Fred Nile's Treason: His Christian Democrats Now Support Boatpeople Invasion - As Long As They Are Christians!

October 15 2009

It was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, October 15, that Fred Nile spoke at the New South Wales parliament yesterday in favour of the illegal migration to Australia of "Christains" from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. Fred Nile, leader of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) has long supported increases in Australia's immigration and "refugee" intakes so as to accommodate these "Christians" drawn from the failed New World Order wars in the Middle East and the resultant hardening of Moslem attitudes in those countries towards Christians.

In the latest madness, Nile has said that he will sponsor a boatload of some 2000 of these Christian refugees to enter Australia from Indonesia.

Fred Nile's brand of pseudo Christianity has led him and his CDP to support the Israeli terror machine as a Biblibal revival of ancient Israel, a fulfillment of Christian prophesy and as an ally against Moslem militants, although from a balanced perspective, it is Israel and its aggression which fuels that very extremism. He has supported the 2003 lunatic invasion of Iraq, a state which under its former Ba'athist government, extended equality to Christians. Now he bewails that Christians are doing it tough. He supports the provocation against Iran pushed by nuclear-armed Israel against its supposed nuclear arms program and then feigns concern that Iran's Moslems now see Christians as a fifth column. Fred Nile and his CDP are mixed up, but dangerous people. They mask treason to their country behind slogans about protecting Christians from Moslems

The main criteria for immigration of any sort is whether it serves the Australian Nation or not. We say that immigration has had its day and the entire immigration program should be scrapped. However, the growing refugee crisis demands a hard response.

The Australia First Party demands the scrapping of all refugee treaties. The Australia First Party is definitely not interested in accepting refugees whethet they are Christians or otherwise. There is no godliness in the Fred Nile programme. The Australia First Party places Fred Nile in the same category as those misguided ultra-leftists in the Refugee Action Coalition who fantasise that supporting the refugee invasion is some moral crusade which leads to a universal social emancipation.

Fred Nile and his CDP are enemies of the Nation. It is time to start going backwards through the various intakes of refugees and to consider many removals from Australia as a big step in the survival of the Nation and a civilized society.