New South Wales Council Elections 2004

The 2004 Council poll in New South Wales will be different. It will be different because, across the State, a number of new contestants will appear, with a new rationale for action. Officially, all will be independents under the Local Government Act. But all shall be nationalists, members of the Australia First Party who, by placing their Community First, are struggling in a new way - to put Australia First. You will read here what this new strategy is and how it was formulated. You will see this strategy has given a new impetus to the Australia First Party slogan: "better than a party, an alliance of independents".Then you will see who your candidates are and if they are in your municipality or shire. You will read the general programme to which they adhere and receive a guideline to the specific points of their local campaigns.Yes, there may be on polling day only a small number of these new grassroots fighters running for a handful of councils. Yet, this is the signal for a new community-based politics to reclaim Australia.

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