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Voting For Anything Other Than Australia First Is Now Largely A Waste Of Time

As news becomes available, it shall be posted below, all items in chronological order.

Australia First Party NSW Elections’ Report (September 27)

The Australia First Party has concluded that its participation in the 2008 Councils’ poll in New South Wales – was a success that can only further enhance the growth of the party ideologically, politically and organizationally.

This was the party’s first foray under its own name into the New South Wales electoral arena since the days when Graeme Campbell was the leader of the party nationally and an upper-house team was run in the 1999 State election.

Much has happened since then. Other efforts by Australia First, such as when we ran as ‘independents’ in the 2004 Council poll and the 2004 and 2007 State elections, turned up small or moderate figures. The nationalist and patriotic vote (only partly perhaps) represented by One Nation, had continued to decline federally and finally hit rock bottom last year, when that party’s average electoral support was 1.8%.

This time around, we knew we could start over. Australia First Party is now rebuilding an electoral base for a genuine Australian nationalism. Australia First received extensive publicity in local and major papers and on radio and television in the last several weeks. Our name was ‘broadcast’ to hundreds of thousands of Australians. Taken overall across the areas we contested, we have almost doubled the One Nation voting average of 2007.

Of course, our party links the construction of an electoral base to two other tasks: building a new organization which operates not only in the electoral arena, but in the community generally - and further via the joint struggles to protect the Australian cultural inheritance whilst building a new system of nationalist political thought. These three tasks are integrated together in what we have dubbed ‘the three tier method’. In the current situation, we had to prove there was, a least, a popular clientele for a nationalist party. We succeeded.

Our best result was a 5.62% vote in Blacktown’s Ward 5. We now stand on 1471 votes and have won back the candidates’ deposits. Lead candidate, Tony Pettitt, who has been a candidate in the Blacktown City area before, knew this to have been a good result. His new profile certainly built upon a State-poll lower-percentage result in the Riverstone area in 2007.

The Blacktown result certainly tripled the One Nation percentage score in this general area of Western Sydney for the 2007 Federal poll.

It is the collective opinion that Australia First could receive a similar result in any council ward or electorate in Western Sydney. The campaign introduced us to tens of thousands of people who had never received a piece of Australia First literature before. We were received well at the polling booths. In the depressed areas of Western Sydney where Aussie families battle to cope with high rents and mortgages, the ethnic crime and labour pressures, we can expect a favourable reception. It is here that Real Australia can be found.

In Sutherland Shire Ward A, we received 957 votes. We came in just under the 4% line and therefore we failed to win back our deposits. John Newton, the lead candidate, concluded that our performance suffered – clearly – for one very particular physical reason: we failed to man all booths, all day. We were beaten by the new Australian workplace-reality – too many of us work Saturdays, full or part time. The booth-by-booth analysis proved that conclusively. Beaten to the barrier by the lack of a few campaign workers with a few hours to spare!

Nonetheless, we have formally improved on John Moffat’s 2.7% in 2007, but of course, the former AAFI won 2.8% then – and we have not yet regrouped all those votes. A wide field and the campaigning by others on the desalination plant issue may have ‘cost’ us a little there too.

Yet, we are a fixture now in Shire politics. We have essentially maintained support and a high profile. This tells us we have a sure base in the Shire and it needs now to be directed into activist pathways. We have announced our commitment to enviro-patriotism and we have indicated our opposition to false ‘development’ and the desalination plant disaster. A branch has re-formed in the Shire and we now prepare to move on.

We can also note that Australia First received very positive publicity in the Shire Leader paper, when it became clear that the Electoral Commission, which had temporarily ‘banned’ our Newcastle ‘How To Vote Card, might also ban our Shire card. It seems our stand on refugees and crime was “offensive”. But as it was – the Electoral Commission wisely backed down.

Our results in Newcastle Ward 2 brought 359 votes. Australia First Party – Hunter Branch kicked off its Council campaign by receiving some much needed and also very positive press in the Newcastle Herald after holding a Save History park rally after Newcastle Council voted to change the name of a local park, all in the name of “reconciliation”.

Throughout the campaign, a local neighbourhood paper The Star Newspaper chose to speak to Australia First candidates on numerous local issues with reports printed in three of the four campaign issues.

In the last two weeks of the campaign, the lead candidate - Nathan Clarke - attended two local community forums in their “Meet The Candidates” nights. The responses at these forums were positive. The policies discussed went over well with all in attendance and a round of applause greeted the candidate at the end of the speeches.

We failed to man all booths. Interestingly, Australia First had 3 polling stations manned by Labor Party members (!) who found some common cause with us, but who were subsequently sent home by their party for crossing over to the wrong side! That was the only hiccup for polling day where most responses were positive. All other polling station workers were very friendly and it was a busy but enjoyable day.

The Newcastle activists believe it is time to build nationalism in their city. A new website has gone up and we can now build upon a better ‘name-recognition’.

In Coffs Harbour City we won 619 votes. The Coffs team showed great initiative with everything from a public ‘truck’ moving about town through to well-delivered speeches at candidates’ meetings and newspaper advertising. Darrell Wallbridge, our lead candidate, said that we were well received by many voters and our party status (only two parties, us and the Greens) were mentioned on the ballot paper has given us a new status in the area. This will be built upon in coming months by initiatives to develop new party contacts over northern New South Wales.

