A Candidate To Fight For You:
John Moffat

Your independent candidate, sponsored by the Australia First Party and other patriotic people, is Mr. John Moffat. Mr. Moffat has previously been a candidate in the Sutherland Shire, standing in Miranda in 2003. Your candidate has been involved in various ways, with patriotic organizations (Australians Against Further Immigration, Australia First and others) for over fifteen years. He is dedicated to this struggle.

Biographical And Political Statement

John Moffat is an unashamed nationalist, virulently opposed to the lunacy of multiculturalism and mass immigration. With a BA from UNSW, majoring in Political Science, John was equipped for a long term, independent study of how politics is played out in the real world - a concept sometimes known as Realpolitik. The more he studied, read and reflected, the more intrigued he became with the yawning chasm between this and political theory as it's taught in academe.

The mid nineteen eighties was a watershed. It was then that the first real debate about mass immigration, 'Asianisation' and multiculturalism broke out from under tight suppression, only to be rapidly and brutally quashed. John was appalled at how disgracefully a mild-mannered university professor and foremost Australian historian - Professor Geoffrey Blainey - was treated by the media and ruling elite (working as usual in tandem), his career trashed, with he himself effectively becoming a social pariah. And for what reason? For voicing the rather innocuous but deadly accurate observation that Asian immigration tended to be running a little ahead of public acceptance.

It was now patently obvious to many that something had gone terribly awry in this country. How could this be the much vaunted Western style 'democracy' that is presented to wave after wave of starry-eyed undergraduates, where freedom of expression and the right of dissent are hailed as central tenets of the nearest to perfect political system ever devised? Moreover, with an issue, against which all others paled into insignificance: the future racial make-up of our country, should not the people be allowed to have a say? The answer from the Establishment was an unequivocal, thunderous NO.

It's not difficult to see how some serious doubts began to arise about the true nature of Australian 'democracy', which in time came to be seen as little more than a hollow sham. With tacit Liberal/Labor agreement on the issues that really matter, such as immigration, globalization and toadying to the US (and let's not mention the foreign debt), it could be seen that Australia might as well be a one party state. It did not take any great amount of abstract thinking to see that this state of affairs would result in nothing less than the country John and his forebears had grown up in, and for which his father had fought as one of the 'boy soldiers' in the battle of Milne Bay, becoming an Asianised colony of the global elite.

On the morning of December 11, 2005, with an outpouring of national pride bursting like a star-shell over the environs of Cronulla Beach, John was there to see for himself the dawning of the beginning of the end of the grotesque vision so smugly assumed to be well on the way to realization. To the traitors and deceivers, it was shock and awe as evidenced in a reaction so resembling the lashing out of an enraged drunk. "This is a great day for Australia", John was quoted as saying in the following day's Sydney Morning Herald. Was he perhaps indulging in hyperbole?

Only the extremely na´ve could believe that this multitude comprising a concerned but peaceful cross-section of ordinary Australians (as opposed to the relatively small proportion of misbehavers shown ad nauseam by the media) was provoked by the antics of a few Middle Eastern thugs marking out territory and exhibiting a characteristic lack of respect for members of the host population. No, it was obvious that this had merely served as a catalyst after years of watching a way of life - the Australian way of life - eroded and on its way to being disfigured beyond all recognition by the insane policies of the Australian power-elite blatantly intent on relegating the descendants of the creators of Australia to a racial and cultural underclass. Observe a famous Australian beach - Cronulla - being patrolled by mounted police, and then deny that our way of life is being eroded as claimed!

In effect, the thousands gathered at Cronulla on that fateful day were drawing a line in the sand and saying "this is where it stops. We've seen other parts of the country lost to the invading hordes and we're not having it here."

On December 11 in Cronulla a stand was taken that in time will be emulated all over the country. It was a turning point. By standing up for the people of Cronulla, John Moffat has vowed he will be doing all in his power to ensure that the spirit of this day will grow and spread so that in the not too distant future patriots all over Australia will also be standing up and saying "this is where it stops".

