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Debnam Still Loves That Multiculturalism While Howard Prepares A Con Job February 25

They just can't leave it alone. Indeed, we should thank Opposition Leader Mr. Debnem for being honest, in his own sort of way. At a time when John Howard is pulling his next con job, renaming the Ministry Of Immigration And Multicultural Affairs, as the Ministry For Immigration And Citizenship (and is talking about "shared Australian values" - whatever that may be), his leader in New South Wales has recycled the old phraseology.

Speaking around Australia Day, Mr. Debnem affirmed the supposed benefits of multiculturalism. We know the truth because we know about Liberal con jobs. Howard pulled one in 1988 when he spoke of multiculturalism excluding people and Asian immigration as moving "too fast" for some. Foolish people thought he cared. In 2001, he pulled the border security and refugee scare, the 'Tampa Crisis', giving off the impression "we decide who comes to Australia". Indeed, Howard did decide - and most of the Tampa refugees are now in Australia!

The editorial in the Sydney Morning Herald (January 29), wrote of John Howard as the "master of appearances", the man as "one of the country's shrewdest politicians", "whose policies are bringing in more migrants than ever". Indeed, bravo, the truth! The same editorial said that Howard acted in the time of the Hanson upsurge to "win those voters" for the "mainstream" and that he managed "to dilute their toxic attitudes". What we smell is political allusion, the con-job, the bulldust. The Liberal Party is historically very adept at convincing some that it will do the patriotic thing and get tough or defend Australian interests. While some Liberals like Debnem chatter about multiculturalism, Howard puts up the screen of a new system of citizenship and shared values - but with the highest non European immigration rates ever!

Liberal Party Federal MP, Bruce Baird, was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald on February 24 as saying "the White Australia Policy was rearing its ugly head" in the politics of Sutherland Shire. We can see why Howard and Debnem, dancing a wild duo, are out to put the cold water on that idea ever returning to the political debate!

Shire Ex-Mayor Kevin Schreiber Trots Out The Liberal Party Line On Cronulla December 11

The Today program (December11) brought out former Sutherland Shire Mayor, Kevin Schreiber, to push the peace and harmony line, the Liberal Party take on Cronulla. Mr. Schreiber spoke glowingly of peace and friendship, lots of government money being spent, "communities working together" and all the rest of the multiculti fantasy as justification for people "getting on with" their lives. It's all over.

People getting on with their lives? When the Liberal Party is cracking open Australia's borders for cheap contract labour? When Schreiber could not but be aware of the mass immigration plans for Sydney - and what's coming for Kurnell? When the budget of the Community Relations Commission extends to every brainwash program for the Shire such that its identity be diluted? When the multiculti dictators admit in print that they are out to divide people in Cronulla such that some people are lured to support the 'peace' line, dividing them off from the patriotic resistance supporters?

Schreiber is just another conscious and deliberate multiculturalist fraud. Sydney is an exploding cauldron of community tensions, not so much between the native Euro-Australian majority and Third World immigrants, but amongst non-European migrant groups themselves. It is held 'together' (if we can even talk of 'together') by commerce and police. It is an artificial construction. Schreiber has nothing but fear and loathing for the 'white' people of the Sutherland Shire whose struggle has inspired all Australia - to resistance!

The Party Of Paedophiles, Pederasts And Moral Garbage Will Lecture Us On 'Racism' November 13

In the mad world of multiculti, it is the case that 'fighting racism' (we shall define this in a moment) is in first place over all other questions. Hence even the possibility that the Labor Party might be a party of paedophile and pederast leaders living a life of moral corruption on every level, still means they are good guys if they fight the Great Satan of our time - 'racism'.

Milton Orkopoulos has his charges to face and if he's guilty, we hope he doesn't see daylight for the rest of his life. But for the ALP, the party of 'mates' (read: thieves and capitalist-loyal deceivers of ordinary working people), there is the culture of cover-up and denial. The truth must come out about the extent of ALP knowledge of every matter in the Orkopoulos affair. Who knew what and when? If they covered up - then gaol them too! We do not trust that the Director of Public Prosecutions or the Police Force (leadership) will do this. The rules for these state-structures are to be very cautious when it is the interests of the political class itself which are threatened and to limit the damage that will be done.

We note that Orkopoulos was in Cronulla earlier this year selling a little multiculturalism. Of course. This makes him a man of principle. It is therefore necessary (sic) that people don't think corrupt people deliver corruption everywhere. The 'line' on immigration and multiculturalism must be defended!