Our lead candidates, John Newtown, Tony Pettitt, Nathan Clarke and Darrell Wallbridge would like to thank everyone who did leafleting and polling day work and who contributed in any way to the campaign. Their efforts were greatly appreciated. We can reasonably expect that these committed nationalists will be candidates again for Australia First.

Australia First Party aims to take charge of the nationalist movement in New South Wales. Most certainly, in every area contested, the quality and intensity of Australia First organization will now improve. Certainly, we will see Australia First develop in other areas too over the coming year.

How To Vote Card Censorship Fails: Our Response To The Electoral Commission. (September 3)

The New South Wales Electoral Commission has decided to register all our how-to-vote cards after first attempting censorship.
Anything else would have been a dangerous attack upon freedom of expression and electoral freedom had they imposed a ban. We have no doubt that a ban would have been overturned by the courts, not because the courts are in any way upholders of justice or political rights, but simply because the measure would have lacked legislative authorisation!

Australia First Party’s struggle against electoral censorship was the front page story in the St. George And Sutherland Shire Leader paper on September 2. The paper also reported that Ward A (where we are running) is the “royal rumble” of the campaign in the Shire.

The newspaper reported that our candidates were prepared to accept arrest in handing out “illegal” cards. And so it must be. Our party must always be seen as the party that stands for traditional freedoms given even the most formal of these ‘freedoms’ is under attack by the traitor class.

Newcastle City Council Returning Officer Tries To Ban Australia First How To Vote Card. (August 29) Karl Glas

The returning officer for Newcastle City Council, Ms. Cole, has attempted to ban from registration, an Australia First How To Vote card in the September 13 poll.

In a conversation with the party's registered officer, Dr. Jim Saleam, this afternoon, she said that a section of the card was deemed to be "offensive".

The policy section read: "provide awareness of increasing ethnic crime within the Newcastle Council area."

Although at different points, even commissioners for the New South Wales Police have referred to ethnic crime gangs, the reference is considered offensive for a How To Vote card!

Ms. Cole referred to a politically-correct booklet from the New South Wales Electoral Commission "Questions And Answers: How-To-Vote Cards And Posters". We read at point 7.2:

"Must not contain words that are obscene or offensive - this includes statements that single out a particular religion or a person's ethnicity in a way that can be considered offensive."

Obviously our card draft did not even break the rules of totalitarian liberal mind control. However, by what right, past the most limited point of offensive obscene material (swearing, crudity etc), does the Electoral Commissioner censor political thought?

Has no one recalled the case of the Communist Party Dissolution Act?

Saleam informed Ms. Cole that she was interfering in a party's right to express its point of view through a back door.

Later in the afternoon, the New South Wales Election Commission called. An officer informed Dr. Saleam of the Local Government (General) Regulation (2005) which gave the Commissioner powers not to register "non complying" material that was offensive or obscene. There was no mention in the Regulation of any matter of religion or ethnicity. Saleam said the Commissioner has even gone beyond his own regulations in printing what he did in the booklet - and then acting upon that. A long discussion left it open that all Australia First election matter may be banned.

Combative as usual, Saleam informed me:

"Australia First will fight this matter absolutely. Our comments will not be censored. We will demonstrate against the Electoral Commission. We will be contacting civil liberties lawyers this weekend."

It is disturbing that the Electoral Commissioner considers that he can censor the material of a registered political party - or anyone for that matter. Once he decides as he could (and then if some court was to uphold it on some technicality), one more link in the golden chain of political repression would be added.

We shall keep everyone advised as matters unfold.

On Monday morning, Australia First will apply to register all its How To Vote cards. We look forward to a decision either way. If the Commissioner backs down, he has altered us still to lurking attacks upon political free expression. If he bans us, he opens the way to civil liberties actions to declare the elections void - and new elections.

Either way, Australia First will stand up for the rights of the Australian people to discuss crucial public issues in a forthright manner. Either way, Australia First will stand up for the rights of all patriotic parties and individuals to campaign openly.

Liberal Party Director Threatens Liberal Candidates With Expulsion Over Australia First Preference Swap Proposal (August 25)

The New South Wales State Director of the Liberal Party has reputedly threatened some Liberal candidates in the Blacktown City Council poll with expulsion, if they went ahead in a preference-swap deal with Australia First.

Australia First's lead-candidate in Ward 5, Tony Pettitt, was approached last week by Mr. David Barker, a Liberal candidate who offered a preference swap.

It is understood that Mr. Barker suffered from Liberal Party intolerance when he offered the same to One Nation many years ago. At that time, the Liberals followed the policy of "put Hanson last". This policy has now - obviously - been revamped and effectively applied to Australia First.

Australia First was advised that the local Liberals issued a how-to-vote, which while not registered formally by the Electoral Commission, was actually distributed. It gave Australia First second preference over Labor and the Greens. A new Liberal card will be registered soon.

As it was, Australia First had not finally decided on the preference swap. However, if the local Liberals had stuck to it (they would have remained Liberals on the ticket whether disendorsed by the party chieftans or not), we would probably have rewarded their moral courage and preferenced them. The local Liberals at least had the appearance of being decent people.

