Krudd warns of the danger of the "nationalist Right":
For The Globalising Australian State, The Hour Of Reckoning Has Struck!

Dr. Jim Saleam and Alec Saunders
February 17 2009

This article has undergone very minor editing since it first appeared. Update Feb. 22.

From the time we entered nationalist politics - or what may have passed for that long ago - we were told by our learned elders that system change (ie. regime change, a change of policy, attitude, psychology, economic and cultural direction of the state), would only ever occur in a time of universal economic breakdown.

This time has almost arrived. However, as we learned, as others did too, the ropes of nationalist politics over thirty years ago, we became aware of two other vital things.

We realized that there was a planetary crisis factor in regime change, a matter of food, population and resources. This argument convinced us that a critical point may be reached, where the world would generate millions upon millions of 'refugees' from the overcrowded Third World seeking relief from pure poverty and natural danger, with Australia as one Life Boat option. As President Boumedienne of Algeria warned forty years ago, no quantity of atomic bombs might suffice to stem the human tide seeking a better life. Exit Australia.

We then accepted the 'Lenin thesis'. We borrowed it from the Left, but reinterpreted this truth regardless of its author. Lenin said that only when the upper classes can't govern in the old way and the lower classes get restive and refuse to be governed, is change possible -and this situation can be best-produced primarily by war. The Westernised globalising world to which Australia is pledged has so many war-crises in the fire that only one could trigger its demise. Globalism indeed, has a weakest link; it is only a matter of locating it.

These three crisis factors flow together into a single stream. Clearly, henceforward the globo-system has to be lucky all the time. We only have to be lucky - once! A window of opportunity for regime change in Australia has opened.

KRudd Gives A Truthful Warning About His System's Survival.

The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, recently wrote a revealing article in the Monthly magazine. It was his manifesto for action and a warning about the consequences of social upheaval in recession Australia.

He wrote that social democratic governments had to rise to the challenge of building a "practical policy response" to the current crisis that included a new regulatory regime for financial markets, or they would risk the rise of "extremist philosophies" such as those that arose during the Depression. "If we fail, there is a grave danger that new political voices to the extreme left and the nationalist Right will begin to achieve a legitimacy hitherto denied them History is replete with the most disturbing of precedents".

Oh yes, how true!

However, the Trotskyites are the Left these days. There will never be a radical protest from these moronic sheep in wolves' clothing. After all, they accept the fundamental liberal goals of economic globalisation, mass immigration and multiculturalism. They may huff and puff about wealth-distribution and wear Che Guevara t-shirts, but they won't blow this establishment down. The swine in high places will continue to jostle and tossle to position their snouts in the trough. As for the old Reds and the Stalinist geriatrics, they are dying off in droves, or are in nursing homes. Game over.

That just leaves "the nationalist Right" - to use KRudd's term for us. In fact, we are neither Left nor Right, but because we embrace the Australian nationalist labour tradition as a part of our ethos , we are a little bit of both and can accept too, "socialism without doctrines", the old programme of the true Labour Party, the better notion of a co-operative Australia.that united the different working classes of city and country.

Where the Trotskyite Left fails, is that it has no regard for Australia. It is lost in the warped dreams of old-time internationalist socialism and perverted utopias of a nationless globe. The immigration disaster shows it all.

Under KRudd, immigration will continue - with the Left's support. Some 200,000 this year. And the cheap labour coolies too, who will pick our fruit and work on our building sites. The immigration-driven urban development plans unveiled in Sydney recently, include vast apartment blocks built over new railway stations, accommodation for part of the extra 1,100,000 inhabitants to be slotted in over the next 25 years.

But alas for this lunacy, immigration too will reach the point of no return, where social and cultural tensions just explode. Do we fear that? We welcome it! The competition for jobs, housing and resources will crystalise in every Australian metropolis along ethnic lines and the multiculturalists will crack like the nuts they are! As the Australian people fight to reclaim their land, the Left will scream they are immoral racists - for wanting to keep it. The people will brush them aside as just another brand of establishment pimp.

Is The Regime In Economic Trouble?

Oh, indeed. Paul Keating told us recently that 200 of the world's top financial institutions have lost three quarters of their assets. He should know: he deregulated Aussie banking!

