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Fred Nile's Demand To Ban Muslim Immigration: Yes, But, But ..... March 14

Fred Nile, leader of the Christian Democratic Party, has called for a cessation on Muslim immigration. We agree. It makes sense and can only serve the Australian interest..

But, we are concerned that the Christian Democratic campaign literature has announced proudly Fred's role in settling "Christian refugees" in Australia. The refugee program is a disaster of the first magnitude. Many of the disaster cases are "Christian". Being Christian does not mean, as Fred Nile seems to think it does, create the essential condition for compatibility with Australian culture. The refugee program is an attack upon Australian labour and gives welfare privileges ahead of Australians. Religion is irrelevant.

But we know that Fred Nile considers generally, immigration can come from anywhere as long as Christians are chosen. A dab of holy water might not change cultural practises, nor does it mean the annointed group has any ability to assimilate into Australian realities.

Voters should not buy the Fred Nile policy as a true alternative to Australia's immigration mess. Stopping Muslim immigration has to be placed upon a firm foundation. Christianity is only a small part of that. John Moffat in Cronulla has the story right.

Graeme Campbell Gives Campaign Advice March 11

Mr. Graeme Campbell, former Federal Member for Kalgoorlie and founder of Australia First, spoke in the Sutherland Shire on March 10 to an audience of nationalist campaign workers and some other guests. Forty people were present. Some funds were raised at the meeting. Mr. Campbell spoke generally about nationalist issues and ideas, but he also gave specific campaign advice. He condemned the so-called 'Australians Against Further Immigration' for splitting the anti immigration vote in Cronulla.

THe attendance of Mr. Campbell has built confidence in the workers to do this job: to assemble the voters in Cronulla who 'reject' the State policies of high immigration and multiculturalism.

Campaign Heats Up Across The Cronulla Electorate March 10

It has been a somewhat deliberate policy to keep our commentary on this web site sparse for a little while, whilst we assembled our resources and carried out necessary prepatory work. In the last couple of weeks, Cronulla residents may have noticed a proliferation of 'Vote 1 John Moffat' adhesives in their suburbs or they may have received our leaflets in their letter boxes. It is necessary we get out basic messages

Now that the election period has formally commenced, we have entered the fray.

A Contribution From A Worker To The Moffat Campaign January 18

The following thoughts were received by a worker in the Sutherland Shire, a man who was previously a member of the Labor Party. While some matters raised go beyond our Cronulla campaign, we publish his thoughts because they are typical of whole masses of Australian workers who want to pursue a new nationalist line.


Australia is portrayed as a free, open democratic society - however is this really the case? While people have a choice of candidates, the policies of the major parties are aligned to crush Australia's cultural identity and promote a Globalist/Internationalist agenda. In practice there is bi-partisan support on a range of issues including immigration, the U.S. alliance, multiculturalism, globalisation and our "Asian Destiny". Not only is "choice" restricted, the two ruling parties work together to crush any opposition to the Internationalist agenda. The savage attack on Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party a decade ago clearly demonstrates the real nature of our Liberal-democracy - it proposes to be "free" but is, in reality undemocratic and authoritarian. Voters are effectively powerless to influence major policy platforms.


Mainstream media is a powerful propaganda tool, used not only to promote Australia's multicultural identity, but to viciously attack Australians of European background, seeking to delegitimise their very existence. Newspapers promote a biased view of immigration/multiculturalism and always favour minority groups in racial disputes with Whites. This was clearly evident following the Cronulla civil uprising where "Anglos" were persecuted and hunted down like medieval witches whereas there was a "hands off" approach for the ethnic minorities. Another example occured during January in the country town of Griffith when Andrew Farrugia was murdered by some Aboriginal youths - the controlled media went to great efforts to disguise the background of the murderers, stating "there is no evidence the attack was racially motivated." Television and Hollywood often portray White patriots as either rednecks, stupid, and/or violent; whereas non-Whites are portrayed as determined, clever, and/or righteous. The "Stolen Generation" idea and the "Black Armband" version of history are further weapons used in the armoury of multiracialists to promote "white guilt" and undermine the European-Australian's sense of identity.


