Crime And Security In The Sutherland Shire

The citizens of the Sutherland Shire have been targetted for racist attack. By this we mean that the essential values, the lives and the security of Sutherland Shire residents are under attack by Lab-Lib two-party forces from the top - and favoured migrant groups from below! So it was for years, whilst successive occupants of the 'Minister For Police' position ignored public concerns over Cronulla Beach intimidation and violence. The Police Force too ignored public concerns, riddled as the leadership was - and is - with multiculturalist sycophants. It took the Civil Uprising of December 11 2005 to obtain a reaction at all.

And what a reaction! In this on-going commentary, we will focus information to show to you that the attack continues. Indeed, it is deepening. While we may be looking closely at matters in Cronulla which involved people of a particular ethnic background and the current government's behaviour, our whole city of Greater Sydney is increasingly taking on an Asian character! What was it Pauline Hanson argued (we must add: with the full support of Australia First founder, Graeme Campbell) in Parliament 10 years ago?: "we are in danger of being swamped by Asians." Was this claim right? After all, the Premier of the State looks forward to a population of six millions here in Sydney by mid-century. From whence will they come? How will these numbers be settled in a city whose infrastructure (roads, water, sewerage, pollution controls) is cracking under the strain? A desalinisation plant at Kurnell? That dream out of the collective brain of the politicians is now in the open! The environment can still be destroyed for the supposed benefit of people who haven't arrived yet! Bit by bit, Australian icons are knocked down to be replaced by soulless apartment blocks. Suburbs resemble glass palaces. History is ground to rubble. Some areas become no-go zones for the white Australians courtesy of people with no commitment to - and in some cases a deep hatred of - .the native-Australian identity and heritage. The fightback began for the Australian Identity in the Sutherland Shire on December11 2005. And now, all the forces of multiculturalism (money, propaganda, media) are focused on the Sutherland Shire to compel people to accept what they don't want!

Let the lessons from the Shire's struggle inspire us all! As one protester's slogan was on December 11: "we are the sons of ANZAC"!

If Surf-Lifesaving Took In Moslems And Now Goes Gay, What Will Sheikh Hilaly Say? January 30

It's a rare sort of day when we might find ourselves awaiting a sensible comment from the master of uncovered meats at Lakemba Mosque. But it has come to pass. It seems that Surf Lifesaving Australia is to sponsor a float in this year's Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras. In the new order developing in Australia, our country is no longer a nation, but a "community without nation". Or more particularly, a community of communities. Some communities are religious, some ethnic, some sexual, some lifestyle, some music-based and so on. So Surf Livesaving was integrated (at enormous expense) with Moslem groups, both Arab and African - and will shortly take on a new sexual identity as well. Every politically correct group can get ready to cheer. 'Gays', Moslems, Blacks, all marching along in harmony inside the tolerant order.

What we want to know is whether Sheikh Hilaly can wear this one? When Moslem sports people with Dr. Jamal Rifi in charge, wandered about Cronulla a few weeks ago, pretending they could swim and make good lifeguards, we were just waiting for the time for the multiculturalists to shoot themselves in the foot. Now they have. They are asking Moslems to 'tolerate' homosexuality.

At the last reading of things, Moslems regarded the homosexual 'lifestyle' (sic) as a sick expression of modern 'Western' society. Interestingly, some Christians may agree on that. So might secular people too. However, let's just stick to Moslems. Will they continue their links with the new order in Surf Lifesaving when there's a bugger loose in the change-room, a predator high on 'ice' and ready to pounce? Will Moslem lifeguards stand on the float to be cheered on at Mardi Gras? Will they shout out that the Prophet blesses HIV sufferers as heroes of freedom and love?

If Sheikh Hilaly is outraged by healthy Australian beach girls in their bikinis and considers them "uncovered meat", then what might he say of an entirely different type of uncovered meat marching up Oxford Street on Mardi Gras? The unity fest is over. And the Commission For Community Relations should take note! What will it take for the multiculturalists to understand this, a young alienated Moslem youth driving a vehicle into the crowd, screaming 'God Is Great' - just before the deafening roar .......... ?

