About 'Cronulla 2230': Our Response

Australia First was alerted to the existence of a 'game' - Cronulla 2230 - displayed upon a Web Site. This product is not an Australia First product, despite the 'game' mentioning the party at various points. The game was modelled on the board game - 'Monopoly'. We warn that while a down-load of the 'game' might not itself be illegal for private use, its sale or public display could constitute an offence in some States or otherwise contravene Federal and New South Wales 'race discrimination' and 'anti-vilification' legislation. This 'game' seems to have emerged as a response to the problems of the multiculti sickness that has gripped Australia. Sections of the Australian media widely referred to the game as "Cronulla Monopoly". After kindly representations from the owners of the trade-mark, 'Monopoly', we agreed to remove our link on this page. Any person involved in promoting this game may infringe copyright.

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