Globalisation, which represents the rapid spread and integration of of communication, commercial and transportation networks across the world is a natural outcome of the capitalist system. These forces will continue to have significant impacts on national governments, communities and individuals with both winners and losers emerging. Australia First supports the principal of developing Industries based on comparative advantage and maintains a strong manufacturing base is critical to a prosperous Australia. We reject, however that in order to achieve this objective our nations identity must be transformed. Policies such as "offshoring" and "outsourcing" naturally lead to a loss of local employment opportunities and must be discouraged. To this end, visa schemes such as the Visa 457 which allow cheap temporary foreign workers to be imported and exploited would be abolished. The Liberal Governments IR policies, which make it legal for local employees to be substituted for cheaper foreign labour should also be overhalled. Such policies represent a direct attack on local families and undermine community cohesion. In order to harness the benefits of globalisation, Australia First advocates a balance between a laisez faire economic approach and one which preserves our sense of identity and national sovereignty.


Multiculturalism, which is a form of social engineering has been official Government policy since the 1970's. No referendum was ever permitted despite polls indicating a clear mojority of Australians opposed the policy. On this matter former Prime Minister, Mr Hawke stated;

"It has been a triumph of principle over populism, of reason over fear, of statesmanship over politics."

Under what sort of democracy did Australians deserve to be triumphed over?

Mr Hawke stated further (1984) that multiculturalism was to be effectively removed from public discourse.

"We will not allow to become a political issue in this country the question of Asianisation"

Orignially promoted on compassionate and altruistic grounds, multiculturalism is now being deliberately used to transform Australia from a Western European nation to a predominately Asian/ non-European one. Former Foreign Affairs minister Mr Gareth Evans stated as much;

"We are, whether fully recognising it or not, engaged in nothing less than the reshaping of our national identity."

During the last ten years, the Liberal-National Government, despite claims to the contrary has implemented a highly discriminatory immigration policy designed to hasten the decline of our European identity. During the year 2004-2005 Asians constituted 36% of immigrants while 65-70% of all immigrants were were from non-European countries. The white Australia policy has effectively been transformed into a non-white Australia policy by a process of subterfuge, lying and cunning in one of the most undemocratic actions in Australia's history.

It is forecast that by the turn of the century Australians of European ancestry will comprise as little as 25-30% of the population and given the current fertility rates and immigration levels at some point during the next century there will be no Australians of Anglo-Celtic background - ie the GENOCIDE will be complete.

That the current policies being implemented by our Government are an act of genocide is beyond doubt. As Malcolm Fraser wrote, "Genocide involves the attempt to achieve the disappearance of a group by whatever means. It does not have to be violent, it could be a combination of policies that would lead to a certain group dying out."

Australia is currently undergoing an ideologically-driven process whereby the de-Europeanisation of Australia is a priority of our Government and the rights and liberties of European Australians are continually being eroded. It is our duty as patriotic Australians to expose this treason and our democratic rite to resist our destruction. The most basic human rite is self-preservation - those opposing this are the true haters and bigots.

At the NSW state election in March you have a chance to express your disgust at the treatment of "old" Australians and the future direction of Australia by voting for our canditate - John Moffat.

John Moffat - a real choice!

John Moffat and Australia First believe in true democracy, this is why we have developed a policy of CIR - Citizens Initiated Referenda. CIR allows you, the citizen and voter, the power to have a real say in how your country is governed and the power to recall errant administrations. Australia First is the patriots' party; we work for the future of this country, our vision is long-term, and we are only interested in creating a civil, prosperous and harmoneous society for our children to inherit. What will you decide at the upcoming state election? Will you vote for more corruption, lies, deception and anti-Australian policies, or will you put Australia First? Australia First will be sponsoring an indepedent candidate in the seat of Cronulla; so send a message to the Iemma Government - by voting for John Moffat.

Swedish Nationalist Assists In The Cronulla Campaign January 8 2007

The following Press Release was issued to media on January 8 2007:

The Moffat For Cronulla campaign exchanged information last weekend with a representative of a Swedish nationalist party.

Mr. Andreas Johansson, 22, chairman of the Vasteras city branch of the Swedish National Democratic Party, made personal contact with the Australia First Party in Sydney. His party has asked for a report on the Cronulla Civil Uprising of December 11 and the politics of immigration in Australia. The Swedish National Democratic Party requested an interview to be completed with Mr. John Moffat for publication in their newspaper.

