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As news happens it shall be posted below, all items in chronological order.

The campaign is under way. But it is 'very early days'. Prospective candidates are being contacted. A few have so far come forward and announced their willingness to serve.

A benefactor of nationalist efforts in New South Wales has made a financial pledge to support the production of campaign material. (August 2003)


Paedophile Allegation Kicks Off Marrickville Campaign!!

On the night of September 15/16 in Tempe, about 100 small leaflets were put into letterboxes in three streets. Some were pasted along the Princes Highway. The leaflet was issued in the name of the non-existent South Sydney Community Protection Service and warned residents against "Dr. Jim Saleam", a "political agitator" known to be "stalking Asian and Middle Eastern children in the Greater Marrickville area". Confidential sources and direct information revealed that the leaflets were issued by Sydney's "neo-nazis", persons with a connection to a Liberal Party official.

Of course, Jim Saleam is a candidate for South Ward in Marrickville. He told us: "The effort backfired, with residents making their feelings known to me in no uncertain terms. I think it will bring support in the campaign." There can be little doubt the attempted smear was connected to our campaign and shows the depths to which some will go to frustrate this independent effort.


And Now It's Apprehended Violence Orders For Marrickville Candidate! Posted Nov. 15

The same gang which distributed 'paedophile' smears in Marrickville - are at it again. This time, a man with some connection to the group has been encouraged in some illicit way, to apply for an 'apprehended violence order' against Jim Saleam. The man claims that our candidate has maligned him at public rallies as some sort of "police informant" (untrue: the man has never been mentioned). The man claims to have been told recently that an assault done to him long ago was the product of Jim's instruction. We wonder who told him? He says he's in such fear, he's thinking of "leaving the country". It is more likely that the gentleman's diagnosis as a sufferer of Bipolar Disorder - is relevant here. This sort of harassment is novel and will, of course, be resisted and exposed. Interestingly, another sufferer of Bipolar Disorder was mobilised in September to make telephone death threats to our candidate; this gentleman is once again, safely locked up in a Tamworth mental hospital. The ready access of the smear group to the mentally disturbed - seems established.

If the Marrickville campaign is any indication, we can expect nationalist candidates everywhere to be the targets of the 'dirty tricks ops'.


Sutherland Campaign Will Sees 'Shire First' Leaflet Mass Distributed On November 29

Mr. Syd Cratchley is already campaigning. On November 29 some few thousand 'Shire First' leaflets were distributed in Ward B. Thanks go to a dozen people who made the effort. A Press Release was sent to the St. George And Sutherland Shire Leader which led to a substantial write-up on Tuesday December 9. The article was positive reporting and mentioned Syd's membership of AFP and the party Web Site.

More work will take place before Xmas.

Materials Issued To Stir Community Interest! Jan.29.

Materials have just been issued for distribution by all candidates.

A leaflet, Newcastle First has been printed in several thousand copies for Ward 2. A press release shall follow. The slogan: 'Un-reform Newcastle!'

A leaflet, Coffs First, is about to hit the streets in Coffs Harbour. This hard-hitting leaflet in support of Darrell Wallbridge has targeted the asylum-seeker cult that has do-good organisations and leading citizens falling over themselves to put Australians last for houses and other services.

In Marrickville, South Ward: another 'first'. A poster has appeared in the Greek language; it indicts the Labor Council for its multiculturalist propaganda, a ruse to cover over its support for asylum-seeker invaders and the sick 'culture' of the trendy element in Newtown. The aim is to compel the multiculturalist media to address the division of interest between a traditionalist community and the degeneracy of modern Australia!

In Sutherland Ward B, it's a very different poster which has apperared: "It's Totally Un-Australian Not To Vote For Syd Cratchley." This poster mentions Syd's opposition to further development and calls for a cap on pensioner rates.

Community First Leaflets Appear All Over South Ward Marrickville On Feb.21.

Thanks to hard work by dedicated campaign workers, 'Community First', the mass leaflet in support of Jim Saleam's candidacy, has been distributed to a third of the homes in South Ward. The work was carried out throughout the day and into the night.

