Australia First Website 'Blocking' Spreads In Libraries Everywhere! Time To Fight For Democratic Liberty

February 4 2009

The Australia First Party NSW website is "blocked" in certain libraries operated by Hurstville City Council and Kogarah City Council in Sydney, Brisbane City Council and in the Crows Nest area (In Queensland). The Rockdale City Council had filtered out our sites for Queensland and Victoria, but curiously - the NSW site could still be accessed. Interestingly too, Rockdale had blocked the New Zealand Nationalist Alliance site. Our party is in solidarity with this Kiwi umbrella group for that country's nationalists. Some Kiwi Nationalists have protested to the Rockdale Library.

When one examines computer screens in these libraries for these sites, a notice appears: "access blocked"; "intolerance and hate". The Rockdale City Council provided its "internet access policy" to one of our reps. It said that certain sites were blocked if they featured "socially unacceptable" material. "Racism" was certainly judged in that way - and we judged as 'racists'.

We ask nationalists across the country to check at your local libraries as to whether our sites can be accessed. If you find that our sites are blocked, please advise us as soon as you can!

They only censor those they fear! Once we obtain registered party status, our protest at this blatant mind control will be even harder to 'justify'. Nonetheless, Australians should consider the attack upon the nationalists as an attack upon democratic liberty. If this censorship succeeds, it will be extended. Other organizations - including ones that cannot remotely be seen as nationalist - will also be censored. In an age where for many people the Internet is a first stop shop for information upon a movement or individual, such censorship restricts the free flow of information. It is more than laughable that the Australian government criticised the Red Chinese government for Internet "filtering" only last year.

The party issued a Press Release to Sydney media on February 3 . It was taken up by the St. George And Sutherland Shire Leader newspaper. The text follows.


The Australia First Party's websites are being blocked from public access computers in council libraries in the St. George area.

Affected libraries include Rockdale, Kogarah and Hurstville main libraries.

It is also a matter of fact that blocking occurs in Toowoomba and Brisbane City.

Any person attempting to access Australia First websites in St. George will invariably get a message which says that access was denied on policy grounds. The word "hate" will appear.

Dr. Jim Saleam, Chairman for the Australia First Party in New South Wales, said today;

"I believe that the current political censorship at St. George libraries will slowly creep across Sydney then across New South Wales. The fact that Queensland councils also block Australia First web access tells me that this process can only further develop. Political censorship, and any other form of internet regulation, pose great threats to democratic liberty. Australia First will organize occasional pickets of the offending libraries."

A policy sheet from Rockdale Public Library said; "It is not permitted to access websites that contain violence, abusive language, sexually explicit material, racism and any other form of socially unacceptable material."

Dr. Saleam added:

"Aside from whether or not Australia First represents 'racism' or not, I know exactly where these mind controllers are coming from. Although we are a registered party in New South Wales and will soon become one federally, we are to be denied our opportunity to reach out to people in reasonable ways. I also find it deeply disturbing, again allowing that racism has anything to do with us, that we are put in the same category of the 'socially unacceptable'. Would that mean unacceptable to the censors who serve our political class?"

Australia First Party will make the relevant applications to enquire as to the source of the censorship and highlight the identities of those involved