We publish a vital and interesting text by well known patriotic activist Joe Bryant. It can be read in conjunction with the document Why Should Nationalists Contest Council Polls? The Editors.
I write to inform you that I, Joe Bryant, have nominated in the Ward Five, Blacktown City Council Elections due to be held on March 27 next.
It is some time since I have made contact due to the cost of postage involved in a large mail list that exceeds six thousand addresses across Australia.
This letter is only going to a few people on the mail list that are within a reasonable distance of Blacktown in an effort to enlist their support, in whatever way they see fit with this campaign.
A lot is happening that can be brought to the attention of the public from the position of local councillor, and in fact it is possible to stop some of the plans that are not in the best interests of the people or Australia.
Blacktown City Council is the largest City Council in Australia, outside of Brisbane, which is an amalgamation of 27 Councils and as such holds sway within the family of councils, a fact your attention will be drawn to later in this communication, at least this was the case when I last represented ward five on Council.
One example of what can be done, and was accomplished last time I was an elected member of council,  involves the long range establishment plan to change the way government operates in Australia, of which you may or may not be aware:
This plan involves a first major step of altering the system of local government from what we have, to a system of regional government, which is to establish 44 regional government areas across Australia, to replace the 646 local councilsThe plan includes, not electing  officials to run these regional bodies, but appointment of officials as administrators, by Federal governmentThe 1988 referendum seeking recognition of local government in the Constitution was a key part of this plan, transferring control over local government from state to federalIt is now history that this move failed, but the plan has not changed and a campaign is again building to accomplish this part of the plan.
I am totally in favour of constitutional recognition of local government, but not in the form proposed in the 1988 referendum Local governments desperately need to be secured in the Constitution, but secured in their own right with their own Constitution and a guaranteed share of state and federal revenue.
What was planned in the 1988 referendum brought me to spend six weeks campaigning from South Australia to Queensland for a NO vote, a campaign that was particularly successful because I secured supportive coverage in all but two regional newspapers, the majority of radio stations and all regional TV stations. Securing this massive coverage was in no small way owing to the efforts of the man who accompanied me during the six week campaign, Ian Johnston, from Hornsby, and the Trojan horse, Effie.
A second example involves an organisation called WESROC, which is one of the NSW Regional Organisations of Councils (ROCs), organisations put in place to spearhead the move from local government as we know it to the planned 44 regional government authorities. WESROC consisted of nine local councils, Blue Mountains to Parramatta and Prospect County Council, the electricity supplier, before the state government demolished it.  This ten-council-body was well recognised as the leading ROC in NSW, setting examples for other ROC-organisations to follow.
It was no accident that WESROC was the leader; this resulted from the fact that all but one of the 9 councils had long term Labor controlled councils, facilitating Laborís agenda, of which regional government is a key part
I,  like most Australians, was not aware of these plans until I was elected to council and became one of the two Blacktown Council delegates sitting on WESROC.
During my stint on WESROC I found that the plans to build a WESROC Council Chamber in Blacktown were almost complete.  It was not long before I realised that the planned WESROC Council Chamber would in fact be the establishment of a totally new seat of government, something that had not dawned on any of the councils, that is apart from the few driving the plan along, the main one of which was Mark Latham, one of the two Liverpool Council delegates (And now leader of the opposition party - The Labor Party - Editor)
To cut a long story short, I managed to convince sufficient of the twenty WESROC council members of what was really going on and managed to defeat the proposal to build the new council chamber.
The above are just two of the major victories I all but single-handedly brought to foil the establishmentís plans, - actions, together with similar actions that led to the Commonwealth Bankís (then State Owned - The Editor) attack on my businesses and me personally,  when we were never in default of any arrangements with the bank, an attack that was instrumental in removing me from council, in addition to doing massive financial damage to my businesses and familyThis reveals the nature and power of the establishment and their control over banks and political parties, including the ALP.