The Swedish National Democratic Party is a registered political party, with branches cross Sweden. Its Chairman is Mr. Marc Abramsson. It maintains fraternal connections with the British National party, the French National Front, the National Democratic Party of Germany and other brother movements. Its web site is

Dr. Jim Saleam said today:

"We were delighted to provide Mr. Johannson with every assistance. We were pleased to receive information on the immigration crisis faced by Sweden and learn of the resistance movement led by the National Democratic Party. The developing friendships between Australia First Party and the nationalist parties of the European countries, assists us in understanding patterns in the fight against globalisation and immigration and multiculturalism."

Mr. Johannson is in Australia for several for days and is available for interview. Mr. Moffat will conduct him around Cronulla this week.

John Moffat Announces Another Direction In The Cronulla Campaign!
"I am Green Without The Red!", Says The Nationalist Candidate, Who Vows To Preserve Kurnell. January 5 2007

The John Moffat campaign has moved to seize the Green ground off the so-called 'Green' party candidate in this election.

Australia First activists have recently coined a fighting slogan: "We Are Green Without The Red". We mean that Australian nationalists seek to protect Australia's fragile biosphere; we aim to cease useless development and exploitation of resources, when it is clear these things are undermining our very position on this Continent - and which directly threaten the Kurnell area of the Cronulla electorate.

Up to now, voters might have thought the policy the rhetoric of the Australian Greens party. But the Greens are traitors to the environment. Through their policy of increasing Australia's population (any other policy they dub 'racism'), they betray the Australian environment. The Greens are in love with the idea of breaking open the borders and making Australia a haven for refugees and are for other mass settlement. Whenever the 'rights' of a featherless biped who wants to migrate to Australia, are involved - defence of the environment goes out the window. The 'Red' idea in the Greens platform is the continuation of old 1980's Communist Party muck (Lee Rhiannon, Greens leader in New South Wales comes from a famous Australian Communist Party family). Many former Communist Party activists have ensured that the Greens abandoned the population policy of numbers-restriction in favour of the open-borders line.

In this election, the Greens candidate stands for increasing Sydney's population. This means placing more stress on water and infrastucture. The Greens candidate should come clean and say that is the position.

In this election, John Moffat is direct and open. A new policy has been added to the campaign in this election.

"Protect Kurnell, Cradle Of Australia: Full resistance to any attempt at the Botany Bay National Park to downplay Captain Cook. Opposition to any desalination plant at Kurnell. No nuclear power plant for Kurnell. No suburban developments at the Kurnell for yet-to-arrive migrants or so-called refugees. In protecting the heritage and environment on the Kurnell Peninsula, we say: We Are Green Without The Red!"

We Apply For The Records Of The Community Relations Commission: Time To Learn Of The Role Of Kommissar Kerkyasharian December 20

The Mofffat campaign has applied under Freedom Of Information legislation for particular records held by the thought-police of the Community Relations Commission. We defined this application as:

Reports, correspondence, memos, briefings, between any officer of the Community Relations Commission and any agency, organization or person, concerning matters arising from the disorders at Cronulla on December 11 2005 and its aftermath and the evolution of the response of the Commission to matters of community relations in this area thereafter.

The real struggle in Cronulla is not between the nationalists and the establishment-parties of Lib/Lab. Rather it is between ourselves and those who would alter the entire cultural life of the Shire. Since December11 2005, the head of the Community Relations Commission, Stepan Kerkyasharian, has been everywhere. It is time to learn what he has precisely been doing - and why. It is time to put the Kommissar on trial!

Note: We prefer to call this gentleman a 'Kommissar', a term of great use in the former Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

John Moffat Campaign Received Well In Cronulla Today December 10

Whilst the media was selling multiculti propaganda today about peace and harmony in Cronulla, some 40 Australia First campaigners were about in the beachfront and in other areas, working for John Moffat. The public response was very positive - everywhere.

Informal youth polling carried out in the last several days, registers high support for the nationalist message. If the Community Relations Commission thinks its propaganda is winning in Cronulla, they will have to suffer real surprises as the months roll on.