Kick Kommissar Kerkyasharian Out Of Cronulla! January 5 2007

If someone drowns on Cronulla beach, because of shoddy training given to those new politically-correct lifesavers , then who is to blame?

Should those new lifesavers, especially recuited to bust open the 'white' Surf Lifesaving Association, be allowed to serve? Who foistered them on Cronulla?

If your child comes home from Primary School or High School dosed up on multicultural education and is taught to hate his identity and heritage, then who is to blame?

If sums of Council money are directed into all sorts of meaningless cultural programs that seem to promote a culture at the expense of Australian culture, then who organized this?

One man should be held to account. Mr. Stepan Kerkyasharian, of the Community Relations Commission, bears the blame.

The Kommissar for Political Korrectness is on your case! In all the furore after the Civil Uprising at Cronulla on December 11 2005, this Kommissar has talked of "racism". But the racism he is talking about was the self-defence struggle of Australians against the racism of others. When speaking about the problems of his beloved multiculturalism, he has spoken of racist resistance to a good idea. Not once has he dealt with the issue of racism in communities other than white Australians.

Kommissar Kerkyasharian should be kicked out of Cronulla! Help Australia First to undermine every one of his anti Australian hate initiatives! We're just the people to do it.

A Special Note On December 10 At Cronulla: Area Commander Mr. Ballard Should Take Note Of Serious Political Questions. December 3

Two things may occur on December 10 in the Cronulla area.

First: there may be some activity on the part of ordinary (mainly local) Australians making a symbolic point about their pride in their identity, rejecting as they do the organised multiculturalist push in the area that has gone on unabated since December 11 2005. We welcome that. This is the affair of these patriotic people and we wish them well.

Second: nationalists will make an appearance on December 10 to campaign directly for their candidate for the 2007 State Election, Mr. John Moffat.

While we are sure all patriotic activity in the area will be peaceful and proper, we have deep reservations about the political role being assumed by the Police Force generally in response to the Civil Uprising of December 11. This itself, may lead to irregularities on December 10. Why?

We have objected to any transfer of responsibility for any civil disorder to the Counter-Terrorism Command. This is a dangerous psychological and political shift that implies that any 'disorder' (sic) is in some manner either a form of terrorism, or on the slippery slope towards terrorism. This prime nonsense has been part of the secret agenda of the security services for 20 years: to equate all violence (even the most petty) wrought for a political reason - with terrorism. Further, we are opposed to any attempt to use the Police Force to collect 'intelligence' that may be used, not for the protection of the citizen, but to facilitate harassment of ordinary protest groups or political movements. We are opposed to the paramilitarisation of the Police Force; that too is a shift in the police culture designed, not to secure effective crowd control, but to create a climate of uncritical obedience to political orders disguised as a new professionalism and efficiency, possibly and held to be connected to the fight against terrorism.

These changes in policing in New South Wales, so beloved of the multiculturalist state apparatus, make our Commissioner of Police a veritable Chief Of Staff of the Blueshirts, if we may use a parody of a title used by Hitler's 1931-4 stormtrooper boss. This is not acceptable. This is not what the average police officer signed up for.

Hence on December 10, Mr. Ballard, as the Area Commander, will be under pressure to do a number of things quite separate from the enforcement of the normal law, namely to. stop any public display of patriotic opinion, restrict the distribution of political material, collect names/addresses etc of dissenters (whether organised or otherwise), facilitate any State propaganda action that highlights the achievements of multiculti. Whether the Area Commander acts to simply ensure public order, or to enforce political correctness, waits to be seen.

In our view, the politicisation of the normal police function has an attendant risk to ordinary officers, in that it opens them up to any number of civil claims from aggrieved members of the public. It is inappropriate that officers go down the road of following corrupt orders that cannot be the subject of ordinary discretion. December 10 is a new test for the Police Force in New South Wales.