The "put Hanson last" logic of the past is sure to reappear as Australia First gains momentum throughout Australia and does appear on the ballot. Clearly, the establishment fears the election of any nationalist, anywhere. And we would learn how to make use of any office won to broaden and deepen the movement.

We belatedly publish a press release which resulted in a major article in the Newcastle Herald..

PRESS RELEASE: Friday, August 15:

The Australia First Party team for Ward 2 in the September 13 Newcastle Council election, has condemned a proposal to change the name of Dangar Park.

The Australia First Party candidates reject the politically correct decision taken under the regime of Lord Mayor John Tate.

Mr. Nathan Clarke, lead-candidate of the team, said today:

“The current Newcastle Council, has schemed to strip the name off Mayfield’s most well known and historic park “Dangar Park”. They say this name is culturally insensitive to the Aborigines. What they are actually doing is an act of cultural attack upon European settlement, history and culture in Newcastle.”

Mr. Clarke added:

“We all know that back in the 1800’s some 20 Aboriginal tribespeople were murdered on land owned by Henry Dangar. A memorial has been erected in the place of that unfortunate massacre. The event happened and is a simple historical fact. The family of Mr Dangar later decided the right thing to do was donate land now known as “Dangar Park” to Newcastle Council. Now, Newcastle Council wants to remove history, and hide the family’s connection with Newcastle. Who does that benefit? What we really find totally deceptive is that the same elitists who wish to do this would flood this city with so-called refugees and Third World immigrants, not one of whom would have any sensitivity towards Aboriginal history anyway. This Dangar Park affair is also a con job against Aborigines. Let the truth be the truth. Both Aborigines and Europeans can live with that. Let them both understand what is really behind this sudden bout of political correctness.”

Mr. Clarke concluded:

“Australia First Party candidates strongly oppose any renaming of Dangar Park. We will lobby for a people’s referendum on this. We are organising a peaceful meeting at Dangar Park on Sunday 17th August 2008 at 11am to show family support for history, and to support the Identity of Mayfield as a whole. Bring a deck chair, a picnic lunch and show your support in protecting one of the most historic venues in Newcastle.” Further details, phone:

Fifty Thousand Leaflets Under Distribution (August 21).

Some fifty thousand leaflets are currently under distribution in our target areas. This effort should conclude by August 30.

Brick Pit Developers Play Game (August 21).

The developers of the Kirrawee Brick Pit sent out a questionnaire to all candidates in the Sutherland Shire. We sent them the following reply.

August 21 2008 Mr.Garry Brown
Suite 801, Level 8
46-56 Kippax Street
Surry Hills 2010

Dear Sir,

We considered the questionnaire. We found it impossible to answer any question.

This document was disingenuous in the extreme. Any answer was capable of manipulation to provide material to the advantage of the developers and/or to our detriment as candidates in this poll.

In so far as we can have any impact, we will encourage mass action and other action to defeat the proposal.

Yours sincerely,
John Newton Karl Glas Marlene Rapp

Multicultural Kite - Fly Gets Another Message (August 18).

For hundreds of locals at Wanda Beach and nearby Cronulla, it was just a 'kite flying' day for children. For the Sutherland Shire Council and the Department of Education, it was part of the multiculti brainwash.

The local primary school provided a montage of national flags to demonstrate the country-of-origin of children's parents while the Council provided facilities for various food displays. Further, Sudanese refugees and "Moslems" were invited to attend and did attend.

The event represented the type of culture-politics indulged in by various gaents for change. Present was Mayor Redmond's wife (who received an Australia First leaflet from one of our candidates) and Lee Rhiannon, Greens MP.

Many people who received Australia First leaflets were interested to discuss the event. One woman indicated she and her husband would vote for Australia First in the poll. Two officials demanded our candidate leave the area, a request which was ignored.

The kite-fly shows that the Sutherland Shire Council is indeed up to its neck in multicultural brainwashing. This course has been pursued ever since the Civil Uprising nearly three years ago. How much money has been spent on this project?

Publicity Greets Australia First Nominations (August 15).

As is 'normal practise', the local press in the Sutherland Shire, Blacktown, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle and Hawkesbury, have reported the candidates' nominations. These mentions of the party name are very useful in establishing a State-wide name-recognition. In cities where we are contesting only one ward, the local press nonetheless covers entire zones.

Open Letter To Voters Of Sutherland Shire Council, Ward A, From Your Australia First Party Team
John Newton, Karl Glas, Marleen Rapp.(August 14)

The following letter will be distributed soon in the Sutherland Shire alongside other letter-box leaflets.

Dear Voters,

We are your Australia First Party team for the September 13 poll.

We have serious concerns for the future of the Sutherland Shire. Unlike others, we are prepared to speak out loud and clear.

Let's start with the truth about the desalination plant at Kurnell. Environmental and lifestyle disaster it may be, but no-one is saying what it's all about. Essentially, it's about supplying water to the 1.7 million Sydney residents who have not yet migrated here. Morris Iemma knows this is true because he has publicly espoused the perverted Labor 'vision' of Sydney with the impossible population of six millions. Liberal liars (including those on the Shire Council and some now disguised as 'independents', and many of whom have been named to the Independent Commission Against Corruption) know it too; but they will tell you they're against the desalination plant. Yet they are really for it because they're all for increased Sydney population and there's no way to get that without the Kurnell plant. The Greens, when they have to choose between environmental degradation and population, will take the people every time. Why? Because most of these new Sydneysiders will be from Asia and Africa - and the Greens can't be 'racist', can they? As if having a sustainable population for Sydney (and Australia) was 'racist'!! We won't say anything about Shire Watch Independents because they'll just keep watching - as things get worse.