Channel 7 News Promotes St. George Footie Icon 'Skull' Into Australia First Spokesman: Give Us A Break! December 10

Amidst all the news-reporting of Australia First today, one item stood out to us students of media falsehood. Channel 7 interviewed on the beachfront St. George footie club icon, Ross 'Skull' May, about his views of December 11 2005 and the current candidature of John Moffat for Cronulla. It seems that Ross said he thought John was a good bloke and so on. Well, surprise surprise. Channel 7 claimed, complete with caption, a reference to Ross as "Australia First Party", with the obvious suggestion he was a spokesman for Australia First. Upon an enquiry being made, Ross confirmed he had said no such thing. He too, was rather bemused.

Now, we're not complaining because some people say that Ross has a bad reputation. We're not necessarily in the reputation business. However, we are in the truth business. We think that Channel 7 imagines that Ross has a bad reputation and that by promoting him as our rep., it might just damage us. Sneaky logic!

It just means for us - that battle is joined. The media masters want nationalism to fail in Cronulla by any means, fair or foul. Channel 7 should know one thing: we are in one way, very happy for Ross's ringing endorsement, but we reckon it might put us offside with South Sydney, the Knights, the Raiders........

A New Line From The Major Parties And Media: Open Statement From Australia First For The Instruction Of The Voters November 28

It is sometimes said that it's bad policy to be too open in discussing enemy-tactics. They might learn we can work out their schemes! This case is an exception, because we want ordinary Aussies to see how the bulldust is done, how a political con is perpetrated..

Politicians and media have been floating the idea that 'ordinary people' in the Sutherland Shire are "tired" of all the attention, "want to get on with their lives", want to "enjoy the beach in peace", and that they reject "extremism". Some people are found who speak along this line and they sound so reasonable. Not that if an ordinary citizen (who intended to vote for us) was approached in the street and asked :" hey, would you vote for Australia First?", would he give the nod. The answer would come back in the negative. To be stigmatized by the media as a 'racist' 'hater' is rather unpleasant. Not if a multiculti festival was organised last weekend, would anyone be found to publicly condemn it. Yet, it can get stranger than that. Like on the November 27 when Channel 7 and Channel 9 news programs, both featured the same negative sounding bloke! Accident? We have noted how, according to some media, all the furore is over at Cronulla - except for bad eggs trying to stir it up. Now this is definitely the 'party line', if we can use the language of the totalitarians from fifty years ago. They say it and whatever they say is the basis of the new reality!

On November 27, the Premier of New South Wales, Morris Iemma, came out again and condemned the Australia First Party. He suggested we'd get a couple of per cent of the poll and that people should basically ignore us. Why bother giving us publicity, he asked? A good magicians act! We disappear in the public estimation, because he says we'll disappear at the polls. Circular logic?

Be convinced: the multiculti dictators are terrified of the people. They must have 'normality'; that means people unconcerned with the globalist revolution that has cracked open our borders, people at the beach not thinking about the laws that constrain free speech and which will paramilitarise our police force, people who can assume the police presence at Cronulla takes away the issues that led to the Civil Uprising, because 'I'm all right, Jack".

The Australian people's consciousness of itself in the multicultural nightmare country we have become, took a great leap forward over the last year. That is of course, how a minority thinks. This minority sees that if we don't fight, we lose. The aim of the political class is to separate this minority from those who can be lulled back to sleep - or into confusion over difficult political questions.

There is a long hot summer ahead. The political class will be on guard that a single spark does not set the fantasy on fire. It may be, that the amount of energy they must expend being on guard, might itself cause many more people to see what is in front of them. Nonetheless, these pollies and media people are masters of the bulldust act. It is a battle of position. For once the Australian people are strong in the debate on multiculturalism and the danger to our identity, because the enemy has to venture onto our terrain, at big expense of time and resources to answer us.

The enemy has to be lucky all the time in this Cronulla game. We have to be lucky only once. The first breach in their wall will be our campaign as it develops. The poll will be a historic moment in the fight to reclaim Australia. It will show a bloc of support has emerged to reject the system.

What The Bloody Hell Does 'White Supremacist' Mean? Is It A Term The Media Loves To Use?? November 28

The Daily Telegraph (November 27) has announced once again that "White Supremacists" had started a "secret campaign" in Cronulla. Apparantly, we're it - and we are out to cause all sorts of mayhem as the anniversary of the Civil Uprising of December 11 looms just ahead..