All are united amongst the political class in the fight against this Great Satan called - 'racism'. However - and it an enormous 'however' - 'racism' does not mean the ill-informed hatreds of silly people, or misplaced ideas that someone is 'better' than someone else because he has a certain skin tone. No! By 'racism', the political class means the group pride of Australians in their native culture and heritage of this country built up over two centuries, their European heritage in general and their belief that these things are worthy of survival on this Continent. It means that those who are 'racist' have a mark-of-Cain upon them and must be driven out of the social order by all means necessary. With 'racism' gone, the political class can get on with making Australia part of Asia to the great profit of those in the money.

So when we look at crime (from their point of view), their definition of racism is worse than the reputed crimes of Mr. Orkopoulos. Naturally. It focuses attentions elsewhere. The question is: would you trust a Labor politician with your kids?

Lib/Lab: The Parties Of The Developers November 1

Reports in the Sydney Morning Herald today revealed the scale of political donations to the major parties courtesy of the property developers. The Liberals received over $6.25 million and Labor over $8.78 million over the last seven years.

It is this sort of nexus between money and politics which sets the tone of these parties. To use the communist phrase of years ago - "capitalist parties" - might not be far from the mark. Lib/Lab means big business.

Voters in Cronulla need to think hard about Kernell. Is it to be eventually 'developed'? What about the loss of the sand dunes where the great film Forty Thousand Horsemen was filmed? What about the threat to the environmental conditions at - and around - the Botany Bay National Park? Do we really accept that the Premier, who fantasises about six million featherless bipeds inhabiting Sydney by mid century, would not dream darkly about carving up the whole area - for blocks of units to be occupied by people who are not yet even migrants?

Resist the parties of development by voting for a nationalist next March!

Cronulla Claims A Pollie: But Everything Stays The Same October 27

We know that most politicians are liars by nature, twisters of the truth at every turn. It's just that Carl Scully, Minister For Police, was caught. This would-be thug threatened Aussies just a couple of weeks back with police violence if they demonstrated - too boisterously in beach suburbs this summer - against his great love, multiculturalism. Now the tough guy needs to rethink his future. But really, nothing changes. The sad thing is that the sick-society breeds his type. He will easily be replaced.

The Cronulla Civil Uprising has had fall-out all over the politics of this State. Scully went down. Others will follow, perhaps even the Police Commissioner before all is done. Personal 'collapses' are all to the good if they train Australians to see that before this country reclaims its identity, its independence and its freedom, it is the system that creates such politicians which is the real enemy.

Liberals Play Game On Cronulla Report October 24

Recent comments by Opposition Leader Peter Debnem - on the 'failures' of the ALP Police Minister Carl Scully - smack of deceptive opportunism. It is very easy to mouth off about Scully and his possible 'misleading' of parliament on the state of his knowledge of the police report into the Cronulla affair. It is a different thing to address the crisis of the multiculti order. Who cares if Scully gets 'censured' in parliament or some parliamentary matador like Debnem calls for him to resign? Essentially, Debnem wants to lure voters into believing his party is somehow 'hard' on ethnic crime. His spindoctors have undoubtedly been behind the 'gaol 'em all' rhetoric this system toad has put out over recent months. He wants to send out signals that he understands the people of the Sutherland Shire and their role in the Civil Uprising of December 11. The bottom line is that his Liberals are no different to Labor.

The Liberal Party was responsible, under Nick Greiner in 1989, for the 'racial hatred' legislation which effectively gagged polite discussion on issues arising from the immigration/multiculturalism madness. Does Debnem intend to repeal the Racial Discrimination Act? We don't think so. Does he intend to stop funding multiculturalist projects? Not likely. His party is also deeply involved in ethnic branch stacking exercises. Will he deny it?

We are ready to fight the Liberal candidate, Mr. Kerr, in Cronulla. The more he wants to sideline the real issues and talk of a few badly behaved ratbags who upset the people of the Sutherland Shire and criminals who 'revenged' for the Cronulla upsurge of December 11, the more we will focus on the facts. The Liberal Party is the party of high immigration and economic development at all costs, cheap labour and the free movement of capital and labour. Don't let Debnem tell you any different!

The Changing 'Face' Of Sydney: Ethnic Cleansing At Work: A Warning To The Sutherland Shire. October 12

Ethnic cleansing is operating in the Sydney suburb of Belmore.

Over the last few years, two significant migrant groups have acted in a particular way to alter the face of the suburb. And new intrusive 'refugees' have adopted a higher profile, exhibiting as they do those signs of special privilege.

The bottom line is that Euro-Australians are being displaced.

The 'changes' in Belmore are varied, but the impact is clear.

Most noticeable on an every-day basis is the display of Korean writing upon the shops in Burwood Road. The use of the national language seldom occurs inside these premises. The Korean signs and advertising are visible markers of ethnic change felt and talked about by local Europeans, whether they are 'Australians' (native-born) - or migrants themselves. These conversations between neighbours and workers reveal that the 'white' migrants consider themselves also targets of the cleansing process - and they are right!

