A campaign for workers, farmers, truckies, families, old folks and youth ... for communities, our towns, and suburbs and our heritage and freedom:
Australians Unite! Elect Australia First Councillors In New South Wales In 2012!

THE New South Wales election for city and shire councils, to be held on September 8, will see Australia First Party candidates step up to the mark.

It is an aim of the party to win representation in some areas. In other areas, we expect to cross over the barrier and obtain the public funding for our candidates and otherwise through directed preferences play a role in bringing more independents into local government.

It is also, an essential aim of the party, to have its elected representatives become leader-activists in their communities, upholding the nationalist ideals of Australianism and establishing new networks of popular opposition to the many evils of globalization now rampant. We aim that our politics become a 'permanent' and imbedded feature within as many of our Aussie communities as possible.

In our strategy, these communities become 'base areas' to extend the reach of our struggle towards the reclaiming of our country.

A vote for other than Australia First is largely a waste of time!

The election of the big party machines or the fake environmentalists called the Greens to local government will not address those issues arising from the challenge to the survival of Australian heritage, lifestyle and community cohesion.

Quite to the contrary. In the Sydney metropolitan area, the major parties are dedicated to economic (mis) development at all costs through the ramping up of population via immigration and in particular, the building of houses and shopping centres over farmland on the outer suburbs of Sydney and all around heritage sites and traditional villages in an arc from Camden to the Hawkesbury. They aim to build high rise living centres and create alien cultural zones in order to achieve the de-Australianization of sacred Sydney as they boost its numbers to six millions, the magic number they consider would make it a hub of the Asia-Pacific economy. This effort is viewed generally as part of the process of economic globalization and is argued by our elites beyond any polite discussion. Indeed, they assert its virtue with such power that they push to the political margins any dissent and name it and stigmatize it, a major mistake - in that any wave of popular opposition may now locate fellow dissenters and coalesce into a vehement challenge. In Australia First, the conscious vanguard of that dissent, the globalizers create their own political-gravediggers.

Do the Greens oppose the changing of Sydney into globoland? Not really. Because the Greens are a pro immigration party, they follow suit lest

hurled at them. They may object to the damage done to waterways or to pollution, but when forced to choose between possums and immigrants - the possums lose every time.

In regional New South Wales, the globalizers have struck at Australian towns and cities. Coal seam gas mining and water restrictions and water 'buy backs' are direct challenges to the viability of Aussie farmlands that once fed our Nation. Today, these farms and vineyards and stations are dying, whilst Australia imports foodstuffs! A way of life dies with it and heritage and small communities may be lost.

With the destruction of Aussie country towns and cities and rural production, the Australian owner-driver transport industry is threatened too; rural workers and service industries find themselves displaced and worthy people are forced onto the dole. A drift of Australians to the big cities is inevitable - and unwanted refugees can be shunted back out to regional areas as permanent welfare recipients. Is this a Mad Max movie? Or a type of perverse recolonization

with an agenda not yet clear?

In the ultimate cynicism to which the Greens also subscribe, much of rural New South Wales is now under mining claim. Almost all of the Riverina is under claim. Our countryside runs the risk of becoming a polluted mining hole. And that seems to be the plan. Unable to make the national books balance, the Lib/Lab governments see mining as salvation. Look at Wollondilly Shire in which sits Sydney's water supply at Warragamba Dam - even it is subject to the rampage of the coal seam gas miners and another rural living zone - is sacrificed. Amazingly too, this shire is slated for 25,000 new homes Is it a case of bust up the quality of the area first - and then move in the thankful immigrant hordes?

Any person casting a vote for a major party or the Greens gets what he deserves!

Is it a venal hatred of Australians?

It is not odd to us that the Premier of New South Wales, Barry O'Farrell, should express rancour at the "monocultural" Sutherland Shire and Hawkesbury City areas. It is definitely part of 'the program' that these areas in particular should be targeted, as Mayor Provan of the Shire lovingly said it, for more refugees and a more multicultural diversity. The Shire is hated by the politicians for the Civil Uprising of 2005 and the Hawkesbury contains some of the best of Australia's colonial history. These areas represent the 'old- Australia' as reviled by the elites. Culture busting is always an imperative for the revolution from above that is directed by the globalizing elites against the ordinary working Australian. These elites have long ago coalesced into a traitor class of rootless cosmopolitans that possesses the political power and which does not intend to freely give it up. To maintain power, they put Australia to globalizing revolution.