The big plan is to see the population of the Shire explode. If you wonder why the Kirrawee Brick Pit development is likely to go ahead, well - just link that to population too. The big supermarket retailers want to put local business out of business and cater to the new numbers. Other high rise development is also on the drawing board for the Shire with over 10,000 dwellings planned. And we oppose that too: it could undermine the lifestyle of the Shire and it serves the big population plan.

Basically the lifestyle and the identity of the Sutherland Shire are under general attack. And it has been under very particular attack since the Civil Uprising of December 11, 2005. The multicultural industry and its stooges in the Sutherland Shire Council (like Mayor Redmond), have tried to impose cultural change upon the Shire. Many of those who want to culture-bust the Shire are motivated by anti-Australian race hate.

With our letter, we forward to you a DVD entitled, 'The Civil Uprising at Cronulla'. We hope that you will enjoy its contents. It is provided to you to show you that we are in favour of the defence of the Sutherland Shire's unique identity and lifestyle, that we have spoken up for the young men and women stigmatised and intimidated through the courts and in the press in the months following the Civil Uprising and the criminal disorders of ethnic-religious gangs in 2005. Yet, it is that sort of Aussie spirit that defended the Shire. It is this sort of spirit that the Redmonds and Schreibers have deprecated at every turn, revealing themselves as traitors pure and simple. Feel free to pass this DVD on to your family and friends and copy it at will. Start your own political-climate-change!

We have started to hear rumours from inside the multicultural industry that the Sutherland Shire has been slated for new Third World refugee settlement. Will Culture-busting hordes of utter aliens end up housed in new apartment blocks just north of Wanda Beach?

Is this why Sutherland Shire Council buckled and proclaimed the Shire, a "refugee welcome zone"? If this scenario was played out, there would come the crime, the violence, the sexual assault and the undermining of our identity to an extent that would dwarf those other problems of just a few years back. No wonder some Shire traitor class elitists wanted to take Captain Cook out of the Botany Bay National Park! Possibly, they might find some statue of more politically correct 'boat person' to replace him!

No, it's time to take a firm stand and defend the Shire.

It's time to demand real democracy too, which is why we advocate Citizens' Initiated Referendum, the power that allows you to pass Council by-laws and other decisions over the head of any would-be-big-boss mayor.

We don't recommend any preference when you vote. In this poll, preferences are optional. We ask for your '1' vote as a commitment. We ask for your '1' vote today as a protest. We ask for your '1' vote so we can send a message that the Sutherland Shire will preserve its essential heritage and way of life.

You may contact this campaign at 0285870014 (message line) or via e-mail at:

We need your help because we are not a party of developers or money men, nor are we careerists. We are working Australians - just like you!

Yours for Australia and the Shire!,

John Newton, Karl Glas, Marleen Rapp.

Put Australia first by putting the Shire first! Shake up the Shire political elite by voting for the Australia First Party team!

Vote '1' in the Australia First Party box on your ballot paper for Ward A on September 13

The Electoral Strategy Of Australia First In The New South Wales Councils' Poll
Dr. Jim Saleam

Electoral strategy is part of overall strategy. In this local election, we seek to render national and State politics - local.

As we have argued at our recent conference, we operate the 'three tier method' to build the party. This involves electoral struggle (including the very necessary local elections component), community/public action which places us before the people directly - in the street, university, school, factory, workplace and social groups - and ideological-cultural work that sees us developing new ideas to contest Establishment ideology, whilst also too, we are seen to defend and protect the cultural heritage of the Australian people. In other words, we aim to become a permanent and sustainable fixture in Australian politics.

In this election, we are setting off to do one general thing: we aim to regroup a solid core vote of Real Australians. We mean by that those Australians who are (in the urban context) workers, small-business-people and other patriotic working people, who are willing to criticise and tacitly oppose mainstream politics. They are not 'mainstream', because they are neither of the bloc that supports the big parties, nor do they follow (any more) 'traditional' methods of action!

We will be contesting with the Greens party for some of its clientele. In our view, possibly half of the Greens vote is cast by people who see in the defence of the Australian ecosystem, a patriotic and moral duty. They are yet to see the contradiction between the Greens' humanist population-driven agenda and the survival of the Australian environment. They also see the Greens as a 'honest' party arraigned against Establishment politics rather than just another variant of it. There is in the long term some four percent of the vote to win!

We will be contesting with the Shooters' Party (SP) for its clientele. The SP is a State and Federal registered party, but has sold itself to the major parties for the nothing 'right' of gun owners to assemble in gun clubs. In New South Wales, they recently blocked together with the Labor Party to sell off the State's electricity industry to a Chinese corporation, all in exchange for a couple of petty concessions. Rather, we will return the debate to civil liberties, the right to use force in the defence of property and person and national defence. There is one and a half percent of the vote to win!