Conspiracy At Kurnell: Liberal Council, Labor Government ; The Desalinisation Plant And Mass Immigration November 19

Two things are going to happen at Kurnell - whatever the professional politicians in Sutherland Shire Council or the State government say. First, there will be a desalinisation plant, not so much to provide water for thirsty Sydney, but for the new immigrants yet to arrive. Second, the Kurnell Peninsula will be developed for new masses of immigrants as part of the six-millions-in-Sydney 'plan'. The "way of life" of the Shire, supposedly of recent concern to the Planning Minister, Frank Sartor, is to be overthrown.

The truth is hidden in the welter of details. Last week, the State government unveiled its Sutherland Shire Local Environmental Plan with the Shire Council. This plan will allow higher density housing in the Shire and will maintain Kurnell development under State government control. A high technology industrial area is considered for Kirrawee to build "employment". For whom? A desalinisation plant for Kurnell was approved said Mr. Sartor, "should the need arise" ie. if water levels in Sydney dams declined to a thirty per cent level. Of course, the levels are tottering around that now. The construction of the plant is - inevitable. Last week too, a development company was given permission to construct some new housing at Kurnell on newly zoned 'residential' land.

There are some who will deny the truth. That too, is part of way politics is conducted. People must be fed falsehood until the scheme is well under way. Since the politicians, know of and approve of, the plan to increase Sydney's population to six millions, then they are aware of the pressures on all Sydney urban areas. This means the Sutherland Shire too. With the Shire now under massive pressure to 'integrate' into the multicultural fairy land, what better way to do it, than to allow Harry Triguboff to build units for 25,000 migrants in Kurnell? Yes, another Chinatown, right on Botany Bay.

The only way to stop the nightmare is to fight back - now! What is needed is new representation in Parliament, a new fighting Council to obstruct the traitors - and mass action to halt the development. The State government must understand that if wants to build in Kurnell it will need paramilitary stormtroops, special legislation and gaols. But that would give the game away? And we thought immigration and multiculturalism were popular!

Another Racist Rape In The Sutherland Shire November 18

A woman was raped in Miranda on November 12. Once again, the spectre of racist-rape, is stalking the suburbs. Police are looking for two men of "Middle Eastern appearance".

Whether this was a brutally premeditated attack or a crime of opportunity is unknown. But the trauma was real enough. This attack might also foreshadow a new terrorism against the European women of the Sutherland Shire. Security is a real issue for all women and this society has created a jungle inhabited by human animals. A fundamental solution is necessary.

Breaking Aussie Icons: Surf Lifesaving Latest Victim Of Political Correctness November 13

The attack upon the Australian identity is all embracing. Everything must be 'entered', undermined, altered in meaning, made amenable to the political correctness of the multiracial society. Now it is the turn of surf lifesaving.

In the Sun-Herald (November 12), journalist Danielle Teutsch, wrote of surf lifesaving as: "an anachronistic bastion of blue eyes, freckles and blond hair." The multiculti journalist happily reports the national development manager of Surf Lifesaving Australia, Chris Giles, as saying: "With the growing level of multiculturalism, we risk becoming irrelevant". Irrelevant to whom?

Sutherland Shire Council partnered with the Federal government's Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, will spend $600,000 on a "On The Same Wave' program - to recruit Chinese, Middle Eastern and African surf lifesavers! It seems that Moslem female lifesavers will even receive 'burkinis' to do their work! Why? Does it make multiculturalists feel good?

On the surface, we see just another example of politically-correct nuttery. However, it goes to the core of our reverence for an Australian cultural icon. There is to be no public organization that can resist the dictators, no place where the European Australian majority can be themselves, no relief from the official ideology.

It is understood that many surf lifesavers will resist with a campaign of sabotage. Good. Once again, we see the unity of state structures in operation (local government and Federal agencies, journalist propagandists, ethnic groups who assert their 'equality of opportunity' and the claims from the heads of the targetted structure that they don't want to be left out). From below, we see the patriotic resistance.

On a sour note, we can almost see Danielle Teutsch at a meeting of the new Chinese, Arab and African lifesavers doing the mantra: "black hair good, blond hair bad"; "black eyes good, blue eyes bad"! Could we recommend a psychologist?