The Labor Party has announced in its election broadsheet that it has "An Ongoing Commitment To Refugees: Not Out Of Sight And Not Out Of Mind". The snivelling ultra-liberal faith that asylum-seeker immigration is good runs throughout the half-page statement. The sharp contrast with our position puts the issues staraight before the people.

Andrew West Of Sun-Herald Smears Saleam With Lies And Smut

The Labor Party connected, Andrew West, a journalist with the Sun-Herald newspaper, let rip on February 29 with a barrage of lies and smut aimed at our Marrickville South Ward candidate, Jim Saleam.

West telephoned Saleam on February 26 and 27. Ostensibly, he was enquiring about the campaign and what was suggested was the controversial 'past' of our candidate. A tape recording is in existence and in our possession. West suggested a balanced and reasonable article would come into being. It would contrast previous methods of political action engaged in by Jim Saleam with the council-electoral approach. West said he had read the Web Site.

However, when the article appeared, it was clear that his interview questions bore scant relation to the text. West said and otherwise imputed that Jim Saleam (i) had worn a paramilitary uniform in the 1980's and 1990's as part of his politics (Lie); (ii) had invaded a church service to preach anti-immigrant views (Lie) ; (iii) had earned a PhD whilst a prisoner (Lie) ; (iv) had been connected (by the strongest implication) to death threats made to a church (Lie) (v) had been a neo-nazi (Lie)

We wonder how these sort of scribblers sleep at night! We shall advise on legal correspondence entered into with the newspaper.

Wallbridge Campaign Grows

The campaign of Darrell Wallbridge for Mayor and Council is moving along with the candidate's name appearing in articles in the Coffs Harbour Advocate.

In the week March 9 - 15, we expect the new Coffs First leaflet to make the rounds. Wallbridge, who drew top of the ticket in the list of ungrouped Independents, has preferenced other independents.

Error Corrected In Newcastle Campaign
Dear Dr John Tate,

Thank you for your email. We have received advice from the Electoral Commission today with respect to this error. The Lord Mayor, John Tate, wished for this simply to be drawn to our attention.

The confusion in our editing occurred as a result of the document Newcastle City Council 'Ethnic Affairs Policy' Statement; Prepared by the University of Newcastle.

The majority of feedback that we have received has been supportive of the fact that our group has provided the only alternative 'Ethnic Affairs Policy' for this election.

There has been very few negative comments and we have taken the opportunity to respond to all parties, thanking them for expressing their opinion.

We wish to also extend the courtesy to you and the Lord Mayor John Tate for assisting us in drawing this error to our attention.

It is pleasing to be part of society which allows us to communicate our views. We look forward to open discussions both at city council and university.

Yours Sincerely,
Newcastle First

Federal Member Anthony Albanese Uses Parliament To Smear Saleam. Agenda Exposed

The Labor Party is desperate in Marrickville. The stench around Mayor Barry Cotter has the Sussex Street Labor machine very worried. Strong Green challenges and good independent teams threaten to dethroan the Cotter regime. So Anthony Albanese, Member for Grayndler, rose in Federal Parliament on March 23 to smear Jim Saleam and through him smear other independent candidates - and all in the name of "diversity" and "multiculturalism", of course.

This professional grub has found "preference deals" between the independents and suggests that Jim Saleam has played a role. Albanese falsely stated that our candidate had been convicted of attempted murder and had been "photographed" with the "Nazi party". THe Albanese smear shows us the function of the Andrew West text which established the 'facts' the smear-monger could use in parliament..

Mr. Saleam spoke to Alex Mitchell of the Sun-Herald on March 24. He said that he had never met the two named independents on the Morris Hanna ticket. He said he had never met two of the three on another independent ticket. He said that he had never discussed preference swaps with other candidates but did confirm a second preference to the Hanna ticket. He said that Labor was desperate in Marrickville.

The back-handed praise of the grub of Grayndler for Jim Saleam stirs us to further action.

Syd Cratchley Denounces Desecration At Kurnell National Park

Political correctness threatens to remove signs of European Settlement at the very point modern Australia began Kurnell National Park.

Syd Cratchley issued a press statement on March 24 opposing this filthy conspiracy. He foreshadowed that a major public campaign would be built in the area after the March 27 poll to reverse the decisions.

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