What Are Their Policies?

Policy has two aspects: the general policy and the local policy of each ticket. We state as below the general policy and will lay down the local policy material as it becomes available.

General Policies.

Your nationalist Australia First candidates all share in common a few general policies. It is these general policies which make us a team. This raft of policies is an expression of a Community First view.

  1. To ensure the office of mayor and shire president are always open to direct popular election.
  2. To adopt Citizens’ Initiated Referenda (CIR) in every Local Government area, either by decision of the relevant council, or by persuasion at State Government level that it legislate for CIR for the whole State; and to encourage citizens to exercise their direct popular rights of initiative.
  3. To support all independent candidates to achieve office when and where their beliefs are not inimical to those of Australian identity, independence and freedom.
  4. To protect, defend and promote public awareness of, in every Local Government area, all aspects of Australia’s Heritage.
  5. To introduce binding contracts of service on all elected representatives.
  6. To sponsor the phased growth of local control over areas of government which directly impact upon the lives of the citizen.

Policy For The Sutherland Shire

A mass leaflet just released for distribution says:

The current Sutherland Shire Council has been complicit in the attack upon the Australian heritage and identity of Sutherland Shire ever since the Civil Uprising of December 11 2005.

Council money (your money!) has been squandered on multicultural projects and Council officers have been receiving State and Federal dollars to push the line. They have made no secret either as to where they stand!

The Premier of New South Wales dreams of - and plans for! - a population in Sydney of 6,000,000 by 2040. In this environmentally unliveable Sydney in which also we Europeans will be a minority, 'developers' (the big funds source for the major parties) will run riot. The Sutherland Shire would change beyond recognition!

Pretty clear now why the desalination plant at Kurnell has been forced on the Shire!

A meeting of candidates set forward the working policy of the team:

We will work to end wastage of Sutherland Shire money and other resources on multicultural projects

We will work to build a civil resistance movement against the desalination plant at Kurnell.

We will lobby through mass activity amongst residents to end Sutherland Shire's place as a "refugee welcome zone" for Third World 'refugees'.

We will encourage Australia Day as a Sydney-wide Festival event, to be celebrated throughout the beach area and at Kurnell (The National Park).

We will hold a people's inquiry to exonerate all Sutherland Shire youth and others of any convictions resulting from a Civil Uprising of December 11 2005.

We will oppose by all means any development project that undermines the character and the quality of life in the Sutherland Shire.

Policy For Blacktown City

A mass leaflet just issued says:

This area is suffering from State government neglect. It has become a crime zone and a refugee settlement zone. Parliamentarians like Paul Gibson ignore the truth.

While Blacktown itself has become an African ghetto, places like Mt. Druitt also see Aborigines forced to defend themselves against ethnic gangs!

Australia First principles in this election:

To protect and defend every aspect of the Australian heritage and identity at local level. Axe multicultural claptrap wherever we can! Pass Citizens' Initiated Referendum where you, the voter, can propose 'laws' ; Place performance contracts on your councillors ; And most controversial of all, lobby and fight with small business and other citizens for properly licensed and trained business operators to be armed against criminals.

Australia First believes that activist councillors can do much for people when they can put themselves in the way of unpopular and wrong decisions reached by the big parties in State and Federal government. From fighting enviro-hazards to winning better services, activism pays.

A meeting of candidates set forward the working policy of the team:

We will lobby through mass activity amongst residents to end Blacktown City's place as a "refugee welcome zone".

We will propose that all Blacktown City money currently wasted on multicultural projects be devoted to the general budget of our City.

We will hold a public inquiry and work with business and other community groups to support the principle that Blacktown City business owners have the right to responsibly own and use a firearm to defend their persons and businesses.

We will work through mass petition and popular action to effectively abolish the parasitic traffic fines system within this City.

We will utilise the Council's authority to lobby for the nationalisation of the freeways and the abolition of the tolls.

Policy For Newcastle City

A meeting of candidates set forward the working policy of the team: the material here is draft only and may be edited shortly.

1. We will highlight ethnic crime, better lighting etc.

2. We want Newcastle to not be a ‘refugee welcome zone’ and all multiculticultural services cut out.

3. We want heritage buildings protected esp. the old old post office building now owned by a Vietnamese capitalist.

4. We want free trains and buses to encourage environmental awareness and ‘savings’ and better serve to get cars off the roads.

5. We oppose the plan to increase City of Newcastle population to 300,000 as an attack upon heritage, tradition and identity.

6. We want rates reviews for older people (esp those in Merewether) and funds to be carefully applied.

7. We want free access to Blackbut Reserve.

Policy For Coffs Harbour City

A meeting of candidates set forward the working policy of the team: the material here is draft only and may be edited shortly. .

Your Australia First Party candidates are pledged to protect and revive our City of Coffs Harbour.

For us, placing our community first means putting Australia first. It’s all part of the one story. We don’t answer to those who donate the money or who supply the free publicity.

1. No longer should our city call itself a ‘refugee welcome zone’. We want to see Australians treated first and foremost. We will work to cut off any and all council support for this alien and dangerous project in multicultural delusion.

2. We will fight by all means against over-development of the Coffs Harbour region. The degradation of the eastern coastline by development must be stopped somewhere – everywhere. We want our lifestyle intact and our local business and local workers ahead of shopping centres and conference centres! We will employ mass community action against the State government developmental dictatorship.

3. We want the healthy sports community of our City to receive a boost.

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