Which Councils Are Being Contested By Independent Nationalist Candidates?

Councils Which Will Have A Nationalist Candidate

The campaign is in its early days. All Nationalist candidates will be, officially listed as - independents. So far, we are happy to report that our presence will be felt in:

Sutherland Shire. This Council is divided into five large wards in the southern districts of Greater Sydney. It comprises suburbs such as Cronulla, Grey's Point, Sylvania, Miranda, Gymea, Como, Lucas Heights, Engadine and Sutherland. 'The Shire' is now under the pressure of the developers. It is the intention to field two candidates.

Marrickville City. This Council is losing citizens as it decays away. It groups suburbs such as Marrickville, The Warren, Stanmore, Enmore, Newtown, Petersham, St. Peters, Sydenham, Dulwich Hill, Tempe and The Warren. It is divided into three wards. The Council is controlled by the inner-city machine politics of the Labor Party. It reflects the rainbow unity of solid 'new' ethnic groups and the lifestyle liberalism of fringe culture. The intention is to field one candidate.

Coffs Harbour City. This council is organized as one electorate, electing nine councillors. The city is now under development-pressures. The city now has an 'asylum seeker' problem, homelessness amongst native residents and the youth highest suicide rate in Australia. A place of pristine beauty, it is now a city under challenge. The intention is to field one candidate.

Newcastle City Council. This Council is a large one, taking in suburbs such as Adamstown, Bar Beach, Broadmeadow, Cooks Hill, Georgetown, Hamilton, Jesmond, Lambton, Maryville, Mayfield, Merewether, Newcastle City, New Lambton, Shortland, Stockton, Tighes Hill, Waratah and Wickham. It has in excess of 120, 000 voters. It is divided into four wards. The intention is to contest one ward, possibly with a group ticket.

Councils Which Will Have An Independent Candidate Who Deserves Your Support

There are several Council areas in New South Wales which will feature candidates who, while they are not part of our team, appear worthy of your support. We disclaim any 'connection' with these candidates and base our commentary on various media reports and their written campaign and other public documents. These candidates have not solicited our endorsement.

In Narribri, there is Mr. Bevan O'Regan. Mr. O'Regan has served for some twenty years in local government and has supported several patriotic and freedom causes. At present, Mr. O'Regan directs the Constitutional Property Rights Committee, a body founded to assert the rights of the citizen to freely hold the use of his property unto himself. With the pressure on to globalise 'commodities' such as water and so on, property rights is a very contentious issue. Mr. O'Regan is a fearless fighter and servant of the people and deserves your support and re-election.

In Coffs Harbour, there is Mr. George Gardner. Mr.Gardner is known publicly as a patriotic activist. There is a strong group of independent citizens who believe he can carry forward the fight to secure a city free of over-development. Mr. Gardner has strong local ties and supports Citizens' Initiated Referenda.

In Griffith, there is Mr. Peter Day who has been a thorn in the side of the city establishment for the last few years. During the 2002 furore in Griffith over 'contract labour', an issue ignited by Australia First, Mr. Day while speaking as an independent voice, called certain local forces to explain themselves. This was a brave patriotic stand.

In Blacktown, South Ward, there is Joe Bryant, the former deputy-mayor of Blacktown. Joe Bryant has been and still is, one of Australia's leading patriotic activists. A grassroots campaigner for twenty years, he needs your support. Phone: 9826 1337

In Bankstown, North Ward, there is Lyn Abrahams, who was elected as One Nation in 1999.


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