Candidate Statement

Amongst the type of childhood memories that somehow glow as brightly as ever right throughout a person's life are those of many idyllic summer days spent lazing with my family at Cronulla beach. It was the perfect place to be,, when the understanding of such things as care and worry, was still waiting patiently at some time in the distant future.

A feeling of vague sadness is inescapable when I contrast those memories with the situation that came to a head at Cronulla last summer and continues into this one with scenes of mounted police regularly patrolling the beach - scenes unimaginable and unthinkable at the Cronulla of my childhood.

Just what wrought this jarring change? In a word, multiculturalism. This of course is a word that has as many definitions as the scourge that it is inextricably related to: socialism (multiculturalism being only able to survive through the enforcement of socialistic, central control). However, for the multiculturalism, as its stresses and strains were manifested at Cronulla, there is only one definition: the primitive struggle for primacy, territory and rights that will inevitable erupt when peoples of diametrically opposed histories, customs and traditions are forced to share common territory.

Even before the initial fallout of December 2005 began to settle and shock waves were still spreading throughout Sydney, the politics of multiculturalism had been rendered embarrassingly naked. Although the so called 'revenge attacks' launched from the Muslim stronghold of Lakemba were, to quote Paul Sheehan of the Sydney Morning Herald, 'an insurgency' - as much as any in Lebanon or Iraq - NSW police, now known to have been acting on orders from the top, scandalously and disgracefully issued a free pass to the insurgents. This generous offer remained valid, even as vicious personal attacks and mass destruction ensued.

In egregious contrast, as if to illustrate that the last nail had been driven into the coffin of equality before the law, the witch-hunt was already on for those a little carried away in the latter stages of a predominantly peaceful protest at Cronulla, with little or no blame leveled at the police who were demonstrably at a loss as to how to contain the situation, nor liquor traders who supposedly allowed the suds to run free and the profit to grow into a surprise windfall.

With the type of offences that usually attract fines when they occur on most Saturday nights being avenged in draconian fashion, it was obvious that an unmistakable message was being delivered to members of the host population who dared exhibit even a hint of resentment or reluctance to lie down before the multicultural juggernaut. Remaining unsaid, but understood during all this, was that the offenders were guilty of that most heinous of crimes: hate crime. Meanwhile, those involved in the insurgency that resulted in terror, spilt blood and random destruction were apparently considered to be indulging merely in high-spirited, perhaps justified, tomfoolery.

Exhibiting a loathsome but now familiar toadying and marching in lock-step with the state when interests converge as they do in a vast array of issues, dark mutterings began to be heard from the media: could it be that the eruption that had just been witnessed was an inevitable result of a build-up of festering, underlying 'racism' endemic throughout Cronulla and the Sutherland Shire in general? Come to think of it, why was the area of such unblemished whiteness? How had Cronulla and its environs managed to avoid the myriad benefits of 'diversity'? And so the insidious process continued of building the case for the prosecution and subtly demonizing and wounding an entire locality with the coward's weapons of smear and insinuation.

Why was Cronulla so 'white'? This is a question that could only be asked within the Alice-in-Wonderland framework of multiculturalism. Try to imagine the absurdity of it being asked before this loathsome experiment had been inflicted on us. And it is only in the throes of this deadly condition that other questions could be so blithely avoided, question such as: why is Cabramatta so Vietnamese, or why is Lakemba so Lebanese, or why is Randwick so Chinese? If ever evidence was needed that multiculturalism is a one-way street, this is it.

Like many others in the Shire, I take these insults very personally, so personally in fact I have decided to stand as an independent in the coming NSW state election as a way of righting these wrongs and demanding justice for the people of this electorate. In fact, I feel honour bound to do so and it will be the honour, so cruelly besmirched, of all those whose only crime is a burning desire to keep their neighbourhoods the way they are - Australian - that I will be defending.

I pledge, if elected, to serve the electors before other considerations. I pledge to fight for the implementation of my Electorate Policy and to consult directly and continually with the people of Cronulla to carry out their will. I pledge to employ all legal means to mobilise the people of this electorate to see their will implemented.

John Moffat, November 1 2006


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