Traitor Mayor David Redmond Aids In Propaganda Exercise: "Growing Peace In The Sutherland Shire" Forum Was Attack Upon The Australian Identity November 13

The Australia First Party was aware from the start of its campaign in Cronulla, that the method of big-party resistance to our effort would be to mobilise a seemingly-independent 'community based' structure (if we can label the politicallly-correct-group this way!) against us. It would bring together Christian clergy, local community pollies in Sutherland Shire Council, nice-guy Moslem activists, greenies, overseas-aid advocates and so on. Their gentle approach would be used to draw out a number of people at ground level to counter our labours, to confuse people with their chatter about harmony, to add to the resources of the big parties, to create a climate of opinion that would be endlessly reported and so on and on and on. It's a good strategy. We knew it was the best option. But we were also aware that the campaign went much deeper than Australia First because it would be a concerted attack upon the patriotic people of the Shire.

The convening of the "Growing Peace In The Sutherland Shire' Forum on November 8, was no disappointment for our understanding of the anti Australians. Mayor David Redmond, along with Sutherland Shire Manager of Community Services David Akroyd, stood alongside a number of Christian clergy and Moslem scholars all interested in 'Inter-Faith dialogue'; they joined to preach about harmony and peace.

The unpalatable fact is that Islam, while it can come as it has historically, in 'moderate' tones and in a live-and-let-live mode, exists now in a world where it is pressed by the forces of globalisation. Islam has begun to mutute into an oppositional ideology. That is all theory and does not concern Australians as individuals (of course we have no interest in attacking Moslem countries to impose both the rule of 'our' corporations and the principles of the sick society, things which is killing us too!) but where it does concern us is in the migrant communities. Here we see (mainly) young men, deeply alienated from the Australian culture and society, turning to crime and revolutionary ideas. They are quite right to point out the gulf that divides. They are quite right to say that Islam is not just another church on the block. They are correct to say that Islam demands devotion (the 'submission') of its followers. However, we see also young Moslem women too asserting the divide. They seek to live the divide in patterns of social organization that the Australian mainstream - rejects.

It pleases some to dream of 'harmony' and 'diversity'. Yet, Australia is now choking on this very thing. Everywhere, the thought-masters want to impose this truth. Like the commissars of old, they will tell you how to live and think.

The propaganda offensive in the Shire wants to undermine our collective faith in who we are. It is aimed to tell us that we are nothing without diversity, always existed in 'diversity' and will be in the future - utterly 'diversified'. The word genocide might cover what's cooked up for us! If we resist this wonderful program, then we must be sick and need therapy administered by force. If we think we ever really existed as a people, we are deluded! Who needs an identity anyway? Interestingly, all this bile is aimed at us. Some groups in this multicultural society can assert 'histories' as they wish. If we do it, then we are racist, white supremacist, fascists.

We reject the official propaganda. The recent Forum was an abject failure and even attracted Christian opposition. We think too that Mayor Redmond will find himself in need of a new job after the next Council poll.

Time To Sack The Police Commissioner! November1

Australia First will in this campaign, demand the sacking of the Commissioner of Police. It is clear that Ken Moroney serves multiculti to the point where effective policing has become impossible. The torrent of lies from the police hierarchy about the Civil Uprising of December 11, those slurs about the 'racist' population and their abuse of alcohol, show the emergence of totalitarian thinking. First, dehumanise your opposition and then beat them into submission - seems the subtle threat.

We urge Shire residents and all citizens of New South Wales to employ every lawful means to assail the 'credibility' of this non-entity in charge of our Police.

We would also register our deep concern with replacing Mr. Moroney with a certain officer formerly involved in the Counter-Terrorism Command. This smacks of the further politicisation of the Police Force. It suggests that Police will be 'educated' to reason that civil disturbances around the issues of Australian ethnic pride are - terrorist acts! There have already been suggestions of that line from the multiculturalist camp (see below on this page). To deal with such a 'police force', the Australian people would have to learn the tactics of mass civil disobedience. What else could be done? If our State becomes a police-state, we no longer have the normal modes of redress. This seems to be what our politicians want. It might be time too for ordinary Police - to question where all this is going.

Police Report Into Cronulla 'Riot' Is Vile Attack Upon The Australian People. October 20

The long-awaited first part of the police "report" into the Civil Uprising at Cronulla and the aftermath, is a scandalous, politically-correct (sic) document replete with falsehoods - and one that targets the Australian people for vilification.