We will be reassembling the hard-core 'anti-immigration' vote. There is a pool of Australians who can always be trusted to see the immigration question as fundamentally determinative of the national future. There is two and a half percent of the vote to win!

We will be reassembling the vote locked into the One Nation formula, a vote interested in matters of jobs, freedoms, an informed and 'gut' alienation from the mainstream process of Establishment politics. There is two percent of the vote to win!

Taken together, there is a basic ten per cent vote which must be reorganised by a nationalist party as stage one of its electoral, direct and cultural work. At this point, I discuss this matter only 'electorally'. In this poll, we will commence the process that unites this vote. In this poll, our material and our actions will be tailored towards this outcome! We cannot this will be done all at once - because it won't be. However, we are certain to go a long way towards that goal.

We Are Green Without The Red: Australia First Will Push The Greens Off The Environment Ground!
Jim Saleam and Karl Glas (July 31)

It will take time, but these council elections shall initiate a process that shall see a slice of the Green vote directed to where it belongs - with the nationalists of Australia First. The nationalists are clear and deliberate in this intention.

We say openly that the Greens (at their core, amongst their leadership and leading cadres) are not really environmentalists at all; and we say and fully acknowledge that a constructive environmentalism is crucial to the survival of the Australian biosphere and the Australian nation - and the Greens will (must) fail to deliver anything like that.

So, what are the Greens? Essentially, the Greens are a humanist party. By that we mean that their collective mind is centred on the enjoyment and expression of personal sexual, moral or 'alternative' lifestyles. The overwhelming attraction of the Greens for asserrtive 'gays', lesbians, 'trans-gender' people, drug experimentalists and certain pseudo moralist campaigners on the subjects of open immigration and refugee settlement, is very obvious and basically flaunted. What objective interest do sexual game players have in the environment? What interest do new immigrants and refugees have in the Australian environment?

The Greens make a lot of noise about endangered species, or pollution, or the failures of government policies to deal with 'Greenhouse' gases and so on. That is what voters hear. Yet, the lifestylists who flock to them as members are usually high energy consumers people safe within their settled homes or communities - all with a dose of the cranky thrown in ( ie. they ride bicycles, hide a refugee, or adopt vegetarianism!!). But it is in the demand for higher immigration, the Greens reveal themselves as hypocrites. Each immigrant consumes at high levels the moment he arrives. To be Green, should mean - to end immigration. Our conclusion: the Greens are not Green. Indeed, the Greens have been in the forefront of refugee settlement and the agitation for open borders. The Greens have long run foul of Sustainable Population Australia, which includes many of Australia's foremost environmentalists, for refusing to address the population question. The Greens will never address population because they place immigration ahead of the environment. If the matter of race or ethnic origin creeps in to the discussion, the mantra of "stop racism" blares out and all rational discussion ceases.

In this election, the Greens are suggesting that, unlike the parties of the developers (Lib/Lab), they are honest and incorruptible. Really?! In point of fact, the Greens are politically corrupt! In exchange for some feelgood concession about a rainforest or a river, they will support free trade and open borders.

New books have pilloried the Greens on the population issue and on other grounds The latest book is: David Shearman and Joseph Wayne Smith. The Climate Change Challenge and the Crisis of Democracy. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2007. Here we see, that to implement any Green programme would mean stepping outside of the corporate version of free enterprise and the tired and worn out Western model of democracy. Bob Brown would give up his male lover before he would do either! However, the nationalists would do what was necessary regardless.

Notably too, the passage of the old-time communist cliques into the Greens has introduced as 'Red' agenda. Not 'Red' as in hard-left working class politics, but 'Red' as in the fuzzy "social movement politics" of the 1980's - gay rights, whales, dope, feminazism. This politics, personified by Lee Rhiannon, daughter of former Communist Party boss Bill Brown, says it all.

The nationalists begin by addressing clear issues, such as the desalination plant at Kurnell (Sutherland Shire) and overdevelopment on the New South Wales Coast. They will need to develop an expertise, which will allow them to speak authoritatively, which will come in time. For now, we shall initiate the struggle.

Can those young people and committed enviro-patriots trust the nationalists? After all, the media liars castigate Australia First as a party of racist fanatics whose driving spirit is ethno-hatred. Our love is for Australia. We reason that Australia can provide for its people with a sustainable economy and quality of life if we preserve its natural heritage. A new enviro-patriotism has emerged in recent times and rightly so. For us, the Australian biosphere is a treasure under our stewardship. It will be protected and defended. We are therefore happy to proclaim that the day of the rainbow Greens is coming to the final chapter.

Sydney Australia First Pickets Refugee Advocate Anglican Church (July 10)

On Sunday, July 6, members of Australia First picketed the St. Philip's Anglican Church in Caringbah.

The reason? The support given by the church to refugee settlement in the Sutherland Shire.

We reproduce (below) the text of the leaflet that was distributed to church goers.

We expect publicity in coming days.

When Churches sponsor refugees, they enter politics and neglect their flocks ….. What about Australian pensioners, unemployed, homeless people?

Why would Caringbah's St. Philips Anglican Church not only sponsor Sudanese refugees to be settled in Australia, but also spend resources upon them to maintain them here??

This isn't Christianity, nor is it common sense.