We have a big problem with terms. What the bloody hell is a "white supremacist"? Historically, that term has something to do with the American Federal government disenfranchising Southern whites after that country's Civil War; it had something to do with the Democratic Party wanting the majority of whites to be "supreme" in the legislatures over minority carpetbagger-black parties. We have never heard of that term in conjunction wuith Australian history and we defy any number of idiot journalists to tell us where they got it from and what it means. Or is it simply a buzz-word that means that some white Australians (we presume us) think they're 'better' than some immigrant group simply on account of race?

It is a matter of impressions. False media is all about labelling opponents with something that sounds crook and alienates people.

Voters in Cronulla will hear a lot more about these dastardly "white supremacists" in the months ahead. But as any reader of this Web Site knows, we are not them - whatever it is that they happen to be.

Christian Democrats Launch Smear Of Australia First .... Beware Christian Democrats In This Campaign! November 1

Beth Smith, Christian Democratic Party (CDP) activist in Cronulla and possible candidate in 2007, has directed a smear against Australia First. With a photo of AF youth demonstrating in the Shire, most generously provided by the Sutherland Shire Leader, she said in a letter to the editor (October 31): "Are these the same youths who gave my Indian Australian friend the slit throat sign as she was out walking shortly after the Cronulla riots?"

No, madam, they were not! However, it is the smear that these youth would threaten such a thing that concerns us. Is the Liberal Party privatising its lies to its reliable satellite, the Christian Democratic Party?

The CDP activist then went on to talk about the virtues of Christianity over Islam, but the need for a "multiracial society" based upon "Christian values"! This is a foul brew of half-truth! Of course, our society is Christian in its religious underpinnings and we prefer it stays that way. However, Christians can make a bad error when they apply elements of Biblical quotation to support the very type of society that would eventually - undermine itself. What are we going to do: sprinkle holy water on every Buddhist, Hindu and Moslem? Is it not the ethnic problem that remains paramount, the cultural question? Matters of faith do not operate so much at that point.

The Christian Democrats want your votes and they will channel them back to the Liberals as preferences. So let us leave Beth Smith with the trickiest question of all, the biggest question. We think that much of the nuttery that passes as radical-Islamism today, abroad and in Australia, is a reflex of the very existence of Israel. Our country has, as part of the so-called Western Alliance, a blind support for Israel. There are other issues in Islamic extremism, sure, big ones, but this is the one we could fix. What line does CDP have on Israel? Fawning support! And they have Biblical quotes why they should take that line. CDP 'faith' is a recipe for real Islamist violence. They line up with the Liberals. Quite frankly, we are well aware of the need to control any Islamist outbreak here. But we don't buy Israel either!

The dirty campaign for Cronulla has begun and we look forward to crossing swords with these false-soldiers-of-Jesus in the near future! Christian Jihad? No thanks!

Australia First Gets National Publicity Over 'Cronulla 2230': We Warmly Welcome Condemnation By The Premier, October 17

The link through to the game 'Cronulla 2230' on this Site alerted the Morris Iemma, Premier of this State, and his multiculti advisers too, to the existence of this peculiar 'product' of the Civil Uprising of December 11. Cronulla 2230 is a spoof on the old classic board game, 'Monopoly', that highlights (in the view of its author) the issues behind the Cronulla events of December 11 - and the aftermath of hate and violence. The game purports to address other issues of Australia's immigration woes. The Premier and sections of the Australian media widely referred to the game as "Cronulla Monopoly".

Channel 7 carried a report on October 16 and on its Sunrise program today. As we post this text, we are advised of extensive commentary on ABC Radio this morning. Radio 2GB mentioned the furore continually on its news bulletins last night. Both the Sydney Telegraph and The Australian carried reports of the game and its 'link' with Australia First.

It is ironic that the Premier, joined by his closest advisors in multiculti, should dislike the 'words' employed in this game, when they are all up to the necks in the immigration program which is ripping up the Australian identity and condemning the Australian people to a non-future! One top multiculti rat in a major state agency, whom we shall not name here, had his greasy hands on contract labour schemes in Griffith a few years ago (cheap labour!) and is by our definition, nicely placed to peddle a little multiculti. Hypocrisy about 'racism' is his stock-in-trade.