No longer content with identifying a number of so-called rioters, this report slyly suggests the whole mass demonstration was itself - a "riot". It throws around talk of racism and intolerance. It raises the tale of "alcohol" being a big factor in public reactions on December 11. This report was tailored for a multiculti order in decay and should be the subject of mass contempt.

Ominous is the underlying covert scheme of the Commissioner of Police to politicise the rank and file of the Police Force (ie render the Force 'responsive' to policing in a multicultural/multiracial society) and then adapt it to refining methods for the repression of civil dissent under the guise of riot control. This has long been a multiculturalist's dream, going back to the "recommendations" of the 'National Inquiry Into Racist Violence' (1988-91). It is the scheme of a top police adviser in this very area - Dr. John Casey, an academic at Sturt University, who has written similar junk for European police and who 'educates' New South Wales in these mechanics of repression.

Historically, when people in Australia have risen to defend their interest, they have always been stigmatised as rioters, drunks, anti-social, hateful, anti democratic, and now 'racist' and always by implication - utterly morally unclean. The report directly vilified people in the Sutherland Shire for their prejudice. This is the language of dictators. At every point, Australians were regarded as at fault. No: it is the leadership of the Police who are at fault, not only for refusing to act against the criminals who created the resentment at Cronulla, but for politicallly-correct policing over a decade or more. The leadership of the Police was at fault for not containing the revenge attacks Decemer 11 -13 and for operating an investigation into the Cronulla matters that overwheminly targeted only Australian 'rioters'.

In the long hot summer ahead, Australian patriotic people in the beach areas of Sydney should exercise their democratic right to approach the average police officer who is now caught between the orders of dictators and a moral responsibility to act appropriately. Average police should be made aware that the police leadership is dedicated to a failed and anti Australian ideology and politics; they should always think about 'orders' that may open them to civil claims. Just as important - and by all means necessary - the Cronulla report should be condemned in every bar and club, every association and private gathering, as political-AIDS, a lie crafted by a system that refuses to see it is cracking at the seams..

"Intifada In The Suburbs": Is The French Example Of Anti-White Racist Violence Coming To Australia? October 9

French police claimed recently, that in the depressed housing estates of the great cities, an "undeclared civil war" is being conducted by criminal gangs against citizens and police. Over 2400 French police have been injured so far in 2006 and many police have demanded armoured cars to patrol the suburbs.

Some well-informed police went further and argued that an "intifada" was being run by "radical Moslems"against the police . This conclusion was drawn because of the drift into religious extremism by thousands of young immigrants. This has been caused by the deep alienation from both secular and Christian France felt by North African and other African Moslem elements who have lived long in unemployment and poverty. Groups that had resorted to crime later found consolation in 'faith' and were prey to radical clerics and radical organizations. French National Front leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen speaks too of anti-white racism, of a deep hatred of France itself expressed by certain immigrants. He sees it as a process which now spirals into deeper crisis.

Sydney too, had a taste of the nexus between criminal elements and seeming religious motivations, in the "retaliation" raids carried out after the Civil Uprising of December 11. It was this sort of 'terrorism' that our secret police (ASIO) had not considered likely. Since it too is beholden to defend multiculti ideology, ASIO must see this new nexus as yet another challenge to the official state policy. It was with this in mind that ASIO sought last December to downplay the Civil Uprising as the product of some naughty Aussie youth with too much alcohol; it was feared by ASIO some immigrant groups, believing there was a target Australian population out to challenge them, might take the road of a deeper radicalization into terrorist violence against people and State interests..

The sad fact is that Australia's suburbs are cauldrons of hate, with non-European criminal and cultural (sic) forces radicalizing against the 'white Australian', but with many of these groups also organized against each other.

The French example is coming to Australia.

