Which Councils Are Being Contested By Australia First Candidates?

Councils Which Will Have A Nationalist Candidate

The campaign is in its early days. So far, we are happy to report that our presence will be felt in four council zones. Some were contested by Australia-First-connected 'independents' in 2004:

Sutherland Shire Council (Ward A). This Council is divided into five large wards, each with three councillors, in the southern districts of Greater Sydney. It comprises suburbs such as Cronulla, Grey's Point, Sylvania, Miranda, Gymea, Como, Lucas Heights, Engadine, Kirrawee and Sutherland. 'The Shire' is now under the pressure of the developers and the desalination plant. Our candidate in 2004 warned of the threat of terrorism to the Lucas Heights nuclear plant. This has now been vindicated. After the Civil Uprising at Cronulla on December 11 2005, the Shire has been under the gun of the politicians, the multiculturalists and journalist-liars who have set out to misrepresent the people of the Shire and compel them into accepting the official ideology of globalism imposed locally. It is the intention to field candidates in one ward - Ward A, which consists of Kurnell, Burraneer, Cronulla, Caringbah, Wooloware, Dolans Point and LIlli Pilli.

Coffs Harbour City Council. This council is organized as one electorate, electing nine councillors. The city is now under development-pressures. The city now has an 'asylum seeker' problem, homelessness amongst native residents and the youth highest suicide rate in Australia. A place of pristine beauty, it is now a city under challenge. The intention is to field one group of candidates. Our candidate last time polled well in the circumstances and we have built on local support.

Newcastle City Council (Ward 2). This Council is a large one, taking in suburbs such as Adamstown, Bar Beach, Broadmeadow, Cooks Hill, Georgetown, Hamilton, Jesmond, Lambton, Maryville, Mayfield, Merewether, Newcastle City, New Lambton, Shortland, Stockton, Tighes Hill, Waratah and Wickham. It has in excess of 100, 000 voters. It is divided into four wards. The intention is to contest one ward, Ward 2. This ward takes in Merewether, Hamilton, parts of New Lambton. Now that the city is being touted as a 'welcome city' for asylum seekers, overseas students and for business immigration, a cultural-political polarisation has commenced to divide the city between 'Official Newcastle' and People's Newcastle'. Australia First Party has drawn considerable attention in the city after a rally in January 2005 and on-going 'Official' attempts to force multiculti policies on the people. We expect an explosive campaign.

Blactktown City Council (Ward 5). This Council is divided into five large wards. Each ward elects three councillors. It comprises suburbs such as Lethbridge Park, Colyton, Mt. Druitt, Blacktown, Doonside, Lalor Park and Seven Hills. Blacktown is a troubled area with an African refugee ghetto around Blacktown, other wide spread ethnic strife and a gang culture. The area is infected with an unhealthy 'Labor' political culture grouped around the odious member for Blacktown, Paul Gibson. Ward 5 is centred on the cluster of suburbs around Mt. Druitt and Tregear, and as far north as parts of Schofields.


Hawkesbury is an undivided Council and is based upon Richmond, Windsor, Lower Kurrajomg. We have fielded just one candidate to place the party name before the voters.

Councils Which Will Have An Independent Candidate Who Deserves Your Support

There are several Council areas in New South Wales which should feature candidates who, while they are not part of our team, appear worthy of your support. We disclaim any 'connection' with these candidates and base our commentary on various media reports and their written campaign and other public documents. These candidates have not solicited our endorsement.


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