The Sutherland and Hawkesbury areas are not unique; there are other cities and shires targeted too - like Gunnedah and the Liverpool Plains thanks to Shenhua, a Chinese state-owned mining company and its coal seam gas plans; and in this area too, other Chinese companies buy up farmland to produce food, as they are doing in other areas as well - like Tumburrumba. This drive is backed up by a pro Chinese propaganda from the media, lies about our 'new great trading partner and friend'. Then there is Coffs Harbour with its refugee settlement crisis

Why do all this, if the traitor class does not consider Australians as inconvenient occupiers of a piece of real estate they could better exploit and sell off?

Resistance must begin local; think national, but act local!

Tony Pettitt, the National President of the Australia First Party and lead candidate for Hawkesbury City said: "If you want Windsor to be the next Parramatta, vote Liberal, if you want Windsor to be the next Auburn, vote Labor.. f you want it a refugee settlement zone, vote Green. If you like it how it is, vote Pettitt."

Mr. Pettitt added:

"We will be presenting the truth that the reason people want to live in places like the Hawkesbury is that it is like it is right now, a pleasant mix of low density suburbs and "Villages" set in an overall rural context. This description of the Hawkesbury is a perfect example of future town planning for Australia as it would be one day, under an Australia First government."

Essentially, only at a local level can we engage with Australians in numbers and offer other pathways to the machine politics of the regime. Only at the local level is there any remote idea of a level playing field with the larger political machines. And even then, we Australian patriots are squeezed. Nonetheless, it is here, amongst ordinary working Australians, we now build our networks.

Australianism in action

The Australia First ideology is Australianism - the protecting and promoting our (Aussie) community first and in every way. We put Australia and Australians first - before we are led off on tangents by minority interests. we reject the logic of the developers. We have no foreign pre-occupations, like easing the overcrowding in India, the Middle East and the Asia/Pacific area and similar humanist fantasies. Australianism implies no aversion to others, only a devotion to our own and this ethos lies at the very core of our electoral and community effort.

The Aussies are the underdogs now

and the little bloke standing up against the greedy developers, the supermarket chains, the banks and politicians, is the essence of our struggle. Thousands of people have joined such struggles and we salute these efforts. But we seek to generalize this struggle into a political force.

If we win representation, our Councillors will work might and main to clean up the cultural and moral climate of our suburbs and towns. Our Councillors might build support to maintain the sanctity of ANZAC Day, promote local history, declare their areas Paedophile Free Zones', dis-encourage the sexual lifestylists who proclaim their sicknesses 'normal', fight against homelessness and every attack upon families and youth; they might also work to improve the sports facilities or local parks and ensure their area is family friendly and that their Council supports local industry and workers in its contracts and dealings. They might upgrade neighbourhood watch schemes into people's patrols.

And our Councillors would encourage Citizens Initiated Referendum (CIR) to enshrine popular power. We are tired of the old democracy of stilted 'representation' only arrived at in a vote every many years; we want freedom and we want popular authority. We want our effort to bring about CIR at the local level to be a model for the New Australia.

The discouraged Aussie

We can expect that strong electoral results peppered by some 'wins' would give us an indication of what we could achieve on a larger territorial scale if we could enlist sufficient resources. With the prestige we obtain from successful results we may then reactivate the many Australians who have lost faith in successfully opposing the criminal actions of the current un-Australian system. Such a revitalization of the Australian willpower could furnish the party with more human material and on a larger geographical scale.

We are speaking not only of electoral resources and efforts. We seek to mobilize the community in its own interest to defend its farms, businesses, heritage and lifestyle. Many Australians have already started to fight back and may also choose to link their local concerns with a wider Australianist agenda. In unity and common struggle, there is strength.

To wean the Australian majority away from the suburban ethos and the false promises of the consumer society, and the non political stupor of disengagement from responsibility with its de facto acceptance by inaction of globalist policies and political outcomes, is the province of direct community action. Putting bits of paper in ballot boxes is only a small part of that struggle.

As the crisis of the system deepens, our party must be with the minority as it takes the first steps of opposition to globalist politics, demonstrating that we have an alternative - such that more Australians may follow us tomorrow. Because we are the party of tomorrow!