Courts Reveal More Racist Bias Against Australians. October 1

The sentence dished out to a man who attacked two life-guards at Cronulla revealed the essential racist violence inherent in the justice system. Mr. Ali Osman, a man of Lebanese origin, was sentenced to some 300 hours community service for his role in bashing two life-savers, in the week preceding the so-called 'Cronulla riot' (we say: Civil Uprising). The magistrate, herself of Lebanese origin, did refer to:his "misguided" sense of "culture" and identity vis a vis his "real country" in arriving at the Sentence.

The fact is that Mr. Osman has escaped with a non-custodial sentence, when other people of 'Australian' origin have been sent to prison.

The Australian Life Saving Association has called for a review of the Sentence.

An appeal against the leniency of the Sentence would be appropriate. It once again shows the biased nature of the courts.

Cronulla Demonstrators Are Now Considered Incipient Terrorists: We Write To The St. George And Sutherland Shire Leader. September 21

Letters To The Editor
St. George and Sutherland Shire Leader


We refer to your article, Christine Kellett, “Rioters, terrorists compared” (September 19).

Your straight-forward report of the Australian Police Summit and a forum on multicultural policing and counter-terrorism, should put the proverbial shiver into all Australians. The idea that the so-called ‘rioters’ at Cronulla on December 11 2005 were incipient terrorists with thought-patterns comparable to Middle East terrorist activists is both a ‘script’ designed to intimidate and call to employ ‘pre-emptive’ means against chosen ‘targets’. This is beginning of Nazi/Communist methods in the normal political debate.

Since the late 1980’s, as academic Jenny Hocking has explained in her, “Beyond Terrorism: The Development Of The Australian Security State”, some people in the Australian security services have done their utmost to confuse political violence and other disorder – with terrorism. The two things are not the same. This ruse has already been applied to permit legislation to restrict freedom of expression, increase the powers of internal espionage groups and to arrive at a new ‘official-speak’ to impose correct views (sic) on the general public.

Now we see people in the multicultural and high immigration bureaucracies of government openly joining together with particular academics and some senior police to slyly demand the police impose the official ideology. When we understand that some people at this Forum believed in the use of asylum seekers as a labour force, permitting the use of contract labour in our workplaces, banning organizations that are called ‘racist’ and stigmatizing young protesters as unreliable seditious people, we are witnessing the most powerful totalitarian cocktail ever devised in this country aimed at the freedoms our forefathers fought for in the Second World War .

Yours sincerely,
Diane Teasdale, President Australia First Party

Another Lesson From The Courts. September 19

Sutherland Court on September 5 handed out a seven month prison sentence (with two months non-parole) to a man who was involved in the 'disorder' at Cronulla on December 11. His crime was he "incited" the crowd. Mr. George Radford has been made the latest victim of the State witchhunt. Mr. Radford agreed he had been in the crowd but said he had not assaulted anyone. He has appealed the severity of the sentence and been released on bail.

Courts are not impartial tribunals of fact. That is the main lesson drawn from the sentence passed on Mr. Radford. They are oh-so-frightfully-impartial only when dealing with ordinary criminal matters, or with disputes amongst the rich class or amongst the big political parties. However, once some question important to the system itself comes into play, then it's another matter. Legal decisions become social decisions.

A Very Political Multiculti Cop Stands Guard. September 19

If people really need to see if Australia lives under a type of political 'regime', they need go no further than a look at an interview conducted by The Australian newspaper (September 16) with Mr. Bill Keelty chief of the Australian Federal Police. Mr. Keelty said: "As an Australian what is important to us, I think, is that we maintain the quality of life that we have and we continue to capitalise on the benefits of multiculturalism that we look to the embracing of all cultures."

We may reasonably conclude that Mr. Keelty defends the Australian official ideology of muticulturalism and high immigration and the political class which embraces it. It also places him in contradiction to his own brief which demands (i) he fight certain types of international crime that now operates through 'ethnic communities' and (ii) deals with the 'terrorism' matter which really centres around the Palestine-Israel problem and that now involves rival local communities.

So, say the Sutherland Shire was the victim of an ethnic crime wave or the Lucas Heights nuclear installation threatened, could we rely on the Australian Federal Police? Seemingly - not! What if a patriotic movement became strong enough to assume government in Australia, to whom and to what, would Mr. Keelty be loyal? Prizes for the best guess!

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