Some Caringbah Anglicans would 'help' people who are Moslems or animists and who care nothing for Christianity anyway.

Does the church take any responsibility for the Sudanese crime wave in Australia? Probably not.
Church community resources could be directed to help pensioners, unemployed and homeless Australian people. But this is ignored.

The church's stand is really called liberalism and globalism. It is a psychological disease. This disease demands of its victims that they give away their time, resources and assets to find a salvation in an orgy of self abasement.

No!' This is the politics of those who want Australia opened up to massive settlement and they usually play some sort of false moral game with Christians and the weak-minded.

Australia First Party says that these refugees belong back in their own countries.

Australia First party says that churches must stay out of politics or lose the respect of countless Christians, including some who have supported this protest!

It is time some people in the churches stand up.

If you are a Christian who doubts the church's line, read The Camp Of The Saints, the classic 1972 novel, that predicted the unarmed invasions of European societies by masses of border-busting Third World poor. There is no salvation in treason.

On-Going Opposition At Kurnell Against The Desalination Plant Is Correct (June 15)

The desalination plant wins no favours at Kurnell. In line with residents' opinion, so forcefully drawn out at a mass meeting in May, Australia First demands the immediate abandonment of the project and urgent action to preserve the environment and character of Kurnell. Australia First demands that the Kurnell desalination equipment be sold off or mothballed.

It is ironic that the desalination plant, which is obviously linked to the mad plan to explode Sydney's population to six millions by 2040, should be built at the very birth place of European Australia. Given the new immigration will be drawn from the 'developing world', it signals an attack upon the very meaning of the word 'Australia'. It is significant too that the technologies employed belong to international mega comapnies, all good mates of Labor government. In other words, the project is not about Sydney's water needs right now, but is a considered manipulative response to needs of the overpopulated Sydney of thirty years hence.

In this election, Australia First stands unhestiatingly - with the people of Kurnell village!

No To Development At The Kirrawee Brick Pit (June 14)

The Kirrawee residents and most of the business community are united against the development proposal for the Kirrawee Brick Pit site in Kirrawee. It is generally felt that the development, which would include a supermarket, would overwhelm much of local business and significantly alter the character of the area. Interestingly, another mega shopping centre is on the proposal list for Sutherland. More than ever, these development applications support the idea that the Sutherland Shire is to be the subject of a massive migrant influx. Economic development (sic) is the basis for population expansion.

The control over the Kirrawee Brick Pit site ultimately rests with the State Government, which can and almost certainly will, try to manipulate planning laws to override any decision made by the Council. Yet, in any case, the Council cannot be trusted either.

Published figures reveal that in the last (2004) Councils' poll, some $300,000 was donated by developers to candidates in the Shire.

State Government Can Seize Your Private Property And Give It To Developers - And It's All 'Legal' (June 12)

It may soon become law in New South Wales (as it already is in other States) that the government can seize your property at a "price" and re-sell it to developers either for a profit, or if it is deemed in the "public interest" - at a loss.

While the potential for corruption is enormous, the invasion of personal rights is remarkable. The proposal came from Labor stalwarts, something unsurprising given the clear nexus between that party and property developers. Yet it is the assault upon the citizen which is truly dangerous. Until now, the law has held that some land could be resumed where the public interest was clear (say for defence purposes or for a railway, or some other public construction of obvious importance). However, the new law would basically define the public interest as that of the developer. In other words, a shoddy supermarket, or a block of expensive units, could have more of a claim on the public interest than the clear public interest of having people living their lives in their own homes.

This cannot be allowed to pass. The Australian democratic revolution which created a country where all persons had the potential to own their own home, was a great achievement. Much of the original 'settlement' of things at the time of Federation has been overturned - immigration restriction, protected industry, welfare entitlement and so forth has been overturned by the state power. Now it seeks to take over private property and hand it over to corporate property. A new democratic revolution is needed!

Senator And Journalist Tout Rise Of 'Far Right' / 'Racist' Party Over Contract Labour And Immigration Issues. Jim Saleam (May 22)

Senator-elect Doug Cameron was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald on May 20, warning that the waves of contract-labour about to descend upon Australia, might spur the growth of a "far right" party - or even "resuscitate One Nation". His comment was followed by Piers Ackerman in the Daily Telegraph (May 22), who stated that high immigration would fuel a new party of opposition.

All true. It is the view of Australia First that these facts have been known for a long time inside the major parties and within state agencies such as the assorted multicultural councils, anti discrimination bodies (ie those state bodies that discriminate against Australians) and security structures (ie. intelligence and surveillance forces that serve the Establishment by spying upon patriotic people and by working to disrupt their organisations). It seems that much media vitriol has been directed against patriotic people to mislead the public. Usually the media will trot out stuff about "extremists", "racists" and so forth.

However, as circumstances unfold, people are drawn into resistance. To defend their jobs and their families, they will not be deterred by some hack writer calling out "racist" in a tabloid smear sheet!

The contract labour danger has been warned about publicly by Australia First for six years. The party has campaigned in Young, Kilcoy, Griffith and other cities. This new attack upon Australia labour will be massive in scope and diabolical in inspiration. It will indeed grow resistance. What is needed is a party of rational radicalism to organize and mobilize workers in defence of their jobs and families. Australia First aims to become such a party.

