligence officers in the Police Force had recently recommended that Australia Day events in Cronulla not be held, a shameful concession to the official multiculturalist ideology.

We urge all Australians to celebrate our National Day, repudiate in practise the false multiculturalist version of the Day pushed by politicians and others and to celebrate it peacefully. At all parties and events: fly high the National Flag and the Eureka Flag!