A Moslem prayer hall has opened at 172 Burwood Road. Friday night prayers bring a few hundred men to the suburb. There are no proper parking facilities. Shoes are left outside on the footpath. The effect upon older people is intimidating and they stay indoors. Police hardly ever make an appearance for any reason of traffic or safety. The prayer hall is one of three properties now taken over for the use of this 'community'. A day care centre (unlicensed) seems to be in business in one building. The protest about this situation made by one woman to the local Canterbury Council ("Canterbury: City Of Diversity" as it calls itself), was ignored.

Interesting too, little will be done by the Canterbury Council to ameliorate the difficulties with the prayer hall. Quite the contrary. The Canterbury Council has ordered upgrades at parks in the area (Parry Park: $345,000; Punchbowl Park: $130,000) which actually to cater for the social activities of this minority. Of course, the parks may be used by all - but they won't be in practise!

The provision of public housing in the suburb has also catered to a growing minority. Older style Housing Commission flats at 278 Burwood Road now have African 'refugees'. One man drives a Prado 4WD. He has four children and his vehicle has a 'disabled' sticker. If this gentleman has this sticker and a Housing Commission unit, we may safely assume he draws the Disability Support Pension. His partner does not appear to work either.

It is well known there is a dearth of public housing and many Australian-born people know how difficult it is to be placed on 'priority housing lists'. It seems institutional discrimination is practised in this area.

Belmore is now receiving its share of street crime and there are the 'usual' public safety worries. Certain youth are also seen on the street at night around the railway station, prompting concerns from girls and older people.

The ultimate aspect of ethnic cleansing is that, after it operates on a cultural and psychological level, the target group - begins to move away physically. There is evidence of a steady attrition of native Australians and other Europeans from the area. Even people with generational ties to the area find the preservation of their community impossible. This is the ultimate tragedy. The loss of Australianity is a crime. It is a genocide of an identity. We have the right to resist the State that imposes it!

Harry Triguboff, His 150 Millions Population Fantasy For Australia, With 20 Millions For Sydney, The Enviro-vandal Who Lords It Over The Labor Party October12

Harry Triguboff, who heads the Meriton property development group and who is one of Australia's ten richest men, let it all out in the Sydney Morning Herald on October 11. Harry wants to see Australia's population increased to 150 millions. He wants Sydney's population to balloon to 20 millions. Needless to say, this population-push could only involve opening Australia to mass Third World immigration. Harry wasn't even concerned if his chosen migrants could speak the language: "What's more important to me, a guy who can fix my tap or a guy who can speak English?" It means too that the cultural and biological environment of Sydney goes under the concrete.

When asked about how the numbers would squeeze into Sydney, Triguboff said that national parkland and other parkland should be built on. If people wanted to see "trees", "go to Katoomba", he added. Sydney just had "too many" trees and parks. "Reserves" along our coastline were also within his sights.

The logic of developmentalism from a man earning two millions a week from rents alone, is best seen in this case. Triguboff even freely boasted of his connections to the Labor government of the last decade, first under Carr and now, with Morris Iemma. Close relations with Ministers was "the way it works", he said; he came close to saying that the goal was to have the little-men of politics right in one's pocket. Yes, indeed. It's good to own a Labor Party.

The ordinary Australian can now best understand the Labor Party as a party of grub-lawyers and hack-men, public deceivers who pander at every turn to the capitalists. It's that simple. That's the purpose too! With their 'labour' connections, the Labor Party can convince ordinary folks that they 'represent' them. The Labor Party does not represent the blue-collar worker. By conning the working people, they provide a cover for the naked rule of the money-men. They are 'rewarded' when they leave office.

Rightly, Australians have some reservations about nationalizing property. But the old-time Labor Party did suggest limited nationalizations had logic if such actions served the public good. Perhaps that is right? Nationalizing the property of creatures of the Triguboff-type would be a fitting public payoff for decades of their looting of the public domain. Let history decide!

Peter Debnam Talks The Tough Talk .... Yeah... Yeah ...Yeah. October12

The St. George And Sutherland Shire Leader interviewed NSW 'Opposition Leader', Peter Debnam, on October 5. The LIberal Party leader was full of misleading (for the voters) chatter about toughening up the police response to South West Sydney criminal gangs, getting more of the Cronulla revenge-attackers before the courts and strengthening the Police Force.

The truth, which Mr. Debnam isn't telling, is that vicious and destructive crime in New South Wales stems from two sources: it is an immigration problem; and it is derived from a corrupt 'liberal' idea - that anything is permissable in the pursuit of happiness - seizing hold of mass culture.