Sunday Telegraph Reports Western Suburbs Refugee Leaflet Story (May 18)

The Sydney Sunday Telegraph has reported the distribution of 'anti African refugees' leaflets in Western Sydney. These leaflets were purportedly issued by Australia First. Whatever their content, the party has no connection to the leaflet.

Much information has emerged showing why someone might try to misrepresent the party's views on refugees, by vulgarising it to crude attacks. The truth is bad enough without misrepresentation.

Blacktown Council declared Blacktown a Refugee Welcome Zone on Harmony Day in March 2006. In signing this declaration of the Refugee Council of Australia, councils commit to providing practical support for refugees.

Some figures show (for example) more than 360 refugees have settled in the Penrith area since 2002, 174 of them from Sudan, according to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. One quarter of the 1526 newly arrived migrants who settled in the Blacktown area between 2001 and 2006 were from Africa. The Penrith Refugee Coalition has pushed for Penrith to become a Refugee Welcome Zone for two years. This group is made up of representatives from Mission Australia, Penrith Women’s Health Centre, Angels of Mercy, Anglicare, TAFE and Nepean Migrant Access in St Marys.

The following councils proclaim their cities and shires to be Refugee Welcome Zones. Brimbank City Council ;Casey City Council; Darebin City Council; Greater Dandenong City Council; Hume City Council; Maribyrnong City Council; Melbourne City Council; Monash City Council; Moonee Valley City Council; Moreland City Council; Port Phillip City Council; Whittlesea City Council; Yarra City Council; Greater Geelong City Council; Surf Coast Shire Council; Bassendean Town Council; Fremantle City Council; Subiaco City Council; Vincent Town Council; Ashfield Municipal Council; Auburn Council; Bankstown City Council; Bathurst City Council; Blacktown City Council; Campbelltown City Council; Canterbury City Council; Fairfield City Council; Hornsby Shire Council; Ku-ring-gai Council; Leichhardt Municipal Council; Liverpool City Council; Manly Council; Marrickville Council; Mosman Municipal Council; North Sydney Council; Randwick City Council; Rockdale City Council; City of Sydney Council; Sutherland Shire Council; Waverley City Council; Willoughby City Council; Lake Macquarie City Council; Blue Mountains City Council; Campbelltown City Council; Gawler Town Council; Marion City Council; Mitcham City Council; Murray Bridge Council; Norwood, Payneham and St. Peters City Council; Port Adelaide Enfield City Council; Prospect City Council; West Torrens City Council; Campaspe Shire Council; Greater Bendigo City Council; Hepburn Shire Council; Mount Alexander Shire Council; Mildura Rural City Council; Bass Coast Shire Council; Swan Hill Rural City Council; Hobart City Council; Wollongong City Council; Lismore City Council;

How much money has been spent by councils in the useless exercise of providing handouts to refugees?

NationalizeThe Freeways! Kill The Fines! by John Hogan (May 9).

Working families can't afford the Sydney tollways. Nor can small businesses. No can owner-driver truckies. In Western Sydney, people drive longer distances and invariably end up on the freeways. These privatised monstrosities are adding massive bills to stretched personal and business budgets. However, on top of the heavy tolls comes the system of organized larceny - the fines.

It is so easy to get a fine. One need not to have been intentional at it. One need not be a bad driver. But the system of everywhere-present speed and other cameras is milking the public of hundreds of millions. Council rangers are all over, just waiting for you to miss that meter by a minute or two while you waited in a bank queue or shopping line. It all must stop.

Let's look at the rorts overall. The sale to private corporations of the public right to drive freely about a large city like Sydney, was itself a breach of trust. If new roads were necessary, payment from a levy upon vehicle registrations, was the best course. The asset, once constructed, incurred no additional 'profit' cost which the private company demands. Indeed, tolls should not have been imposed at all. No time (or fuel) need be expended paying tolls either at toll gates or via e-tag systems. No wages need ever have been paid and no other costs incurred, in paying toll takers or the bureaucrats who must staff the offices which issue the 'tags'.

Simplicity was always best. However for our governments, it's all about serving its masters in the money world.

So, are fines the government's way of raising the income dollars they forgo when they sell off a public right? Whatever the case, the issuing of fines has now become taxation on a massive scale. From city council "rangers", through to cameras, it's oppressive. If you can't pay and try court, it's nearly hopeless. Extra costs acrue. If you don't pay and ignore it all, the Roads And Traffic Authority will cancel your driving license or vehicle registration. More costs. Then the baillif comes to seize some goods from your home. The last resort (because what is really wanted by the State Debt Recovery Office is the money) is a community service order or a few days in gaol.

All this wastage of public time and resources, for what:? Of course, many can pay, and do pay. And that's what it is all about. And the system is there to intimidate you to ensure you do.

So, what does Australia First say in this campaign? Australia First wants the roads returned to public ownership and the tolls abolished. Next we want restrictions placed on cameras. When a motorist breaks the rules, the matter should be looked at and a courtesy notice sent. If within a reasonable period, the 'offender' does a similar thing, then, okay, let there be a fine. As for the notorious 'brown bombers' (rangers) employed by the councils to raise funds, same logic. Let the numbers of these rangers be cut back, thereby saving money for Council. Courtesy letters to rules' breakers before fines.