A company that fronts for the Chinese superpower has bought up Rio Tinto and another took Oz Minerals; and other assets too, will be fire-sold to foreign bidders.

Australian shares have lost half their value. Property values have sunk revealing masses of debt. Pension applications have exploded as Aussies have lost their 'super'.

Unemployment will jump by 300,000 in 2009. Massive public deficit financing is now the order of government. We are to be bought off with free gifts of cash, while the system desperately tries to stay afloat. We are being asked to go back to consumer-sleep.

Australia is - and always has been - a class society. There is a wealthy traitor class with its internal elites of media, politicians, bureaucrats, business nabobs and flunkeys at the top - and the productive classes (workers, farmers, small business and other patriotic working people) at the bottom. They have a nation to win. But the traitor class has no country. They are globalist to the bones. KRudd speaks for the traitor class and seeks to maintain it in power. This is the class that deregulated our industries, destroyed our farms, mortgaged our properties and allowed the foreigner to usurp all control. He opened the borders, flooded the cities with immigrants and proclaimed Australia had no culture, a sick policy to abolish the white race off the continent. We were announced to be part of an economic unit called 'the the Asia Pacific Economic Order', a part of the New World Order. We were thrown a few crumbs, as we consumed, obeyed - and died. Now this system stumbles into crisis.

We smell the system's blood! We are on a feeding frenzy to get to the great historical square up. We want back the Promise of the Founding Fathers, a great social Commonwealth of real social justice, work, property and security. On the deck of this Noah's Ark now, there is no room for the traitor class.

A Time For War.

Australia is not an independent country. Far from it. It is part of a New World Order system, a branch office of a system headquartered in New York and Washington. The point is that the regime in Australia (the KRuddite / Obamaniac alliance) rises and falls in large part on whether the system to which it is bound - survives elsewhere.

We note that Time magazine (Dec. 15 2008), in its item, "A New World Order", confirmed that the Obamaniacs are simply recycled Busheviks (the neo-cons) - and their wars go on under new labels.

The American empire is still at war in Iraq and escalating it in Afghanistan - so colonised Australia is also at war. Now America is in liberal mode under a Third World president, a literal statement, given Obama may not even have been born within the United States - and thereby not even be entitled to be president.

Not that this matters to the US regime. A new liberal rainbow bloc of the gay lobby, racial minorities, and 1960's white liberals, has moved to centre stage - with the Zionists changing over from the Bush line of Christian Zionism and fundamentalist morality - to the new liberalism. the old military-industrial complex stays on line.

The New World Order policeman is seeking to impose liberalism everywhere and to defuse its challenges by building new dangerous alliances. They will fail - in blood. Like when they used Pol Pot against the USSR and Vietnam, the regime has conjured up creatures from hell and is desperate to use other creatures to overcome them. Like when they created bin Ladin to fight the Soviet Union and now conjure new 'allies' to defeat yesterday's friend.

Peter Beinart of the shadow government agency, the Council of Foreign Relations, wrote in Time magazine (2 Feb):

"This has been done before. America won World War Two and the Cold War not by taking on all the enemies of freedom at once but by shrewdly isolating its greatest enemies even though that meant cutting deals with some pretty nasty guys. The US beat Hitler by allying with Stalin, and it beat Moscow in part by allying with Beijing. Al Qaeda can be beaten with the help of Iran, elements of the Taliban, perhaps Syria and may be one day, Hezbollah and Hamas. The US must isolate violent jihadists who want to attack America rather than isolating itself by defining the war on terrorism as America against the field."

But world politics is more complex than US foreign policy. This policy to expand the boundaries of the globalist liberal idea crashes upon the realities of the human condition. The policeman of globalism marches to destruction. His focus is on only part of the action (the Middle East) and it may be too late to self-correct.

Consider. Some three hundred million people in South-East Asia alone are so close to the poverty line that the economic downturn could push them back below it Indeed, while India reduced its poverty rate during the recent boom years, the absolute number of desperately poor Indians increased from 436 million in 1990 to 456 million in 2008 or 42% of the population. China now has thirty million unemployed and threatens these masses with military force if they don't stay silent. Businesses are shutting all over East Asia and the Asian Tigers - are really paper tigers. We sense the coming of a period ofl both war and revolution. We enthusiastically embrace the idea of the destruction of the old certainties.

