Australia Day 2010: Hold High The National Flag! Hold High The Eureka Flag!

For reasons berst known to the multiculti industry, Australia Day 2010 has come under great scrutiny. It is openly feared that Australian youth may give bent to nationalist passions and "riot", or denounce immigration and wage some actions that reflect identity politics.

There has been vile condemnation of the Civil Uprising at Cronulla on December 11 2005. The youth have been denounced as bigoted, stupid, white males, whose actions on that day were fueled by booze. This is an old lie, now being cynically recycled. It has been commented that on Australia Day events after the Civil Uprising, youths have usually congregated, draped in National Flags and Eureka Flags and shouted anti-immigration slogans. Again they have been called binge drinking anti-socials.

This year, the multiculti press has debated the proper use of the National Flag, of the Eureka Flag, of Southern Cross tattoos. It has demanded alcohol controls in beach suburbs and extra police. What is the fear? They have cranked up propaganda that "racist extremists" and "Nationalists" may appear amongst the youth to agitate. Are they so worried?

Representatives of Australia First have been interviewed by certain press in recent times. They have spoken up for the youth who seek to possess their Australian Identity and who wish to defend it. There is clearly an increasing tempo in multiculti land to kill off any expression of Australianity as immigration numbers surge, as refugee invaders crack open the borders, as contract labour polllutes the workplace. The youth and all other patriotic people respond. The national resistance is growing. We will reclaim our country.

On Australia Day 2010, hold high the National Flag. Hold high the Eureka Flag!

Australia First Party, January 25 2010.