How does the establishment cover up its activities?   With  the excuse that council amalgamations bring cost benefits, of which there is no evidence.  But even if true, this is not the real agenda. Centralisation, as Aquinas said, defeats democracy the more remote a representative, the less he represents.
We should also be aware of the potential for some councils to play the part of the bad guy, with the objective of discrediting councils in general, thus promoting distrust and calls to do away with them.  The same potential exists at state government level, promoting calls to do away with state governments.
State governments going from one crisis to another is probably more to do with building resentment and support to do away with state governments than it has to do with incompetency.  The ongoing Hospital fiasco, the policing fiasco, public transport, education and many others are allowed to fester for a purpose, not by accident.
When you consider all these things, against the establishmentís long term plan, which is also published Labor policy,  to restructure government across Australia to a series of 44 regional authorities (ROCs) appointed from Canberra, where a single House of the Federal Parliament (The States House, (the Senate, abolished on the basis that there are no states) will administer One World Government for the world establishment (MoneyPower), the jigsaw may become a little clearer.
Given Labor party policy, and the state governmentís recent sacking of South Sydney Council and the City of Sydney Council, followed by the sacking of three North Coast Councils, sackings that involved a fax to the mayor, without any prior consultation, shows the intent and arrogance of the Labor controlled State Government.
Not only did these sackings come as a shock to those councils but also to the residents and rate payers who were not consulted.  We can see from this arrogance that the state government believes it owns local councils and that the people are of no consequence.
There is no doubt that this arrogance has been reinforced by the yes men and women making up Labor controlled councilsArrogance, maybe too soft a word, maybe dictatorial is the correct word, in any case, if it is not addressed more councils and their communities will feel the dictatorís breath as Labor moves to implement its regional government policy.
Some people have reservations about the usefulness and/or the quality of local councils. These factors are controlled by you, the elector and if your local government is on the nose then it is your fault for not taking sufficient interest.
When forming opinions about government, whether it is local, state or federal it is important to understand that removing any level will only result in removing the elected official.  All the other officials-bureaucrats and departments of government will remain.  In effect this means that we would be removing our only chance of influencing the bureaucratic machine.
My experience on Local Council is that it is the elected personís primary job to act as a brake on otherwise runaway bureaucracy.  It is true that few if any elected officials realise what his or her primary responsibility is.  Again it is my experience that once elected most people become part of the bureaucratic machine, instead of the brake on it
If we can correct this fault we can solve the problem of bad government at all levelsGetting this message across to elected officials is one of the challenges of the next decade.
To make this position a little clearer, please consider your local council and what it does around your local area.  Now consider who will do the work if we allow local councils to be abolished/amalgamated.  Will it not require the same number of people, the same number of buildings, and equipment?  Yes it will.   If not the service will disappear.  What would we accomplish by abolishing a level of government?  Nothing more than the removal of your voice - youíre elected representative - the essential brake on runaway bureaucracyIf the brake is not working, fix the brake.  Donít throw it away.
Over-government is not the result of having a voice in government.   It is the result of too many laws and regulationsToo many laws and regulations are the result of elected people not understanding their role, as the brake, in the system.
Back to the point of the letter.  I need your help, I need it in the form of feedback on issues, I need it to get elected in the first place, I need people to letter box the Ward, to man the polling booths, to scrutineer, to write letters of support to the editors of the four local papers, or better still visit the newspaper offices as we did so successfully in 1988, to ring talkback radio alerting people to the fact that I am a candidate and to vote for Joe Bryant and other independents in the Blacktown Council area in particular, simply because the things that need to be done require the next Blacktown Council to be controlled by independents as opposed to either of the political parties.
Remember, electors will go like sheep, and vote as they always have, unless something stirs them to do otherwiseThis is our job and I am looking for your help with stirring up the electorate in one or more of the above ways.
The only elections won by other than the major parties are won by high profile people, I need you to raise my profile to a point where every elector in Blacktown has my name on the tip of his tongue and seriously considers voting independentOnly then do I have a chance of being elected and doing the job that clearly needs to be done.   
Joe Bryant.