So many flashpoints, so little time. North Korea has its opportunity to smash South Korea to bits - and crash a major economic player. Red China looks enviously at the 'other China' on Taiwan and may take its chance. The Evil Empire fights in Afghanistan to ensure, not the defeat of the nothing Al Qaeda of bin Ladin (and control of opium so the CIA can sell it), but to make sure Pakistan does not fall apart and in its instable condition fight a war with India. Such a war would make a full-blown Depression - after the crash of the world economy and the nuclear fallout poisons South Asia. And don't forget the Middle East, where Israeli imperialism still enjoys US support and militant Islam and secular forces of Arab revolution, necessarily arise against it. Will the Zionists provoke world war to retain their holy right to kill Palestinians? Will these psychopaths attack Iran? We can count on the Zionists to be Zionists; they cannot help themselves.

Yet, we should not forget the power of the happy moments of internal revolutions. Those pesky Maoist communists are rising in India, Ceylon, Thailand, the Phillipines and Peru (oops and maybe again in China!) those who seek violent revolution against the regimes of our trading partners. Do we wish them luck? Why not? They don't want to invade us, nor we them. At least, in the short term, they could raise no hand against us. In the case of the Indian Maoists, their revolution might set adrift a refugee armada of millions of Indian cockroach would-be yuppie parasites looking to us for a good life and thereby cause the Australian people either to rise - or sink. We would return them back to communist labour camps in defiance of the UN - or maybe just sink them in mid ocean, as we would any other invader. Whatever happens, the recession would become Depression as India's economy folds under Maoism - and regime change in Australia may follow.

Wars and revolutions, flowing together too as agencies of change! In the destruction of the 'New World Order' of free trade and free immigration, in the smash up of the US superpower, we see the beginning of Australian freedom. The Southern Nation must grasp its opportunity.

An Australian Radicalism ..

Yes, we are radicals. A radical is simply a person who sees a basic truth and will act on it. We preach what the establishment might call open sedition, that is, sedition to its belief-system. We are rational radicals. We have anger in our souls, not froth in our mouths. Like Henry Lawson, we say that blood might stain the wattle and that freedom must be conquered here against the foreign minded who serve the foreign master. We intend to proclaim it loud and clear from street to street, from suburb to suburb, from city to country.

Henry Lawson opined:

We boast no more of our bloodless flag
That rose from a nation's slime.
Better a shred of a deep dyed rag from storms of olden time.
And Southern Nation and Southern State,
Aroused from their dreams of ease,
Must sign in the Book of Eternal Fate,
their stormy histories.

Arthur Calwell told it straight. He said that, to have our freedom, we must think of an Australianist Revolution against those of wealth and power - against the anti Australians, the traitor class.

Frank Anstey would call a spade a spade and a parasite a parasite. We want our country back. We want all of it. We want our identity, our independence our freedom. We want power and wealth in the hands of the productive classes.

KRudd raised the spectre of fascism to frighten people and inspire his political police. No, it's Jack Lang's faith, not fascism for us. It's the Australian people's movement like it was in the 1930's, a new Langism against the banksters and the bludgers, a movement of national redemption - for regime change!

The warning hand has written upon Australian politics for decades. Countless organizations and persons have foretold the folly of banking and multinational capitalism and the mistakes and crimes of those who bend to the foreigner and sell the country out. But they were all decried and abused and denied a hearing. Now their warnings will be heard anew - as prophecy.

We nationalists are as a genie let out of its bottle and we won't get corked again. Our cause has waited a long time for an opportunity, to become a lot more than a mealy mouthed party of protest, or an isolated fraction. We feel the historical moment. Something has changed. That which was impossible once, is now possible, if not certain. No array of political policemen and spies, no media liars, no counter-gang thugs, no party chieftans spinning their yarns, can hold us in check. Force cannot restrain us. The spin doctors have no placebos to offer us.

Australia is awakening from sixty years of consumerist and suburban sleep. Holden cars, picket fences, trips overseas, a life at the beach and a good retirement, are second place things. We are the sons and daughters of Eureka, ANZAC and Kokoda and we want a nation of our own!

As the writer Victor Hugo said: "Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come."

Identity, Independence And Freedom For Australia!