Who Are Your Candidates?

The NSW State Committee of the Australia First Party has confirmed its candidates. We are pleased to announce the party candidates. The party name appears on the ballot paper (the party is a registered party in New South Wales) and in all areas (save Hawkesbury) you can vote 'above the line' with a '1' for the party group. Generally, we do not recommernd further preferences in this 'optional preference' voting system. Only in special circumstances do we change that rule.

Sutherland Shire, Ward A:

1. John Newton. John is a self-employed builder. He has lived in the Shire for over thirty years. John has been a candidate in State elections for the former Australians Against Further Immigration. When this party dissolved, he joined Australia First to further his commitment. Active in his local community, he leads the ticket.

2. Karl Glas. Karl is a building worker. He has been a Shire resident all his life. Karl's interest in nationalist politics went back to membership in National Action in the late Eighties and Australians Against Further Immigration in the Nineties. He is well known to the beach-side community and has recently developed a strong interest in environmental issues that affect the Shire.

3. Marleen Rapp. Marleen is retired and has lived in the Shire for more than twenty three years. She joined Australia First to further her activist commitment, first expressed in defence of the youth falsely charged by the State with serious offences arising from the CIvil Uprising of December 11 2005.

Blacktown, Ward 5:

1. Tony Pettitt. Tony is a self-employed truck owner-driver. He has been a candidate for Federal and State parliament in Western and North-Western Sydney and was well known for his original involvement in One Nation. He has also been an independent candidate. Tony has extensive local knowledge of Blacktown City and has a strong personal following from those who know him as a determined nationalist activist. He hopes to bring this base into Australia First. He leads the ticket.

2. Terry Cooksley. Terry is a small-business operator and has lived in his area for 35 years. He has a long-standing record as a committed Australian Nationalist, working through National Action, Australians Against Further Immigration and One Nation. He has been a Federal and State candidate in the past and currently organises for Australia First in Western Sydney..

3. George Atkinson. George Atkinson is a retired veteran and has resided a number of years in Mt. Druitt. He has worked in the local community assisting many older people with commonplace legal problems. He has been a Federal independent candidate.

Newcastle, Ward 2:

1. Les Clarke. Les has operated his own business and has worked otherwise in a number of professional capacities. He has lived in Newcastle all his life and has a young family. Les leads the ticket in the same ward contested by Australia First in 2004.

2. Ian McBryde. Ian has resided for some years in Newcastle. He has a professional interest and employment. Ian is keen to develop a nationalist politics at a local level.

3. Jim Smith.Jim has lived eight decades in his city and his family were stalwarts of the Labor Party giant, Jack Lang. He joined the Australia First ticket "just to give historical perspective". Jim has been an activist in many community and residents' groups fighting for a cleaner and more people-friendly city and was he once a candidate for Councillor and Mayor. He says he is "enjoying advising the others on how to connect with people".

Coffs Harbour:

1. Darrell Wallbridge. Darrell has lived in the Coffs Harbour district all of his life and has strong family connections to northern New South Wales going back 150 years. He has been a long-time nationalist, working through parties such as National Action in the Eighties and Confederate Action Party in the Nineties. Darrell was a candidate for the latter and has been a Council candidate previously for Australia First in 2004. He is well-known in the Coffs Harbour district for his involvement in local sport and for his work in a comedy company. He leads the ticket.

2. Alex Parker Alex is a worker. He has strong local sporting and community interests. This is his first time as a candidate.

3. Greg Bailey. Greg is a business operator with strong local family connections to Coffs Harbour. This is his first time as a candidate.

4. Richard Hedditch. Richard has been a Coffs Harbour resident for forty years. He has a longstanding nationalist commitment through various parties and movements, such as National Action, Confederate Action Party and Australia First and has assisted in several campaigns. He has previously been an independent Council candidate in Coffs Harbour.

5. Kevin Baldwin. Kevin is a retired business operator who has lived a long time in Coffs Harbour. He has been committed to several freedom and patriotic causes throughout his life.


Tony Pettitt. Tony has also nominated for Hawkesbury as a non-resident property owner. Tony has been a candidate for Federal and State elections in this general area. He has considered this area a suitable one for future electoral work and would like the party name before the voters this time around.

Further information on these areas is on this site.

August 11 2008

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