Some spokesmen suggested that the game be banned (we suspect it is illegal for distribution under Federal and State laws) and the host Internet site in America be in some manner - knocked out of play. We understand that New South Wales politicians complained to Federal Ministers about how to shut the game down (Sydney Morning Herald Internet report). The Human Rights And Equal Opportunity Commission thought-police have apparantly weighed in, inviting someone to 'complain' (against Australia First?) so they can try "conciliation" (read: intimidation). As we have said clearly, we did not author this game nor do we necessarily endorse its contents. If we did know who produced it, we would hardly tell the Human Rights gestapo in any case.

The condemnation of Australia First by name, courtesy of Premier Iemma, is to be warmly welcomed. We are pleased to have pricked his arrogance. We would now proffer him some good advice! We remember how Prime Minister Hawke entered office nearly bankrupt, but rose to have a $75,000,000 fortune (on current estimate) and how Prime Minister Keating is now a multimillionaire. Then there was ex-Sentator Richardson with his Swiss bank accounts and close association with Rene Rivkin. If Morris can sing the multiculti song, that sweet-sounding con-job of the multinationals and the banks, he too can rise to riches as all good 'Labor' men are apt to do. Spitting at Australia First can only help him to achieve that result. If up to now he hasn't thought of this plan, we urge him to adopt it.

Australia First Appears In Miranda, October 15

Australia First members appeared in Miranda on October 15 with a special picket outside the officers of MP, Barry Collier. Hundreds of passersby noted our activity and many were supportive.

Other events are scheduled to build the necessary name-recognition as our campaign for Cronulla grows.

Australia First Holds Public Event In Caringbah, October 8

Australia First members appearedon the Kingsway at Caringbah on October 8. A group of thirteen Sutherland Shire members appeared with a campaign banner, flags and picket signs, all for the clear view of the passing motorists.

Yes, there was some 'opposition' from a couple of persons. However, there was the overwhelmingly friendly responses of dozens of motorists. Beeping cars, shouts of 'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie' and other comments were most audible. Leaflets were also passed out to a good number of people. Members pledge to go again.

Australia First Pickets Bruce Baird's Electorate Office, September 26

Australia First members conducted a lunctime picket of the office of Mr. Bruce Baird, Federal Member for Cook, on September 26. The public response was excellent. We reproduce below the text of the leaflet.
Bruce Baird's stand on 'refugees' and 'asylum seekers' …………Not Humanitarianism …. Just A Sickness!

Bruce Baird, Federal MP for 'Cook', has an 'illness'. He wants to see Australia's borders opened up to the sea of 'refugees' and so-called 'asylum seekers'. He says that Australia should be "compassionate" and "generous". He says that it is the "measure of a society" if we can accept these people.

The numbers of people from refugee camps is limitless - more than Australia's population! The flood will not stop. In a world of war, environmental change and other disaster, Australia is being bombarded by people who just wish to come here. Bruce Baird cannot say no. It makes him feel 'humanitarian' to say yes. We can keep 'accepting' them until our health, water and welfare systems collapse and until we are a minority in Australia - and the overseas problem will remain.

Today, Australia First gave Bruce Baird a present: a copy of the book The Camp Of The Saints. This is the cure for the sickness. Written in 1972, this novel, by French award winning author Jean Raspail, predicted massive unarmed invasions of European societies by the poor of the earth. It explained the twisted false morality, the perverted collective brain, of those who would destroy their society, their culture, their identity for people who, rather than try to save their own countries, want to parasite on yours. Raspail predicted 'boat people', the wailing about 'children in detention', 'sharing', 'compassion' and ultimate collapse. What is spooky is the words Raspail puts into the mouths of the characters who strut the stage, words now heard every day.

Bruce Baird isn't a humanitarian. He is a man who needs therapy. Perhaps The Camp Of The Saints will give him the psychic power to reject the refugee and asylum seeker invasion? Every parliamentarian needs this book!

September 18: A new leaflet is being distributed throughout the whole Sutherland Shire area in 7,000 copies. Calls of support were received.

September 4: The campaign has begun. Leaflets have been distributed to half of the homes in the Cronulla electorate.

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