Who Are Your Candidates?

The campaign has begun as this posting on the Internet takes place (October 12) The first leaflets and posted are now drafted, local contacts made aware of the campaign and funds being procured. The information provided here about your candidates will be supplemented later. This list of candidates is our first list. It will be supplemented by further candidates as the campaign develops.

Mr. Syd Cratchley, Ward B, Sutherland Shire Council

Mr. Syd Cratchley is a professional-clerical worker. He has lived in 'The Shire' for his forty years. Mr. Cratchley is a target-shooter and has spoken up for firearm owners' rights. He has had a life-long interest in Australian history and has taken the defence of this ethos to be of over-riding importance. Our candidate has a Christian commitment and finds in the multiculturalists' defence of other incompatible religions in Australia, a chaos factor in Australian society. This is his first candidacy for public office.

Mr. Darryl Wallbridge, Coffs Harbour City Council

Mr. Wallvridge is 49 years. He has lived in the Coffs Harbour area for 25 years, moving to the city from nearby Macksville. Mr. Wallbridge has worked as a radio journalist and is currently an entertainer and taxi driver. In recent years he has become widely known in Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas for his MC role at many public events, his first class puppet show which has amused children and adults alike and his appearances in local television advertisements. He is married with two adult sons. Mr. Wallbridge has been an independent candidate for Council (in the 1980's), increasing his vote each time.

Dr. Jim Saleam, South Ward Marrickville City Council

Dr. Jim Saleam is 48 years, and is a political organizer. He has lived and owned property in the Marrickville area for over twenty years. There is some political 'notoriety' which attaches to him as a result of Special Branch crime and conspiracy which saw him 'convicted' of the usual type load-up offences in the 1980's and 1990's. "I see that as a badge of honour", he says. He lives with his two children. Dr. Saleam is singularly placed to confront the political mafia who run Marrickville and, because he cannot be 'influenced', be able to achieve results.

The three candidates in Ward 2 for Newcastle City Council will constitute a group ticket.

Mr. Stuart McBeth, Ward 2 Newcastle City Council

Mr. McBeth is 21 years and is currently a student at the University of Newcastle. Independently of other direct influence, he founded a youth organization to fight for the defence of Australian youth. His 'Patriotic Youth League' is active at Newcastle University, Australian National University and in several Sydney high schools. This is the second time Mr. McBeth has been a candidate for public office; he was previously a candidate for the Legislative Council, as a member of One Nation (NSW). He brings a young person's perspective to important issues.

Mr. Douglas Richards, Ward 2 Newcastle City Council

Mr. Richards is 22 years and is currently a student at the University of Newcastle. His major concerns are youth unemployement, student welfare and the lack of representation for small business in all forms of government. This is the first time he has been a candidate for public office.

Mr. Robert McBeth, Ward 2 Newcastle City Council

Mr. McBeth is 50 years and is a small-businessman. He was formerly a member of the Labor Party and was always a strong supporter of that party. He became disillusioned with its direction some time ago and looked for alternative ideas. This is the first time he has been a candidate for public office.

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