Australia First is all about making things better for ordinary people. It is time for a revolt against freeways and fines. Our ancestors at Eureka Stockade burned their gold mining licenses. Is it time for a mass rally to burn those fines and to institute civil resistance?

Electricity Scandal: A Power Sell Off To Chinese Imperialism. The ALP: A Party Of Traitors (May 7)

The likely sale of New South Wales's electricity supply to the Chinese corporation, the China Huaneng Group , showed exactly what is really going on with the latest round of "privatisation". It is the imperialist takeover of an Australian asset by a company operating for an emergent superpower. Big language. Difficult language. Yes. Yet, this is the truth. And not just that.. The TruEnergy corporation, run by the Hong Kong Chinese billionaire, Li Kang Shing, is already building a power station in Wollongong and may bid for some of the assets. The Shenhua group, a coal mining company is interested in securing New South Wales coal fields - and uranium mines. It is a massive carve up of the public wealth of New South Wales.

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) has a major internal problem over Morris Iemma's latest stunt. Many rank and file Laborites consider this a sort of betrayal of their position on securing employment for trained workers in the electrical and other, related trades. It is a last straw in the bargain sales of the people's assets. However, these Laborites should not have been surprised. Labor has been selling off Australian assets since the 1980's. Labor has sold out every sector of the Australian working people.

Australia First opposes any sale of the electricity supply. Australia First opposes any sale of Australian public assets and advocates, openly and without apology, that whatever has been sold off in the sacred name of privatisation - should be nationalized. The infrastructure of this State and our country, belongs in Australian hands.

Australian families are doing it hard under the regime of privatisation and globalisation. If there are any honest men and women in the ALP, it is time they look again at where they are. Time to go - and leave the traitors to their rewards!

Western Suburbs: New Leaflet Scandal?

A new 'leaflet scandal' is brewing in Western Sydney. The Liberal Party had a bad press over fake leaflets issued during the last Federal poll, crude documents that purported to say Labor was Islamic-terrorist-friendly. Some Liberals have been caught out pushing them about. Now, reports have reached Australia First of leaflets in our name in the Western Suburbs, leaflets that are overly-strident in condemning the pattern of African refugee settlement. Threats have been received on our answering line that the Human Rights And Equal Opportunity Commission are going to get us.

How convenient. The police have become involved, even though the leaflets are hardly (in this instance, as opposed to false electoral advertising in the Liberals' case) a police matter. Is someone trying to get evidence against Australia First such that our electoral campaign can be 'damaged'?

Sutherland Shire Liberal Party Wrangles Good For Australia First

Widespread comment was expressed in the major media concerning Liberal Party internal wrangles that saw the local Federal MP for 'Cook' refused membership in his own local party branch.

The Liberal Party faction loyal to David Clarke was behind this gaffe. This faction was re-formed In August 1996 from the residue of an earlier so-called 'conservative' grouping. Tony Abbott was present at the foundation meeting. The faction was called back into existence to combat the emergence of Hanson and was in operation even before (!!!!!!!) she made her Maiden Speech in Federal Parliament, the event that effectively initiated her movement. The faction was designed to ensure there was little loss of Liberal membership to Hansonism and to rein back in those Liberal supporters who might be influenced by her. It was a clever ploy.

The faction of course has its own peculiarities and these things have lives of their own. Yet, through it all is the faction's claim to be a patriotic force. It will wrap itself up in the flag and express a conservative social ethos. It will criticise political correctness and espouse 'strong' lines on national defence and religion. It has been critical of "Muslim extremists" and the Muslims' inability to "integrate" into Australia.

In truth, the faction is ardently committed to immigration and its own version of multiculturalism. In recent times, the faction has been recruiting Lebanese "Christians", Assyrian "Christians" and amongst Vietnamese and other groups. A few years ago, the faction recruited former members of the South Lebanon Army, a criminal mercenary force at the service of Israel and which committed innumerable atrocities.

This commitment to migrant recruitment has seen the Libs in the Sutherland Shire bring in large numbers from amongst these groups to build Clarke-faction-controlled branches.

The more the Liberals brawl and the more aliens brought into the Shire to participate in Liberal politics, the less likely it is the party will stand well in the Council polls. Rumour has it, one leader in the faction, himself drawn from amongst these migrant groups, will be a prominent candidate.

Leaflets Under Distribution In Blacktown City And Sutherland Shire

Leaflets in support of Australia First candidates are under distribution in Blacktown City and the Sutherland Shire, courtesy of local members and friends of the party. The quantity of material has been calculated to cover target wards.. The party has received some encouragement from local people. The drive began on March 15 in Blacktown and has just commenced in the Shire.

Local Newspapers Tip Off The Voters

February The Sutherland Shire Leader (Feb. 14) reported that Australia First intended to contest a ward of the Sutherland Shire Council. The article was fair. It reported the local traitor Mayor, David Redmond, as saying: Australia First was a "single issue party" and that councillors had to be able to deal with "all members of the community." Hardly is Australia First single issue - and which members of the community was he talking about?

February : The Camden Advertiser (Feb. 21) reported that Australia First is looking at candidates in Camden.

There has been speculation over both areas for some time in the major press.

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