What Are Their Policies?

Policy has two aspects: the general policy and the local policy of each candidate. We state as below the general policy and will lay down the local policy material as it becomes available.

General Policies.

Your independent Nationalist candidates all share in common a few general policies. It is these general policies which make us a team. This raft of policies is an expression of a Community First view.

  1. To open the office of mayor and shire president to direct popular election.
  2. To adopt Citizens’ Initiated Referenda (CIR) in every Local Government area, either by decision of the relevant council, or by persuasion at State Government level that it legislate for CIR for the whole State; and to encourage citizens to exercise their direct popular rights of initiative.
  3. To support all independent candidates to achieve office when and where their beliefs are not inimical to those of Australian identity, independence and freedom.
  4. To protect, defend and promote public awareness of, in every Local Government area, all aspects of Australia’s Heritage.
  5. To introduce binding contracts of service on all elected representatives.
  6. To sponsor the phased growth of local control over areas of government which directly impact upon the lives of the citizen.

Specific Local Policies: First Statements Of Position

Mr. Syd Cratchley, Ward B, Sutherland City Council.

"I like the lifestyle of the Sutherland Shire and I observe the populationists are now pushing the development model. I can't support Shire Watch because they sat around and watched while change actually occurred. The Shire is a singular area of Greater Sydney and rightly considers itself as the point where modern Australia began. That means we have a certain responsibility to defend our heritage. That means both our physical heritage and our cultural heritage. This district has remained - largely - free of so-called ethnic crime. To keep it that way, but to do it within the boundaries of Federal and State un-democratic laws which make it an offence to 'discriminate', is difficult, but not impossible. I don't want to see alien religious and cultural centres in the Shire, institutions and facilities which bring crime and violence. I want to see Port Hacking dredged in order that boat-owners can better enjoy their sport or liesure time. Many people are clamouring for the fencing of Sutherland Cemetery and I believe it's long overdue. There is some real concern over the Lucas Heights nuclear facility in this time of 'terrorist threat'; all I can say here is that security must be drastically upgraded and I would lobby to achieve that - or I would fight to have the place shut down. It's either/or. I pledge to be an accessible, independent voice in Council."

Mr. Darryl Wallbridge, Coffs Harbour City Council

"I am saddened by the fact that Coffs Harbour has the highest youth suicide rate in Australia. It must be, can only be, that our youth do not see a future for themselves neither as Australians nor as citizens of our local community. Yet, I observe that Mr. Peter Hallam, a strong advocate of 'refugee rights', or 'asylum seeker' immigration, can organise money and resources from some Coffs Harbour people, to support utter aliens who are not part of any real stream of true immigration, people whose differences with us mean they could never be part of the Australian idea of community. I understand his support reaches up into city hall. I am dedicated to Australian youth first and I will fight for the extension of council employment programs and other services to put Australian youth first. Any organisation which has special arrangements (of any sort) with Council, but which offers assistance to aliens before Australians, will not enjoy support for long! The idea that council can't act to reduce homelessness in Coffs Harbour is also anathema to my program. This hidden blight needs exposure and urgent action. It seems too that Coffs Harbour must get that highway by-pass road and finally the bridge over Coffs Harbour Creek. It is imperative for council to act and push. I believe in building a strong non-big-party voice in local government and I pledge to work with other independents to compel the party hacks to listen to ordinary people."

Dr. Jim Saleam, South Ward, Marrickville City Council

" I am for 'regime change' in Marrickville Council. The Labor Party gang-of-seven runs the municipality as a fiefdom. We all know the mayor has parliamentary ambitions and it follows that the council's affairs are run with that in mind. I am committed to oppose the waste dump which has been on the drawing board for Tempe, and despite community opposition across Marrickville, has slyly remained a sub-text in Council thinking. I notice the creeping signs of high-rise housing development in St.Peters and oppose it. I want to get to the bottom of the money-interests who lurk behind the Marrickville regime, twisting policy and bending community opinion to their ends. The 'Freaky-People's Democratic Republic Of Newtown' sets the model of cultural and social development for the city of Marrickville. This 'model' is a mouthful of applied universalism, globalism, multiculturalism, and non-gender-specific 'lifestyles'. We all know the mad commitment of the Council regime to this overall ideological model - and its reliance on the votes and shouting of this clientele. This clientele and their ideas repel much of Marrickville, including the older and more 'traditional' European migrant groups who are meant to stay quiet as part of the song-and-dance- routine of official multiculturalism. Well, not any more! I want to see a grassroots counter-movement achieving different cultural and social results. Necessary too is more democracy in Marrickville and I support a community centre for Tempe, like the one previously shut down by the Council for political reasons, to be funded by Council henceforth."