The immigration problem is as obvious as it can be and the Federal Liberal Party is the highest-immigration-government in history. Debnam will not challenge that. He can mouth off as he wants, but the ethnic crime gangs who run much of Sydney crime were established through the open door of immigration. Labor did much of it in the 1980's and the Liberals continued it. Mr. Debnam doesn't want ethnic criminals deported so - he must want you to cop it sweet.

But far deeper are the social problems of our society which have created a climate of the degenerate, those things that are causing us to reap the inevitable.reward of our laxity - in sex crime, vandalism and street crime. Because our Liberals intend to maintain the free society, they can't complain. Indeed, it's all a smokescreen anyway. The Libs know! Drugs, sex crime, anti-social crime and so on, arise from a society with no sense of itself, one in which the human animal sets out to achieve his 'goals' as the meaning of life. Essentially, such a society has no worth. It's a deep question and it's like saying the solution to crime isn't about policing. Indeed, that is the case; the solution to crime is all about having a clean society.However, the Libs have been selling the free society for several decades and they aren't going to change now.

Peter Debnam represents (for a time: until he moves on into corporate life) just another system party leader strutting his stuff. His aim is to con you into believing all is basically well. Our society, according to his ilk, just needs a bit of tinkering to fix it up. Really? Vote Liberal if you believe him!

Morris Iemma Supports 'American Studies Centre' : A Slippery Game For Moslems, Jews And Patriotic People. October1

It's slippery politics all-round.The Premier of New South Wales, Morris Iemma, has lent his support to the creation of an American Studies Centre at a soon-to-be-chosen university in Sydney. The Centre will peddle America-loving propaganda about "power and democracy", "wealth creation", "rights protection". What a sham! The American political system is a system for the super rich. Creating wealth means free trade, open borders and the rights of the huge corporation. Democratic rights means: secret torture of American enemies, the CIA's dirty wars (like the 1980 - 1990 Afghan war when they paid Osama bin Laden for his services!) and attacking a country that supposedly had weapons of mass destruction. Right now, given Australia's crazy involvement in the war in Iraq (which has increased the dangers of terrorism world-wide), we ponder what all this is about.

One thing is for sure: the Premier really knows how to play juggle-politics.

In Morris Iemma's own electorate, Moslem voters would probably view this latest exercise as symbolic of Australia's enmeshment in the attacks made on Moslem countries by the USA. But he can still sell a little multiculti ideology to them and offer money for multiculti projects.

Then there's the Jewish-community-leadership, which has sided with US foreign policy in the Middle East (because it serves Israel); this Zionist leadership could only view closer American connections with real favour. The Labor Party has always been efficient at supporting Israeli aggression (just remember that sniveller, Bob Hawke, who once said it was ok for Israel to nuke Cairo!) and favouring certain local big business moguls (whether Jewish or otherwise).

Australian patriots meantime see there is both a radical Moslem agenda and an Israeli - American agenda in the Middle East - and neither serve Australian interests. Why attack Moslem countries if it's done for oil and Israel? Why not bail out of the whole international confrontation with Islam while minding our own business only - looking out right here in Australia for terror cells?

Morris Iemma likes his game because it looks just so down-right multicultural. It's also very dangerous.

'Shared Australian Values' For All? Okay, But Which Values? September 18

In recent days, both major parties have spoken up about "shared Australian values" being matters that all would-be Australian citizens should embrace. What values might these be? The Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and other politicians, to a chorus of well choreographed media, defined this as a knowledge of English, respect for laws, saluting of the flag, tolerance, acceptance of the free market order and multiculturalism.

Interesting. What if a devout Moslem for example - thought that the Gay Mardi Gras made him sick? Tolerate that? Could he be right? What about the general lax morality of our country-in-decay? The fact is many native-born Australians might also think a sort of tolerance that extends to an anything-goes mentality simply goes too far. Do we really share these values? Do we Australians really want to accept that our true values extend to accepting an economic system that is putting us onto a treadmill of cheap labour rates? Is this what getting a better life means to the pollies? So immigrants are to be the cheap labour force?

The Australian "values" talked about are really the values of those who run our country as one big branch of the world economy. Anyone can be "true blue", as one newspaper said it, if they sign up to this contract. Their values are a civic religion, but they don't really make a country. If a group tried to impose these values on a country like China - they'd probably end up in a labour camp rather quickly. Traditional societies would just consider it all - just one big dose of social disease!

So if Lib-Lab are telling us to get behind the new civic religion cos it'll make diversity work (!!), we should respond by saying that we don't agree! In any case, it'll never work. The sickness of multiculti diversity has just gone too far. The differences are too great for any civic cult to bridge. Good luck!


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