An Electoral Programme For Australian Protection

We publish the electoral programme for the 2007 Cronulla campaign. Our candidate is pledged to fight to this programme. It consists of six points: This programme may be slightly modified with input from patriotic people and the public.

Six Point Programme For Cronulla

Protect Kurnell, Cradle Of Australia: Full resistance to any attempt at the Botany Bay National Park to downplay Captain Cook. Opposition to any desalination plant at Kurnell. No nuclear power plant for Kurnell. No suburban developments at the Kurnell for yet-to-arrive migrants or so-called refugees. In protecting the heritage and environment on the Kurnell Peninsula, we say: We Are Green Without The Red!

Political Reform: We demand a Royal Commission of inquiry into the membership of the Australian Labor Party to determine whether the stacking of branches in the South West of Sydney included criminals who were amongst those who rampaged through Sydney suburbs after December 11 2005; we demand to know the internal workings of the Labor Party which may entrench the influence of these powerbrokers in the Lakemba electorate of the Premier of New South Wales; this inquiry should also review the membership of the Liberal Party to determine if members signed up in its branch-stacks represent groups likely to have animosities towards any Labor criminal elements of the same ethnic backgrounds.

Security: We say the right of all citizens to protect themselves and their private property against serious assault, all sexual assault, home invasion and serious criminal damage, should be enshrined in law to reverse the onus of proof onto the offender as to whether the degree of force used in these acts of self-protection was reasonable and proper. Deportation of all immigrants who commit sexual, drug and violent crimes after the expiry of their sentences.

Policing: We demand sacking of the multiculturalist Commissioner of Police and a State apology to the people of the Sutherland Shire for the operation of a racially biased and political organised investigation of participants in the Civil Uprising of December 11. Pardons with compensation for all Australians convicted of, or imprisoned for, offences arising from the Civil Uprising. More money and resources should be spent on guarding Lucas Heights and training competent police, than for the harassment of Australians. An end to all multiculturalist propaganda inside the Police Force; the system that 'polices the thoughts' of Police officers and demands their political service to the official ideology, should be scrapped..

Transport: We will fight to achieve the transfer to the State (with appropriate compensation) of all roads and highways. Abolition of all tolls. Severe curtailment of all speed cameras and other revenue-raising operations. When money is needed to improve Sydney transport, a simple small increase in vehicle registration fees is simpler and non-wasteful of other resources.

Democracy: The introduction of a Citizens Initiated Referendum law, which would permit people to propose laws and have them voted upon. A top priority would be legislation to protect the cultural heritage and identity of the Sutherland Shire area: Captain Cook's landing place (the National Park in general), the Kurnell sand dunes, and for the dredging of the waterways.


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