Mr. Stuart McBeth, Mr. Douglas Richards, Mr. Robert McBeth, Newcastle City Council Ward 2.

Policy for Newcastle: The following material appeared in a press release now issued.It is a statement from Mr. McBeth on his behalf and in reference to the spirit of the team.

As a young economics university student and employee in the welfare sector of Newcastle, I have noticed for some time the general trend of Local Government in co-ordination with our University, to strategically prepare this city for the step into a globalised city. Proponents of Globalist reforms use a two pronged attack to achieve their agenda. They play the economic rationalist to appear as intellectuals concerned about local economics. This economic rationalism is absurd in particular the importation of unproductive foreign labour to compete with my fellow young Novocastrians in the job market. To ensure no opposition to the death of Newcastle and its people, an attack on the friendly and good nature of our citizens is unleashed. The refugee and asylum seekers are thrown in the basket of immigration reform. Any choice for National or Community first preference is demonised as an attack on humanitarian values. Both the mind and heart are targeted in the name of reform.

Newcastle First far from being a reactionary movement agianst this, like others in the past, is a movement that uses both mind and heart to fight for Novocastrian identity, independence and freedom. We favour decentralised local based developmental economics for the welfare of our citizens because we believe the primary foucs should be developing Newcastle, not changing it.

We know our homeless hostels are not coping and unemployment levels are unacceptably high in Newcastle and believe our humanitarian focus should be concerned with our people. On a broader perspective we also believe this for all communities around the world. The transportation of refugees around the world is no good for them or us. They are simply pawns in a game of global elitist conquest.

I believe nowhere in Australia can the fight for freedom vs slavery or global control vs national preference be seen as sharply - than in Newcastle. The strategy of council and university discussion papers clearly states that their aim is to make Newcastle like Sydney in the next ten years. It is because of this that I believe the fight for Australia as a nation can be clearly argued in Newcastle at both local electorate and university levels.

Let the revolution for the progressive development of Newcastle under the title of Un-reform begin!

Vote 1 Newcastle First: The Newcastle team has issued the following programme on Local Issues.



It is not necessary to bow down to a State Government which wishes to close our Rail System for economic reasons. It is not necessary to simply oppose them; action and reaction are both equal and opposite.

The Rail System from Broadmeadow to Newcastle is owned by the people of NSW. It is a local responsibility to promote the use of Rail and leave motor vehicles out of the city.

That is adopting a Park the Car and commute policy similar to areas of Sydney where there is space to build car parks near the Station.

There is already a viable plan which would see the closure of the rail crossing at Civic. The Hamilton and Wickham crossings may be reviewed for possible one way loops around the city.

The expertise and skills are available within the Council, provide the people with direction and they will serve the community.


The recent State Government Environment legislation effectively requires the reduction of water consumption by 40 percent in all new buildings. A responsible interpretation is to apply this to all Development Applications.

The use of a domestic water tank and single pipe plumbing will provide a grey water solution in the suburban dwelling.

The challenge to the City of Newcastle is to develop a plan suitable for urban dwellings and the redevelopment of the empty buildings. Bring business back to the city and create an environment for people to live and work.

The expertise and skills are available within the Council, provide the people with direction and they will create a lifestyle for the people of Newcastle.

Public Land Policy

Controlled development may benefit the city and the community. The implementation of Policy must not only be consistent but must be seen to be consistent.

The sale of Defence Land is a Federal decision. The local issue is should that land be returned to the people as a public park or should it be developed? When was the last time a public park was created in the city of Newcastle?

Sydney wishes to relocate its container terminals and develop its foreshores. The ideal relocation sites are Newcastle and Wollongong. The problem is the Newcastle foreshores have been sold for development.

Had we retained Public Land we may now make a different decision.

Council requires both vision and leadership rarely are these qualities found in one person. The voice of the Lord Mayor is not sufficient; the balance of views in Elected Council needs to be visible.


The determined outcomes cannot be specified without firstly defining the reference of measurement. It may well be that the Honeysuckle Development is not meeting Environmental Standards, the question is what is this week's standard and how are we measuring it?

If there is a covenant with respect to the height of buildings in an area is it determined by the number of stories or the height of the building?

It is possible that an area may have a limitation on buildings for no more than seven stories. However if the measurement is height, then it is possible to have eight stories of accommodation for short people in order for the councilor to own the ninth story apartment.

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